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Starter guide [update]

Started by Hianal, August 30, 2020, 06:41:49 pm

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August 30, 2020, 06:41:49 pm Last Edit: August 30, 2020, 06:50:14 pm by Hianal
Hello everyone, since the old guide is a bit outdated, I suggest this one which concentrates the base to start correctly, feel free to join a guild in game (should help you to improve your gear later)

First of all, once you start, you must claim the pray rewards

click on it in your bag to get usefull stuff to start, once it's done, you should buy some dreamlands to go to lvl 110

Next step is to complete usefull quest, first of all you will receive this quest, give it back to Hugh to unlock mast and resistance training (to continue training them up to lv100 you can buy the items at Silvia Priest Tutor at Nightfall Citadel to complete quest)

Another important quest is about Soul Power, get it by clicking on "new quest guide" (as showed on the ss below) until you get Claudius Aepelio quest, complete it to unlock Soul Power

here is a useful link for the quest

Let's now talk about gear, you can't run around naked ! you can buy your first gear for free at Astrea (still at Nightfall Citadel - Hall of Glory)and your free starter accessory from Arwen Starlight

then you can upgrade it for free (still at Astrea) buying free Hero Medal

Now that you have your gear, time to embed the lvl IV gems and fortify it (you have received enough gems and crystals with the free starter pack), you can do all this from Klass Rour and Sabrina

You can also craft your own lv VI gem with Jewelcrafter job (need to be lvl5, you can also buy the lvl II gems from jewelcrafter npc)

Once your JC job reach lvl5, you must go at Christer the gem collector to purchase Fusion Agent

Then to make the VI gems you must buy the recipes at Gem Master in Twilight Square

Near Gem Master you also have Zolmorah npc, he sell many usefull stuff for Reborn Token (or donor shop)

But what is Reborn Token ? to start this is what you want, it is the currency in this server, you can easily farm it at Free Island with your starter gear (or on every lvl 60 or more mobs)

that's it for the basic guide ! feel free to ask in game or join a guild for more info to improves your char, you also have a discord link on the website

To end there is an usefull link that can explain other things about usefull quest/stuff (like Anima, Relic quest, Runes etc)

cya in game !