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Patch Notes

Started by CompeR, March 25, 2020, 12:15:20 am

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Patch notes thread....



Patch Notes for V-12


Client Patch Notes

- Added Seasons 2 through 4 Arena gear to Hugh Sutherland
- Added Season 5 Arena Gear to Powell
- Made Season 2 Arena Gear Free for all classes
- Added Level 5 sigil pack to the pay to win store
- Added Level 5 gold relic defense and attack packs to the pay to win store
- Added Free to Play 2 Shop
- Added Immortal Advanced Rune Packs
- Removed Charged Rune Packs Tab From Zolmorah
- Removed Triumph Reputation Requirement from Nyo's and Dyo's Manuscripts
- Fixed Jessica
- Added 100D Soul Coins Box to Zolmorah's Free to Play Store
- Removed Radiant Golden Chest from Zolmorah
- Increased Stack Size of Edge Badges and Valor Coins and Honor Coins to 9999 from 1000
- Modified ALL Relics to have 12 slots for sigils right from the start
- Removed Valor Coins from Farming Table
- Added Honor Coins to Farming Table
- Increased Honor Coins rewards per coin from 9 Guild Contribution, Merit to 15 Guild Contribution, Merit and Zeal
- Added Soul Spirit Element to Free to Play Shop 2
- Added Wing Spirit Element to Free to Play Shop 2
- Added Flame Spirit Element to Free to Play Shop 2
- Added level 1 - Relic Spirit Gift Box to Free to Play Shop 2
- Added God's Descension Pack to the Pay to win store
    - has a chance to contain
        - 25 Flame Crystals
        - 25 Elemental Star Essence
        - 1 Devirock Shard
        - 1 Holy Stone Shard

Server Patch Notes

- Removed Cross Server Requirements for All 3v3, 6v6 and 12v12 instances
- Fixed Arena
- Fixed Heart of Ice and Fire
- Frostgale Fjord should work but needs further testing
- Modified Arena Score Matching System
    - You can no longer boost whatsoever
    - Arena now ignores your score entirely and ques significantly faster
    - Score ignoring means it doesnt matter what your score is anymore, you will always get paired against a random team
- Modified RCIA / RCIE Wheels to be more rewarding slightly
- Replaced useless level 95 blue gear packs from RCIA / RCIE wheels with 25 Contented Miracle Pouches
- Slightly Increased the amount of war god points you gain from RCIA / RCIE
- Brought Back Child of Dark and Child of Light Daily Kill Quests for awakening points
- Increased Child of Dark and Child of Light Daily kill rewards points from 100 to 500 per daily completed   
- Modified Wraith Petra, Prunk Brands and Rayze's Ai Script, now only needs 6 players for immunity to vanish
- Added Pets to Leaf Shop for 2,000 Soul Leafs
- Newer Pets will be added to Leaf shop at a later date
    - Remember we use the leaf shop as it allows you to preview everything before buying
- Modified all Guild Base Buildings to be zero cost maintance, meaning once you have a base its there permanently

Website Patch Notes

    - PvP Event rewards
        - Rewards Include
            - Elemental Star Essence
            - Reborn Tokens
            - Astral Reforge Crystals
            - Fusion Agent level 4's
            - Champ Packs ( These give 500 points each )
            - Token of Faith
            - Brilliance of Glory
            - Devirock Shards
            - Flame Crystals
            - Ancient Warrior Souls
            - Gem Tokens
            - Diestones
    - Make Sure to Participate and check the events daily for the rewards!
    - Network Achievements done for Forsaken World
    - Adjusted last reward for 1500 Hours in game to be better
    - Pets and Pet Skills will be added to webstore soon


Planned for V-13


- custom modifications