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Will's Guide to Jewel crafting LV6 Gems

Started by William, October 03, 2020, 08:04:41 am

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PART I: Getting Started

So you want to make LV6 Gems but don't know how and no one is selling them either? Worry not. Let's get started.

Visit NPC Mina Starwind in Rosemason Hall. Learn the job, rings or necklace doesn't matter.

Then, buy recipe Cut: Goldspark I and recipe Star Necklace. Crafting blue recipes give more EXP but you need higher quality Sparkling Gem.

The required for the blue recipe can be crafted after learning Scavenging. Find NPC Melanie next to the Jewelcraft Tutor.

Continue crafting until you need Guild Base recipes.

Locate NPC Jeweler and Advanced Jeweler. They sell LV3-LV5 recipes.

PART 2: LV6 Gems

Once you reach LV5 Jewelcrafting, visit NPC Gem Master in Twilight Square. You should know where he is at. If you don't, read my beginner guide

Buy recipes Combine Gem Frags 1-4 (40k tokens), Combine Gems Azurecloud - Skycrystal (130k tokens), and finally Smash: Goldspark (10k tokens).

Smash LV4 Goldsparks for Gem Frag I and combine them until you reach Gem Frag V. The cheapest gem Stormstone costs 10 Gem Frag V and the most expensive Chronoshard costs 50 Gem Frag V each. If you are lazy, buy LV4 gems directly from the Gem Master for tokens. It is fast and efficient.

Happy Gem Crafting!

PART 3: Gem Fusion

If you don't have a lot of tokens, there is a cheaper and more time-intensive method to fuse LV4 Goldsparks. Locate NPC Christer and buy Fusion Agent LV2 (5k tokens a stack) and LV3 (7.5k/stack).

Buy 9999 lv2 Goldsparks from the Jewelcrafter NPC. Find Sabrina and fuse until you get LV4 Goldsparks. It's nice to AFK and fuse gems if you won't farm.