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[Idea] New Automatic Tournament System

Started by CompeR, December 23, 2018, 11:17:42 pm

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JD Reborn Tournament system idea:


  • Exclusive titles

  • Statue in Sunstream with winners names

  • Tournament coins - Participation reward which will be exchangeable for in game rewards.

1v1 2v2 ... 6v6 (randomly)

Tournament will take place weekly in Saturday.
Most likely we will support only one timezone(EU).

Signing up:
Website will allow you to sign up for the event an hour before it starts. This system is designed only for LV160 players.
One IP will be limited to sign just one character to avoid alt abuse.
Depending on the event type, it will randomly appoint characters to teams. Only one Class per team will be allowed to balance the teams
Some players might not be appointed to any team (If too many of the same class signs up).

When the sign-up time expires the tournament Ladder will be generated.


Using PvP Realms (11 to 14) and different maps like Kunlun, Jadeon, Doom Bog and Wildlands. Each round will be announced in game and their participants, realm and map.
The called participants have to appear in specific realm and map and start to PvP each others (in teams in most cases). Round time will most likely 15 minutes.
The team with the most kills win. If one or both teams doesn't show up both will be disqualified. At least one kill has to be registered to prove fight occurred at all.

Script will calculate kills and round winner and announce next round in chain till final fight and winner is decided.

For each fight the player participates in, he will earn 1 Tournament Coin, 2 if it's the final round.


  • Team can not get help by non participant players. It includes buffs (vim, skysong etc).

  • Player of a team can not work on other team favor or intentionaly make team loose (eg if his friends are in opposite team).

  • Non-participant players can not interferee into tournment fight. They may watch it from skyblades (that fly higher, not by the ground to avoid targetting problem).

All these will be bannable or lead to perma exclude from future events.