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SMF - Just Installed!

Client version 7 is now live! (Version 44)

Started by KillerWasp | WaspMan, July 20, 2020, 11:38:40 pm

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KillerWasp | WaspMan

July 20, 2020, 11:38:40 pm Last Edit: July 20, 2020, 11:49:56 pm by KillerWasp | WaspMan
Hello all, todays version contains the following fixes, changes and additions;

**Bug Fixes:**
* Fixed an issue with 57 duplicated recipes generated on the `Homestead Exchanges`.
* Fixed an issue with the cultivation items. They now work correctly and will mark the cultivations as complete as to prevent going back to Vacuity from Sage/Demon.
* Fixed the `Reborn Gear Forge` to now give the player the options to keep their refinement and gems in their gear.
* Fixed all flyer prices in the `Boutique`.
* Fixed the homestead reverting back to the original values once reaching level 30.

* Changed the health of `Reborn Mirage Queen` by x20.
* Changed the HP, Damage and Accuracy of all Guards in the game. *(Heavily increased the stats)*
* Removed the cooldown on `Resurrection Scroll` again.
* Changed the cooldown time of all medicine items to half their original value. (If it was five seconds before, it is now two and a half seconds.)
* Changes to FC:
- `Frozen Head`'s have had their EXP, SP and Money values increased slightly.
- `Frozen Head`'s have had their spawn timer increased by four(4).
* Changes to mobs inside `Lothranis` and `Momaganon` (Heaven and Hell).
- They now drop the caches mentioned below (please read under **Additions**).
- They no longer drop 500 piles of Coin, instead they drop one that is worth an average 2,700 coins.
* Changed the stack amount of the `Lucky Star` item from one(1) to 99,999.
* Increased all resource gathering by five(5) again.
* Changed the level requirements on the lv105+ potions to lv105.
* Changed the costs for the items on the forge that required 10,000,000 coins to need `Ten Million Big Note` instead.
* Changed the protection type for all gears, weapons and decorations that require a reputation value greater than 199,999.
- This gear can no longer be sold. **IF** you wish to change your gear type to the new protection from the old, please DM Wasp.
* Changed the class required to craft some of the items on the `Ascension Forge` and `Boundless Forge` to prevent from crafting the wrong class item.
- Please read the class on each piece of gear before crafting.
* Changed the craft number of `Primal` and `Barbaric Blood` to 100 instead of one(1) for the same price.

* Added two new items to the drop lists of both `Lothranis` and `Momaganon`.
- `Momaganon Cache` and `Lothranis Cache`.
- These chests are used on click and trigger a train of quests until you have no caches left.
- Read the item descriptions for more information.
* Additionally all packs that are exchanged at the forge in Archo West have had an overhaul to work like the two new caches. They will trigger an event on click which starts to use all packs in your bag of the same type. Just sit back and relax, or, go and do an instance while it does this for you. **(Just remember to have enough bag space for the rewards...)**
* Added quests in `Momaganon` to test the potential of sleepless quests on PW. This quest gives you a portion of the EXP and Spirit of the monster killed and is a quest that `lasts 24 hours`.
* Added the `Artisan Heart Stone` to the `Homestead Exchange I` in Archo West.
* Added the `Accessory Socket Stone` to `Assistant Wang Tsai`.
* Added four new coupons to the `Welcome Pack` for new players to get LV10 & LV30 Gears and weapons that last for seven(7) days.
* Added `Elysian Seal` to the `Reborn Gear Forge` in Archo West.
* Added `Mysterious Pages` x10 to the `Reborn Boutique Agent`s exchange. *Faster skills? Yes please!*
* Added the `Mystical` and `Holy Pill` x10 recipes to `Jewelcraftsman X :: Combine` service.
* Added some new gear to a new forge in Archo West. The `Deity Forge` offers new gears. **Please note that this gear cannot actually be obtained yet. But it will be available soon. Please give us feedback on the stats however.**
* Added `Devil` and `Serenity Stone` to the `Jewelcraftsman X :: Combine` service.
* Added 12 new flyers to the `Boutique`.
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