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Will's Guide to Transmutation

Started by William, October 17, 2020, 11:53:20 am

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Will's Guide to Transmutation - per Gyarados's request ❤

PART I: Introduction
Transmutation works by destroying a piece of gear and transferring a certain stat from that gear to a new piece. To do this, visit NPC Klass Rour in Nightfall Citadel. Prepare a lot of wargod points.

For the PVE set, I recommend the cheap that costs 3750 wargod points per scroll. Buy 1. There are different grades for Transmutation scrolls and I recommend only buying purple. This is because gold gear IDs are similar to purple gear and are too expensive to destroy for transmutation.

For the PVP set, I recommend a few options:
1) Elemental attack 750 wargod points/try This option is ideal for DPS classes like lightning mages, inferno vamps, warriors, and so on.

2) Elemental mastery 100,000 wargod points/try This option is ideal for a full mastery or hybrid mastery/accuracy set. It's good against cdef/cdodge players.

3) HE/Accuracy/Evasion 150,000 wargod points/try The most expensive scroll is game-changing in PVP. A full set of transmutes (8 pieces) adds about ~2.5k HE to my healing stats.

Part II: Re-IDing the Trashy Gear

Now that you have your scroll. Go buy either 1) HR8/HR9 piece or 2) Order gear LV100-110. As long as the ID pools are similar, it does not have to be top-tier. Doing FHOF HM is important for this reason. It gives 4-6 free and help newbies :)

It's important that you look for a single ID because the Transmutation might go for the lower value:

Here is an example where I'm doing HE transmute.

Part II: The product

Purchase 4 from NPC Klass Rour for only 720 Wargod Points. Click your transmutation scroll and put the trashy gear in. It should look like this. The chance is 80% and I have failed at least 2-3 times. Be aware. If you fail, just buy the scroll and mats again.

Unequip your main gear and slap the scroll on it. Note that if you use a Chest piece, it will only go onto another Chest piece. My transmutation was successful and gave more than 100% of the original value. Good luck :)