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EVENT FFA activities

Started by givelovetoruina123, January 17, 2020, 01:50:03 pm

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I've noticed we had alot of pvp events which is eligible for higher + (ofc alot of hard work)

Is there anyway we can have an event that is friendly, like "Screenshot edit contest":
can be seasonal, can be anything that included in game. Like video making contest, where there's a meme or qualities. Like Banner event for GMs/GSs or even design for page cover. Like quiz, hide and seek, hide and seek and kill GM, hide and seek with fall in lines, etc.

I suggest this because the game itself looks dead for new players when you first play the game ( no one to reach even and also not everyone's fault that no one really likes to talk in World chat), there are also certain bugs in tier quest, and it took me like 2 days to get an approval for a an Alliance which is not the desired effect I want when playing a game.

Although this is based on my experience ( everyone have to deal with it ) atleast there is presence we can get from playing this game.