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SMF - Just Installed!

Starter Guide

Started by Nenya, May 05, 2020, 11:46:19 am

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May 05, 2020, 11:46:19 am Last Edit: May 05, 2020, 12:06:54 pm by Nenya
1. On Reborn website go to Webshop and find Starter Pack

2. Head to Astraea in Hall of Glory and get your free HR3 lvl85 gears. 

Also in Hall of Glory, find Avari and get free golden rings & necklace.
If you want pvp gears, they're free at Hugh Sutherland in Hall of Glory.
3. After you fortify & gem & reforge the gears, start the Soul Power quest and max out both Nyos/Dyos (Soul Token and Divine token are free at Reborn Shop NPC near Henry - also check what else is out there!)

If you are lost and don't know how to find the SP quest, look it up here:
4. Our server-specific currency, Reborn Token, drops from mobs 60+ around Nightfall and on Free Islands. If you want to speed things up, find Reborn Steel in Boutique (leaves in game are obtained from cashing, soul leaves come from playing).

1. You can upgrade your lvl85 gears or drop lvl88/lvl95 from raids. To upgrade you'll need Champion Points (farmed in RCIA) to buy required items at Astraea.

2. You may buy FA4 from Reborn Shop NPC or farm Hell Road (1xFA4 per week) to complete all gems V.
3. You can find both Anima Shelter and Rage at Era Witness NPC together with items required to upgrade them:

Also on that NPC take daily Gem Tokens! They're needed for Fusion Gems.
To max Anima head to  Sharlo NPC - Anima Training - Specific button - happy clicking (autoclicker is allowed)

4. Complete the Elemental Relic Quest atleast untill you get Elemental Relic Operation skill (can be found under K -> Basic) If you have any issues, check here
5. There is a very special daily quest rewarding 1500 Champion Points, 1k soul leaves and 15000 Kind/Evil needed for awakening skills (unlocked while elemental relic skill), so do not forget to do it every day! Find it at Ever Abyss, Rose Queen NPC (you might need some help with it at the beginning)

Please note that if you die during this quest, your party will loose it and will have to start it all over, so pay attention!
6. Once you complete FHV raid you may enter Fh Vengeance and complete a daily quest rewarding Windless Wind required for upgrading your Trinket. Please see the list of quests and how to complete them:

FAQ: (will be updating this section as more questions will appear)
1. Where to get a pet? You can buy pet souls in boutique OR catch them yourself in Sleeping Jungle/Polar Borderlands. Basic Soul Catching skill will be given to you automatically at some point from main quest line line lvl20+.
2. How can I get a mount? You may purchase it from boutique or your Reputation Agent after trading in some Edge Badge.
3. How to max a job? If you wish to lvl a job, make sure to check Botany & Miner Tutors.