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Technical Issues / Bonus when we are online
Last post by seeyoonsik - Today at 04:06:39 pm
Hello, my reward of been stay online doesnt count for me anymore no gj bonus..
Technical Issues / saint seiya configuration
Last post by orlandeau - March 25, 2023, 05:01:19 pm
I have a Lenovo notebook and I have doubts if it can run saint seiya online,
because I'm afraid of ending up damaging its periphefics.
Below is a description of your configuration:
Windows 10 Pro
8192MB RAM
DirectX 12
Intel(R) UHD Graphics @2.10GHz 2.59GHz
VGA 128 MB
memory display 4161 MB
shared memory 4033 MB

If anyone can answer me or not the possibility of mmorpg running on my notebook,
I'm grateful.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Change...
Last post by CompeR - March 24, 2023, 01:53:39 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Jadeon] Corrected Astral Traveler II skill description.
- [Seira] Corrected Longevity tome description.
- [Imperia] Fixed Brute Wind Blade triggering effects when it shoudn't.
- [Ceros] Dragon Missle damage should be now reflectable.

Bug fixes:
- Shuomo BG client crash issue resolved.
- Removed unnessesary Rift Gates from Westfall Void II.
- [Experimental] Adjusted influence of Affinity Res/Anti in damage pattern to match ZX behavior better.

- Universal Law Gift Pack rewards adjusted.

- PvE Event launched.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Change...
Last post by CompeR - March 17, 2023, 01:48:10 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Experimental] Fixed Invincibility buff not to overwrite if ongoing duration is longer than new one.

Bug fixes:
- [Experimental] Added map 'unstuck' mechanism.
* If character gets stuck in the ground, attempting to move few times, should auto release character.

- Ingame BFS:
* Team Heroes Pack VI pack changed to Team Heroes Pack IV and price reduced to 700.
- Genesis Sanctuary:
* Miracle Jade changed to Team Heroes Pack V and price reduced to 1000.
- Royal Pen:
* Wargod Big Dipper Seal price reduced to 1200.
* Cascade Charm replaced to Team Heroes Pack V for 1200.
- Shuomo BG PvP activity reward added.
- Website BfS rework:
* Season point calculation changed:
(These points are not the same as BfS season score on website)
First blood: +2 points
Kills: +3 points
Death: -1 point
Assist: 0.5 point
5 kill spree: x2 points multiplier
10 kill spree: x3 points multiplier
Team with most kills: +20 points to each player

* Basing on above individual score, Season Points will be awarded:
Player with least points: 2 BfS Season Score
Player with most points: 8 BfS Season score (max)
Players inbetween: From 2 to 6 BfS score depending on their points.

* Minimum point threshold as sum of both team points is required to allow Season Points gain: 75.
* If a player constantly has a bottom 2 score (0~2 BfS points over the course of 3 matches): temporary web BfS ban will be applied: 4h.
* If players often 'tie' their matches (=<3 kill difference between both teams over 3 or more matches in a row), he gain 0 BfS season score.
* In a rare case of points tie, whoever gets higher/lower score is random.
* Later today current BFS Season will end and new Season with updated rewards will be initiated.
Annoucements / Patch Notes - Classic [NEW]
Last post by CompeR - March 12, 2023, 02:04:47 pm
- Perfect Remedy Orb and Perfect Spirit Potion now stacks to 9999.
- Avatar of Obsession removed from Skysong map.
- Greedy Gnarrlio spawn corrected in Sunstream.
- [Attempt] Lowered requirements for honor ranking titles to be enabled.
- Mirawood Chest and Dragon Mirror lotteries added to marketplace.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Change...
Last post by CompeR - March 10, 2023, 01:52:58 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Hydran] Fixed Chish tome not working for Meteor Shower III.

Bug fixes:
- Ui/translation fixes for client.

- Mercy Orders can now be performed 5 times per day.
- Motif Essence added to PvP Box I.

- PvP Event Token exchange:
* Mithrill Sigil added.
* New Soulcards added.
* Fire Orb of Vastness added.
* Motif Essence added.
* Advanced Soulcard Pack added.
Offtopic / Heroes of Three Kingdoms serve...
Last post by tianlansha - March 05, 2023, 09:21:36 pm
Is there a chance for a Heroes of Three Kingdoms server?

Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Change...
Last post by CompeR - March 03, 2023, 02:33:22 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Ceros] Fixed Swallowing the Sea II effect was linked to Secret Deagon Dash II actually.
- [Hydran] Attempt to fix Celestial Majesty being refleced sometimes.
- [Hydran] Corrected Fightimg Spirit cap from  previous patch.
- [Hydran] Attempt to correct Aquatic Seal<Bane> cooldown reset issue.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Magnificent Spirit III and Bladebreaker II ignoring Wave Seeker immunity range.
- [Vim] Fixed Gather Spirit III trigger for TW and Coronation maps also.
- [Rayan] Fog State is now special buff that can't be removed and work under BoJ.

Bug fixes:
- Adjusted main link configuration to prevent potential crashes.

- Usage of Velonus Fury and similar skill items was reduced.
- Star Pack changed to Miracle Jade at Genesis Sanctuar exchange.

- Tomorrow Jade Dynasty Reborn Classic server launches so Network rewards were updated and reset to be claimable again for everyone.

- To celebrate Patch v400, 15k Green Jades were added to all accounts online within last 24h.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Change...
Last post by CompeR - February 24, 2023, 01:42:40 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Hydran] Adjusted upper stack limit of Fighting Spirit buff.
- [Hydran] Removed Earth Token effects that shouldn't be there.
- [Hydran] Another attempt to fix Luna Gale II stun.
- [Ceros] Corrected Into the Nine Heavens skill description. It can only be used in Lance posture.
- [Rayan] Shadow Dance Ultima <Bane> attack buff now stacks with Velonus Fury.

Bug fixes:
- Attempt to fix Devotion ranking titles.
* This change may be effective later.
- Attempt to optimize Reborn server main link.

- Shuomo player amount restriction reduced to 30->21 players.
- Adjusted Iron BG Victory Pack rewards and chances.

- PvE Event launched.

- Added more hour reward tiers.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Change...
Last post by CompeR - February 17, 2023, 01:46:51 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Vim] Fixed Gather Spirit III Hero trigger against Invincible buff targets in Elysium.
- [Hydran] Fixed Luna Gale II not working at all.
- [Celan] Corrected Moon in the Mirror III skill description issue.

- Kunlun and Main server will have separate elysium servers from now.
* Due cross server link end, Genesis changed to 14vs14 and Royal Pen to 9vs9.
* Also due above, website elysium double drop price reduced.
- Blue Star cost now the same at both drop event packs.
- Mercy Order opener now limited 1->5 times per day.

- Hour based rewards were resetted and updated. Player can gather hours and claim them all over again.
* More tiers will be added in future updates.
- Website VIP8 reqirement now matches game VIP8.
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