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Jadeon PVE guidance: Single-targeted skills build

Started by dddarv, May 13, 2019, 05:21:31 am

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Hey everyone,
Here I will share my experience for Jadeon. I suggest you use this single-targeted skills build, no matter for unasc or asc.

So first, why Single-targeted but not AOE:
If you have looked into Jadeon`s skills, you should find that Jadeon`s damage mainly benefits from its Tome skills: Righteous Forbeanrance(Single) and Raging Blizzard(AOE).

When Righteous reaches Lvl 4 and the 8 Single-targeted skill reach lvl 9, damage for any Single-targeted skill will be your attack *(1basic attack+0.2*8 bonus from Righteous )=2.6 times of you basic attack, with 8% extra CritStrike rate and 120% CriStrike bonus.

And if you get Righteous Forbeanrance Charm and make Righteous lvl 5, formula will upgrade to:attack *(1basic attack+0.25*8 bonus from Righteous )=3 times of you basic attack, with 10% extra CritStrike rate and 150% CriStrike bonus.

While for Aoe skills, the tome skill Raging Blizzard works in a different way. Upgrading aoe skills in lower Tier to lvl 9 will contribute 20% attack to skills in higher Tiers. Even for the Thunderblade Arcane/Bane/Zen, their damage will be 1+0.2*6=2.2 times of your attack, not CritStrike Rate or CritStrike bonus.

Single-targeted skills build:
This is for pure PVE, you can see some skill points left. Add them to skills in any way you like.

For asc, , you will have extra skill points from asc and Chroma. In this case, you`ll be able to fill up both Single target and Aoe skills. As below, with Chroma lvl 0:

And with more skill points from Chroma lvl 81:

  • A little more for pvp:
    If you want to fight will guys having similar gears with yours, basically your Single target or AOE skills can hardly kill them. The best way for it is the conbination of Deep Freeze and Essence Flash, two skills in Tier 4. The more buffs you have, the higher damage it will cause.

    For Affinity, my suggestion is Fuwa Jadeon. With the Nameless Way II, Nameless Way can protect you all the time.

    For Felkin, they have very good damaging skills, but no skills to protect themselves consistently.

    For Dagos, if you wanna spend much time to build up Skill Eva, it will also be ok.

    OK, thanks for your reading. Let me know if you have any question.