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Annoucements / Patch version 47 (9)
Last post by KillerWasp | WaspMan - August 12, 2020, 12:19:06 am
This weeks patch v9 contains the following fixes, changes and additions.

**Bug Fixes:**
* Fixed an issue with the `Sage` Cultivation skip.

* Changed some drop tables to include `Basic Badges`, `Feather of the Just`, `Coin of the Just` and more.
* Changed the probability of `Basic Badges` dropping in NV 2.17% > 6%.
* Changed the arrangement of the fashions and made it clearer as to what is what.
* Changed the area where the forges are in Archosaur.
* Change attempt on the annoying cross-server system message popping up daily.
* Changed the SP rewarded from the `Reborn Daily 100+` quest. `2,500,000` > `25,000,000`.
* Changed the `earning time` for the fb19 `Cave of the Vicious` to three(3) hours.
* Changed the player capacity of the fb19 `Cave of the Vicious` to three(3).
* Changed the durability of all `Reborn X` gears to 9,999.

* Added four new quests, three daily and one weekly.
   -   It is said that the Deity Lords have arrived in Reborn Perfect World. Their location is still unknown. Search for them and complete their tasks to gain rewards to progress your gear growth.
   -   These quests will automatically port you to the instance so make sure you are ready to take on the monsters as there is no way to get back in there once you leave.
   -   Please be aware that these THREE daily quests are for each of the three Lords, one for Heavy, one Light and one Arcane Armour. You CANNOT do all three in the same day.
* Added more exchanges for `Supply Token` packs.
* Added a new forge `Special Gear` that has the gears from the other forge as well as the recipes for the caches.
* Added two new markings on the map to indicate where what is in Archosaur.
* Added `Dustfall Relic` & `Dustfall Artifact` to the `Special Gear` forge.
Annoucements / Re: Patch Notes - Classic
Last post by CompeR - August 07, 2020, 12:04:27 pm
- Jasper Money rewards reduced at Chu-Han BG.
- Automated PvP event rewards minor adjustments.
- Two new tiers added to Website->Rewards->Hour.
- Website daily VIP rewards boosted.
General Discussion / Re: Rewards for YouTube videos
Last post by kasraygaa - August 07, 2020, 11:47:01 am

Bounty granted: 15000 GJ
General Discussion / Re: Rewards for youtube videos...
Last post by leorkuv - August 06, 2020, 11:36:28 am
General Discussion / Re: Rewards for YouTube videos
Last post by kasraygaa - August 06, 2020, 07:44:49 am
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