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Compiling some leveling methods for new players

Started by krupli, April 30, 2019, 05:31:25 pm

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April 30, 2019, 05:31:25 pm Last Edit: April 30, 2019, 05:34:08 pm by krupli
Hey all!

I was thinking the reborn-classic forums looked kind of barren so I decided it would be great if we opened up some threads; keep the community active!

This post of mine will be compiling a couple of dailies that could prove useful to those just starting out on classic (and who are unfamiliar/ forgot which dailies are useful and so on).

At this point, it is mandatory you have chosen a faction and you're LV15+ for all of these quests. Also NOTE that this is mostly a guide for those starting out, so I'm leaving out quests/ events that require gold to initiate).

If you think I left anything out, or have tips/tricks and quests you do daily, please reply and share.
So let's start off (long[ish] post):

-   Not too many options here (your main source of leveling will be from botting and doing dispatcher/ mandatory questline)
-   You do have one daily quest - Crisis Event (can be done every day at 18:00-20:00 server time) [25 Taichi Pills - 1/day]
o   Go to Anan in Jadeon and take the event (I know, confusing, 3 Yes's, just click any)
o   You'll have to move to **** and talk to a pillar
o   You will have to do the quests at 3 Pillars:
   1st: Kill pillar destroyer
   2nd: collect the items
   3rd: will ask for a certain talisman (I recommend you have it in your bag beforehand)
   All of them are a waiting game - wait 5 minutes after defending each pillar

-   From this point, Cursed event becomes available
o   Take Cursed quest from Special Ops Agent in SS, then kill the cursed mob (might require a party, but can solo with time as well)
o   This event can be done in every map starting from Skysong

-   Open Treasure Chest/ Brocade Box to obtain a Glister
-   Can do Skydweller daily [50 Taichi Pills - 1/day]
o   Take Skydweller quest from the Skydweller in Sunstream
o   Go to Skysong and speak with the ranger
o   Return to Sunstream and collect 10 Stardust (found on sunstream building rooftops)
o   (You will be rewarded with another item that you can use for Sky Lotus quest; but as mentioned - quests that require gold are subject for another post)
-   You can also take Mystic Tome quest from Eldest Matchmaker [50 Taichi Pill - 1/day]
o   You can follow this guide that I've found (though to my knowledge, rewards are random, but hey) [Credits to original guide owner]: https://guidescroll.com/2011/12/jade-dynasty-mystic-tome-quest-guide/

-   At this point, you gain access to Celestial Vanguards (yay)
-   Treasure Hunt is an event that you can do 3 times/day and rewards you with gold (NO exp)
o   Gold generally varies between 5~7 gold (potentially more if you sell the map pieces acquired from the quest - KEEP IN MIND: you need 30 free bag spaces)
-   Another event that requires Vanguards is the Ordeal (taken from Guard Saith in Jadeon) [25 Taichi Pills - 5/day]
o   Kill 10 Celestial Vanguards (tricky part: this is a solo quest; you can also do it in a party, but the only person who will get the kill count is the one that takes aggro)
o   If you're doing this quest with a party I suggest you combine it with Treasure Hunt, so in case you don't get aggro for a Vanguard or two, you at least get kill counts for the other quest
-   LV60+ means Sleepless is available (24h quest; bot mobs and receive quest according to how many you've killed) - make sure to take this if you're planning on leaving your toon to farm!

Quiz Bowl
-   Believe it or not, at this era, quiz bowl is a legit way to pick up some exp (mainly for early levels)
-   Every day (server time 19:00-19:15) quiz takes place; afterwards (as a celebration for the winner, I guess) Flarebeasts are spawned in Sunstream City
-   These mobs are 1hit, but they have high evasion; they also give large amounts of XP (but prepare yourself to fight with the tremendous amount of players attempting to kill the mobs)
-   The mobs spawn in succession (meaning when you kill one, another spawns elsewhere)
-   All inside the city, there's also a certain pattern to how they spawn
-   Flarebeasts will continue to spawn from 19:15-20:13 (so be there or be square!)

Dispatcher Quests
-   YES, they are a thing
-   After certain levels though, only red quests are worth doing
-   Use Wheel of Fortune to reset the available quests at dispatcher (*NOTE: when resetting using a wheel, take any quest from dispatcher and trash it, then reset using wheel [Credit to Pixy for reminding me])

-   In case you wanted to go botting, I suggest you take God's Gift from Tanis Ka (2h Crystal buffs and double XP)
o   Also great to use during Flarebeasts event

NOTE: This guide may not be entirely accurate; I have tried finding official sources to confirm, but it's hard to find anything dating so far back. This guide is thus mainly from memory and the help of some other players. I will also add anything new I find (but this is also just how far I got; it's still early on server :D).

*Edit: please excuse how horrible this looks, it's my first post, will make it nicer next time x.x

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