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Seira Esper t5 "Hard Stone"

Started by vivekvs1992, October 17, 2020, 10:16:48 pm

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This is the tier 5 faction esper for seira. the esper can be made by giving 12 esper pieces (Southern classics) to Lez Yan in sunstream. the tome and accessory can be made by trading 25 each of sacred auz ware and mystic jade slip to Enu in Jadeon

Skill: Lotus strikes
Equipping the Tome and Accessory for this Esper will increase the Rank of Lotus strikes by 1 per item. It is also possible to increase the Rank of Megabane by Assimilating the Esper with a Tawen Gem (note: using a perfect tawen gem from green jaden shop is more efficient).
Cast time: 2 seconds
Effect: strikes a single target, lowering their maximum spirit. Also has a chance to knock them back while increasing all of your resistances.

Attaching the image of the esper and the skills at each level
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