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Seira Guide !

Started by razcola, October 08, 2018, 09:45:08 am

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October 08, 2018, 09:45:08 am Last Edit: October 10, 2018, 05:53:12 pm by razcola
Hello, since there's no guide about Seira I decided to make one myself, now I am no expert but if I could help somebody understand the idea of this class then I'm more than happy.

What is a Seira?

(Photo took from shmiggle's thread)

Seira is 4th Etherkin class, it is remarked by the wielding of a fan.

What is Seira specializing in?

Seira specializes in single target burst, speed, buffs and its ability to duplicate single target skills. It has also an AOE which you can max, tome and spam accordingly.

What are the gears needed for a Seira?

Battleground gears are a must because some of your attacks scale with HP so the more HP you have the more damage you deal. Skytouch Jade weapon is totally okay along with Battleground gears.

Which affinity should I go for?
Well, Seira is a cookie cutter, meaning, I don't know, 99% going Felkin Seira.
Felkin Seira focuses on delievering as many attacks as possible with a higher critical strike rate (Plum's Shadow II) while empowering them (Apricot's Bestow II / Dawn Break II)
I don't know about Dagos/Fuwa.

Any build teamplate?
Yes, this is more single target oriented, of course you can add more skills once you have your chroma/ascension.
Important note : I missed some of the important skills due to lack of skill points.


Things you should (most likely) probably consider adding, depending on your affinity and build choice(single target/curse/aoe or a combination of them), are:

Consider that potions are really CHEAP and you don't have to max some skills/tomes to grind potlessly.

Before reading the following I have to mention that I wrote the following for some player, but you can benefit from it as well :


Okay, so the Seira class is classified as "support" because you can also use buffs on somebody else.
You will have to reset the tomes again and eliminate tome skills which affect Cloud Swiper because Cloud Swiper 3 from the Mystic Tome will replace Cloud Swiper.
Gear recommended because of the cloud swiper II (and also III I guess) adds HP to the damage, weapon can be STJ though.
Skills to add when you have more skill points : 
T1 :
! Don't max Leaf Storm, I accidentally did it but it's okay for now
Max Storm's Grace (right side second skill)
Max Reflection , last skill left side and tome it ( you can right click to see the respective tome, in this case : Redtail Demolition because it gives you skill accuracy from the Dewdrop tome).
Max Willow's Dance (tier 1 speed skill from the middle) and tome it (Star Raiser skill from the Grace tome), you have the charm for it already.
Max Candelred and tome it (Emerald Summit, Grace tome)
T2 :
Max and tome Dawn Break (last skill from the right side) - I already did it
Max and tome Shroud of Flake (last skill from the left side) - I already did it
I really don't know about the other skills 
T3 :
Max and Tome Shroud of the New Green (second skill from the middle), it's like a raja that absorbs damage taken, also you have to charm it (Gate of Emerald)
Max Might of the Wind : It lifts the target up in the air, I don't know if you should tome it.
Jade Cloud (last skill, right side) max and tome it.
Shadow Spear : max it ? I guess? I don't know, it pulls the target closer to you I think
I don't know about the other skills 

T4 :
Max Flurry Fury (first skill), it's your main aoe skill that is spammable and OP. You can grind with it,  you can spam it without toming it, but if you really want to have it spammable without a cooldown go to Grace Tome and tome it (Ernest Hemingway)
Celestial Embrace (max it and also tome it, I think you have to max the tome to unlock the next skill)
Apricot Bestow (max and tome it) , it's the last skill from the middle row, tome it from Grace (Battle Blood and Tranquil night), you can also charm it
Cloud Swiper (max) (and tome it for now), your main skill
Siphon Energy (max it to get siphon energy 2, idk how useful is that)
Max nether blossom(middle skill, middle row), it forbids your enemies from using skills for some seconds
Idk about the other skills

T5 :
Max everything, tome Spirit passanger to make the targets fear you, (Flame Quencher, Chalice tome)
Tome Montem Dance (Night mirror , Chalice Tome) , you can also have a charm for it

Not important for now :
-Tao Danush has 2 in one charms
- You can grind potless but it's not necessary to tome some skills to restore hp/sp because potions are cheap here
- Idk about espers , I have to learn it myself
-Hereafter skill (which I maxed and tomed) has to be tomed and maxed.
-The build should be the same for pve/pvp after you get all the mystic tome skills
-If shroud of the new green / cloud swiper is replaced by shroud of the new green (3 or hero idk which one) you can skip toming them because the mystic tomes wouldn't be affected by tomes, so you have more tome points)
-The gear should be BG because cloud swiper 3 (?) and 2 scale to health so the more health you have the more damage you have
-Cloud walker from Dewdrop tome can make you dash/leap without a cooldown I guess (after you charm it of course).
- You can use Dawn break 1 and 2 in the same time
-You can spam Apricot's bestow , Apricot's bestow 2 puts apricot's bestow 1 on cd
Main Single Target Attack Rotation : Dawn Break 1 , Dawn Break 2, Apricot Bestow 1 (or 2 for more burst but it puts apricot 1 on cd, also Spirit passanger chroma felkin to increase your damage) -> Cloud Swiper (1 or 3) -> Cloud Swiper 2 -> Cloud Swiper (1 or 3) -> Jade Cloud -> Motem Dance and the skill Chek'un Richochet transforms into which is Jade Wind (t5).
Main AOE : Flurry Fury

Defensive Rotation :  Shround of the New Green (1 or hero from mystic tome)  ->Shroud of Flake (not necessarily) -> Hereafter

Good luck 


Great job! Bounty granted: 4000 GJ.