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First Video Event [OVER]

Started by KillerWasp | WaspMan, October 29, 2019, 08:09:54 pm

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KillerWasp | WaspMan

This will be a video event to showcase the server. It can be anything you want, PvP, Duels, PK, Quests, or general guides. (Must be new videos, not changed videos to look like our Server.)

Rewards will be;

Quote1st prize: 15,000 GC to spend on the webstore, 500 Lv3 Refinement Stone and 2 LV1 x5 EXP Orb.
2nd prize: 10,000 GC to spend on the webstore, 500 LV2 Refinement Stone and 2 LV1 x3 EXP Orb.
3rd prize: 5,000 GC to spend on the webstore and 500 LV1 Refinement Stone.

Video must be of good quality so we can watch it, meaning;

QuoteNo 420p videos.
Chat shown at all times.
No over the top overlays.
Clear and precise text or speech if doing a guide.
No swearing (please).

The voting process will take place between the Team and we will take a day or two (sometimes sooner) to decide who wins. Depending on submissions as well, of course.

Rewards might be changed during the event.

The Event winners have been chosen and will be sent their rewards by 00:00 on the same day of this post.

Any future events will be posted here with rules and more.

Thanks for the submissions!
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