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Technical Issues / stuck in From the constellatio...
Last post by souriel - July 05, 2022, 08:35:54 am
I'm stuck in the quest "From the constellation of You (orientation)", I had the level to accept the quest but I can't defeat 30 titan warriors in 5 minutes and that's why I wanted to give up the quest, but when I click on the trash it appears, mission failed, and soon after accepting the quest again. This wouldn't even be a big problem, but I don't know if it's because of the mission, but there's no npc on the map.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Change...
Last post by CompeR - July 01, 2022, 01:29:29 pm
- Attempt to fix recent rare realm crash issue.
- Shuomo BG now functional.
* Rewards will be upgraded next week.
- [Psychea] Thunderous Peal will now affect Mecha: Torrent <Zen>.
- [Kytos] Ruse: Lure skill description corrected.
- [Kytos] Last Stand will now stack with Velonus Fury ap buff.
- [Kytos] Moon - Death's Volition transform immune duration formula corrected for ranks 1-4.
- [Kytos] Tyrany III name changed to Peerless Night III. Description corrected and duration formula corrected for <Sky> version.
- [Imperia] Corrected Overbearing Wind potential formula error.
- Birthday promo code titles translations applied.
- Missing Dundun and Liu Yuan NPCs added to Sunsteream (Reacreation Zone).
- Iron BG Exchange revised.
- Iron BG Victory Pack bonus chances boosted.
Jade Dynasty Reborn / iS the web page bug ?
Last post by meridia - June 27, 2022, 06:42:55 am
so, I log in, and I click the areas need sever and game, it shows me offline when I know I'm on, so I look, and I see its switched on me and keeps switching and I can't get it to stay online in the voting what can I do about this
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Change...
Last post by CompeR - June 24, 2022, 01:42:33 pm
- Corrected Rabbit Hop buff duration.
- Goat Kick skill description corrected.
- [Voida] Fixed Heavenly Survival 3 Hero Celestial and Melting Essence tome influence.
- [Forta] Corrected Reality Termination III cast range.
- [Imperia] Inferno Corrosion should now respect white damage shields and immunities.
- [Imperia] Attempt to fix issues with Skycrack skill.
- [Imperia] Corrected Whirlwind tome influence for Winnow Step II.
- Corrected new Treasure Map system that could break after relog.
- Transform Gems should now automatically turn off while PvP unless on excluded map.
- Corrected some PVP BGS First Victory pack description issues.
- Attempt to prevent baypassing TW limit.
- Loosing all ressurections in ET should now end instance.
- Universal Law Gift Pack now stacks.
- Can no longer summon Spirit Wind event npc in LMS and BFS maps.
- Spirit Wind shop purchase limits boosted x5.
- Birthday Event launched. It will be active till July 1.
- PVE Event launched.
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