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Opening Crafting Menu Crashes The Game

Started by wendigoproxy, July 01, 2021, 11:30:30 am

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So after the latest update to JDR, everything was working fine for me. Now, as of today, when opening the crafting menu, my game crashes and lands me on the bug report. I've tried verifying the game, re-installing/re-downloading, going from Full Screen to Windowed and back again and turning my graphics all the way down. These troubleshooting steps haven't worked. Also I'm not sure what the proper way to report an issue on discord is and the way that Catie explained just dead ended in some company trying to sell me a service. So, trying to post here.


Some additional info, the game crashes when pressing "O" to open the craft menu as well as when trying to access it via the shady dealer and auto-sell crafting. Currently I'm downloading the update for the client on my laptop to see if I experiencing this crashing there as well as on my main pc.


Game also crashes on my laptop. Suspecting this is a server side issue.