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[GUIDE] How to donate using reborngn.com

Started by CompeR, August 06, 2019, 07:03:14 pm

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Since we made built our new Reborn Gaming Network, donation method changed a bit.

If you wish to donate to one of our game servers you need to perform following steps:

1. Log-in on our gaming network website: https://reborngn.com
2. Open Account->Donate subpage and donate using choosen method

3. After successful payment, you should obtain Donation Tokens (You can also check Account->Logs)

4. Once you have Donation Tokens on your account proceed to Account->Transfer Tokens
5. Select target server you want use Donation Tokens, select desired amount, fill captcha and 'Confirm' this operation. In my case i will exchange 5 Donation Tokens for 15 jadens on Jade Dynasty Classic server

6. Now login on target server website using same Reborn Gaming Network account. Server currency should be here instantly. Now you can use it as you like.