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Patch Notes Version 77

Started by gothic, December 18, 2020, 06:39:00 pm

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- Rolled Back Zolmorah's Token Store
- Fixed some things
- Unbound the reborn points store
- Made high rate leveling to 120 a thing
- Pets will also level to 120 fast
- Removed token vouchers from FW Memory
- Made fashion coupons from FW Memory expire in 7 days
- Karra and Carra will disappear with the Christmas event on the 26th
- I know score reset is broken so have removed score requirements
- Released New packs and titles
- Made old S10 useless due to people abusing a bug
- Released New S10, Requires new Upgrade item to use it
- Bloody Battle Twenty Times now Requires Rank 11 Arena Rep and 25 Arena Vouchers BEFORE you can take the quest every week
- Cleaned up some shops
- Added New God Slayer Weapon Items to Whupp Ass God
- Updated Old God Slayer Weapon Items to effect the new level 120 Gold Weapon's of their respective Type
- Rolled back changes to Training Grounds Mobs (was for level 120 race only)
- Split the duration of the lycan transformation skill between the 2 skills, this was caused by disabling gender checks entirely for same sex marriage

- Added New Pack: Champion's Referral Box (this is meant for new players, and new characters)
-- It Will Appear in webshop after patch
-- It Will need 2 Referral's from the refer a friend system
-- It Will also be a 1 time pack per character
-- It Contains the following items!

= 1,500 Battle Certificates
= 9,999 Reborn Tokens
= 25 Light Dragon Scale Optional Tokens
= 8 Shylia Fortune Power's
= 8 Shylia Fortune Vow's

- Will Add New Boxes for older players and accounts later =)

- The snow effect in game is widely received to be good, will keep it active for the rest of Winter and make it blanket Twin Cities and Nightfall Maps in future patch