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[GUIDE] How to Obtain Your Own Heartrending Flower Esper?

Started by Hiroヲ, April 30, 2022, 09:37:52 am

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Hello everyone,

I'm Hiroヲ from SeRenity Alliance...

I want to share with you the method to obtain your own Heartrending Flower Esper which you can sell for 300k gold, or just use it for your own character.

How do we get Heartrending Flower Esper?

We need to do some PREP work first, that is to gather

500 x Primal Iceheart from Shura Gauntlet

After getting 500 Primal Iceheart

Buy 300 Taniska Charm from Webshop

After gathering the material above, now we are ready to do the quest.

Quest Giver :
New Sunstream Bilu

Location (Coord) :
(420, 423)

After speaking to Bilu, she will give you an item called Heartrending Flower (Seal) which you need to use in order to kill her Pet.

After killing her pet, now return to Bilu to hand in your quest.

She will randomly include the Heartrending Flower (Promo) item to you.

If you are lucky enough to obtain it,
you can speak to Bilu again to UPGRADE your Heartrending Flower (Promo) into Heartrending Flower Pack.

Congratulation on obtaining HF Pack!

Below is a video I created as a guide to run Shura Gauntlet and completing Missing You Quest.


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