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Will's Guide to Rescue Twilight Town Relic

Started by William, October 12, 2020, 05:37:19 am

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October 12, 2020, 05:37:19 am Last Edit: October 31, 2020, 10:22:38 am by William
Will's Guide to Twilight Town Defender per Rei's request ❤︎

To start, locate NPC Vikrner in Nightfall Citadel and take his quest [Defend Twilight Town]. You will teleport to a new map. Enter the snake's mouth and locate NPC Firecrooks. Take Quest [LV100 Prove Your Power].

In order to get the Twilight Relic, you need 9 Proof of Power (please don't trash on accident). Twilight Relic can be upgraded to V2 lv4 as of this current patch and is the most powerful relic in the game.

PART I: The Quests

1. After you take Firecrook's quest, go up the stairs and locate NPC Vivian to take his quest [LV100 Corrupt Priests]. Kill 30 Priests. Be advised you need a strong healer if you intend to AOE. Turn the quest into Vivian when done.

2. Head to Ruined Village to kill 5 Kawala Mista here. Then, return the quest to Firecrooks.

3. Firecrooks will send you to kill 35(?) Habashi Katawasi.

4. Go to Beastmir Lake and talk to NPC Hugh Sutherland. Take quest [LV100 Royal Intervention]. Kill 30 Fairies, turn in quest.

5. Take quest [LV100 Magic Power] from NPC Royal Master Sergeant. This is probably the most annoying quest bc you need to kill 50 Mini Rainbow Kawaii. Have fun :P

6. Return the Quest to the Sergeant, then he'll send you to kill the Mighty Kawaii Boss.

7. Fly to the cemetery and take quest [LV100 Powerful Magic] from NPC Vikrner. Go kill the mobs in the cemetery until you get Clues x1. You should have 4 proofs of power after finishing this quest.

8. At this point you should have 7 Proofs of Power after killing Kawaii Boss. Visit NPC Royal Master Sergeant in the mountains and go kill 30 Corrupt Protectors, which are right beside him on the right. **They  aggro really hard so fly there xD If you die GG.

9. Turn in quest, he will ask you to kill some red looking Demons. Find them here.

Finally, redeem 9 Proofs of Power for the relic (once/character).

Exit by talking to Teleporter. **Note: if you die anytime in this map and press resurrect, you need to exit and enter again by talking to Vikrner in Nightfall. Suggest bringing a light bard/vamp for fast rez.

PART II: Twilight Version 2
Visit NPC Melanie in Twilight Square. Her shop has an item called Relic Ascension Soul x10 to upgrade to Twilight V2. The upgrade cost is 150,000 pouches.

** Please note: If you exchange for V2, all EXP on V1 relic will be erased as well as equipped spirits. Please take spirits out first!

The current maxed level is V2.4 and takes an estimated 100-300k Pouches? Slots may change between evolutions from V2.1 --> V2.4