Material requirements for Tier 4 quest: Understanding Law

Started by deesto, August 14, 2019, 12:38:37 am

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I have just been given this tier quest again for the third (or fourth? I'm not even sure anymore) time. Each time requires two Mystic Stones to complete, one white and one blue. As my toon is now L108 and Tier 4, I can't even do the quests necessary anymore to get these stones, and people are selling them for 35g each, which I can't yet afford to pay on Classic. So I'm stuck. Is it possible that I'm doing something wrong, or is there a reason I keep getting this quest? And is there any way to reset it on the server side? I can't trash the quest in the game client.


BTW, when I included an ampersand character in this topic (and no attachments), it failed to create the post, with the following error:

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Since I'm not seeing any replies, and I'm already Tier 4, I'll try and ignore this quest and hope it disappears. Thanks.


1 of each is the best outcome you can have.
and to collect 70G can not be that hard, just kill mobs pick up the provisions and sell those to the npc, should be doable to get the 70G in a day...
and yes i know i am like 2/3 weeks late with replying, but just incase someone is having same question.
Quick tip: Use Discord for questions you want a quick answer on :P