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Dagos Hydran Ascend Build

Started by puder13, July 04, 2018, 07:59:57 pm

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Hi guys I will Try my best at making this ascend build guide.

This is my personal Dagos Hydran Ascend Build that I have made and played with over the years and I like it.

There will not be a Pre asc part or a Felkin/Fuwa part because I do not play Felkin/Fuwa and pre asc is a basic build lol.

Pros of Dagos Hydran
-Heavy DPS, and by that I mean longer duration of maintaining a heavy damage output compared to felkin/fuwa.
-Heavy SP reduction on targets, Dagos Meteor can lower targets SP based on both the casters and targets SP.
-Can teleport/dash farther than felkin/fuwa.
-No cooldown on low tier skills, and chance for a 50% faster casting buff.
-Higher chance to remove negative effects and get a immunity against negative effects for a couple seconds.
-Self SP buff, as you know dagos gets its main damage boost from SP and luckily dagos gets a self SP buff.
-Great for 1v1 pvp, and useful in group pvp

Cons of Dagos Hydran
-Lower HP compared to felkin/fuwa as best gear requires skytouch/chu han pieces.
-I honestly cant think of anything else lol but inform me if you know of any.

Tiers and skill points.
This set up is for lvl 81 chroma at lvl 160, so please keep in mind of looking it over and determine how you will place your points while lvling slow.

Tier 1

This tier i cant really bring into words on explaining lol, i maxed all the attack skills because of the passive that increases AP based on lvl of those ancient skills.
Passive and speed buff is obvious factor needed.

Tier 2

Now, on Impervious, you can choose to max it at first. But when you get the advanced version of Impervious i generally lower Imp down to the lowest possible level that is needed in order to get the skill after it, because it doesnt need to be maxed and thats extra skill points placed elsewhere.
Everything else is maxed for damage and passives.

Tier 3

In this Tier all i can say again is attack skills and passives are required to be maxed for tome passives. Smokescreen is optional. I love the skill but i dont require it maxed out in my build. You can move around some extra skills if you want to max it for yourself.

Tier 4

Everything in this tier is a must have max, between the group aoe buffs. To Patsy and Transposition. Those that dont understand Transposition, you mark the target with Piercing bolt from tier 1, and then cast Transposition it will have a chance to redirect some of the damage you receive to the person who is market. Felkin has a highest chance of it happening, but its still useful for dagos.

Tier 5

Meteor Shower is the same as Impervious, max it first so you can level it chroma wise. After chroma version is maxed and you have gotten a advanced version, reset build and take it down to lowest value you can have it at so that you may put the points elsewhere. I did the same on Aquatic Seal. After maxing its chroma version I lowered its value to lowest as i dont use the regular version enough to need it leveled.


I honestly dont know how to explain my choices for the tome, I just went with what I believe gives the best damage output on the skills and best durations/enhancements to the buffs in pvp.


This needs nothing at all, max it all if you can LOL same with chroma.

Im sorry if this is not fully detailed, I have never been one thats great at explaining stuff on builds. This is a personal build as I have said that I have made over the years. If you have any questions relating to it ask me ingame my name is Ether. I will answer and describe anything best to what I can.



Thanks for sharing,It helped me out a lot!


Can I know what's the best gears for Dagos Hydran? Let me know pls thanks in advance