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Jadeon PVE build and tips

Started by AcidTrip, August 16, 2018, 06:33:37 pm

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Hello there. I've been playing Jadeon for ever since I started JD back in 2010 or so. This is my accumulated knowledge over the years. I'll try to cram in some good stuff for all that are starting off as jad, want one for PVE farming or just wanna re-learn stuff about them. I'll link the builds and add some description/explanation under each. Here goes:

This is BASIC PVE AOE unasc jadeon build:


NOTE: This is based on NON-ASC char, but is also viable for ASC as it is the very base

This will get you through pre-asc easily. Ofc it only starts really working from lvl120, when you get Raging Blizzard tome. To maximize Thunder Blade and other AOE skills, you need these skills at lvl9: Storm Cloud, Spear of Tushin, Harsh Reality.
Raging Blizzard has a charm which you can get from Elder of Arcaneness in Jadeon. IT IS A MUST HAVE for any Jadeon!

Most of the other skills you wont really need. Thunder Blade will kill anything pretty easy. No need to max T5 Dragons Retribution, it's pretty rubbish.

Every Jadeon needs to get Charge(Tier 2 skill) to lvl3 and max the tome(Blade Flourish). Not only will it let you get to places faster but it will save your skin multiple times over.

Mystic Tome is the base of all your damage. This is where you focus and put your points from the beginning. 1st you get to Blade Flourish and put points there. Then focus on getting that Raging Blizzard. Rest come as you lvl up. You'll want Flameheart for more chance of Thunderblade Reset and Heaven's Howl for that extra power. You'll be able to max them both pretty easy.

NOTE: Don't forget to save skill points for Thunder Blade as you hit T5! it's easy to forget and put points in other skills and not have any for Thunder Blade. I advise keeping Embodiment of Truth at lvl1 and not go over lvl3 on Dragons Retribution.

Blade tome section you really don't need anything as unasc.
Virtue is technically not needed as well, for the PVE life, but eventually I build a bit on Nameless Way, just to get it to last longer.



NOTE: As skills are concerned this is all that a FUWA Jadeon needs to max affinity skills.
Another NOTE: I based this build on lvl9 chroma to make it simple.

As you can see, pretty much nothing changes when comparing to unasc skill build. That is not the case for TOME. So let me get into the logic behind my decisions for the build.

MYSTIC TOME IS STILL THE PRIORITY nothing different about it.

BLADE TOME is where you can start putting skill points as well, since you will need that extra power behind Nameless Way(T4 buff). First, however you will want to max Nescent Star to get the extra time.

VIRTUE TOME is a bit different this time around for a few reasons. But before we get into that; in Virtue tome your priority is still Nescent Star. After that you can start putting points in Protective Winds or Icy Manifolds
I suggest maxing Protective Winds for extra protection from Faithful Defender.
Icy Manifolds adds a really nice effect to Ice Aptitude, removing 3 negative effects. It's very useful, especially in PvP, but works in PvE too, removing boss debuffs from you.

NOTE: As a Jadeon, you won't crit much or a lot, put your focus on AP to make the base skill dmg higher.

That's that for now. Might post updates later if anything comes to mind, that I forgot to mention.