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Pet Hunting Guide

Started by imryll, July 09, 2018, 06:19:40 pm

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first you must be lvl 60+
2nd you must have 2000 spirit to use the capture skill ( can use clan skill for help)

the skill
* click R to get to the skills menu
* click on the "Others" tab
* click on the "Life" tab
* on the left side add the points to the capture skill, and drag it to the hotkey bar Smile now its ready to use
* the skill gets proficiency after successful captures, and u you can upgrade it after awhile
* skill has 10 min colldown (pretty long)
* skill works ONLY if pet is below 50%hp

the nets
* the capture skill requires a net to work
* you can buy capturing nets from pet tamer totto in sunstream
* nets cost 5g each
* capturing fails a lot so you should buy at least 5 nets for a hunting session

the ONLY capturable pets in JD are: Chubby Baby, Underworld Judge, Little Deer,
Night Owl, Firerock Demon.

NOTE: if you can't find the pet at the stated below location, means that it has been killed/captured less then 6h ago, and has yet to respawn.
in that case, you can either wait 6h for its respawn, or rhop to another realm.

LITTLE DEER [recommended lvl to capture: 105+]

he is found in southern boarder behind the portal to inc Vally, he cannot be reached anymore as there is an invisible wall behind that area
but long time a go it was reachable, and people kept portal charms leading to it, you might find some in tr.

UNDERWORLD JUDGE [recommended lvl to capture 135+]

this fella is found in Shura at the center of the Djin palace, right were lord earth force spawns.

CHUBBY BABY [recommended lvl to capture: 120+]

this fella is found in Kunlun, on top of the frozen lake Wink

FIREROCK DEMON [recommended lvl to capture: 90+]

this little fella likes to walk around in incense Vally
heres the map of his route: (he goes in a clockwise direction)

NIGHT OWL [recommended lvl to capture: 75+]

this fella flies all around the wildlands map

the main problem with it being it flying TOO HIGH for non ranged chars to hit and to get down
the owl will normally fly too high for ranged chars to hit as well, but he has a few spots in which he flies lower.
here's the map of his route, the black circle means the spot where he flies low enough to hit with a ranged skill.
(it flies around counter clockwise)*
also most proficient at this happens to be arden or mage (with nanwu fire)- catches the mob without a problem.




Quote from: moklin78 on July 03, 2019, 12:54:16 pmbest pet of these post?

depends on your taste, but personally i would say, kill all the chubby's you run into.


Any exact route or location for the chubby baby>