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Reborn Rumble! Ongoing PvP Event

Started by Jakuta/NinjaXD, October 13, 2018, 02:55:15 am

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I will be hosting a Event that may go on for the next year depending how many people want to participate.

Here's the idea: Reborn Rumble

I will Host 1v1 Duels/PvP With those who want to enter, I will record each one and make a Youtube Playlist/Series out of it to Help promote the server.

Every Participant would get rewards and of course the winner gets a slight bonus reward

The Future of the Event(s) May Include 2v2,3v3 and 6v6

How to Sign up and join?

I May Create a signup page on the website or a Google Doc, However for now i Want You to Personal Message me on Discord (Dm me) With the following:

Level -
Class -
Affinity -
Helm -
Chest -
Boots -
Wep -

TimeZone -
Free Hours (In server time) -
Preferred Matchup -
Least Preferred Matchup -

The Signup information is in detail so i can make sure to provide a Solid match-up that is As equal as i can make it

With that being Said, I will see you all soon! Keep an Eye out here and Discord for more Reborn Rumble news.