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SMF - Just Installed!


Started by rengas, April 07, 2020, 05:04:06 am

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Hello, my name is Rengas, from JDRclassic. I´m returning to play after 8 years and as usual i will play as Jadeon. I´ve mande this build for full pvp jadeons:

Link: http://jd.pwdatabase.com/pwi/calc/Jadeon#d27z1z3105861z2907603303996571z3996703252102z3y22z2224224201220323032

There´s a differencial, i´m investing on paralyze effect putting some points in ´´rage of tireseus`` from tier 3 and in the virtue tome skill ´´raging thunder``, if you level up rage of tireseus to max you can get 12s of paralyze effect and you still have crescent moonblade at your max level. Other point that i´ve focused its getting the max effience from air shield and the HP bonus with also the virtue tome skills ´´xixo protector`` and ´´synchronized heartbeat`. Although i´ve had to sacrifice some points in blade dash and ignore bladebreaker.

So, what you think? Lets make this a space to discuss weapons and gear too.

P.S Sorry if there´s any grammar error on the text.