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SMF - Just Installed!

Introduce yourself

Started by CompeR, June 21, 2018, 09:48:06 pm

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Here you can introduce yourself.
Maybe there will be old friends you will meet again here!




My name is Remus aka Reyamu in game.

I am from Romania, a 24 years old guy. Played JD for like 3 years on official and 2 years on private servers.

It's nice to meet you all and a see a new private server opening!!!

See you ingame! :)


Hello, I am Arcane, the vim from other PvP servers like Ruthless JD, Hedan from Shura server (vim too).


Pakao, 24, Infinite being having human experience on planet earth aka project TERA. I love JD, Always an Arden. I also run a website http://www.digitalmediahow.com and watch some anime. Into photography, videography and naked woman.
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Hello all,

I am Shmiggle, i have played JD since beta, i played on official for several years, then moved to XJD where i was GS<GM<Admin, then i went back to official for Seira and played for a year or so.

My IGN is Rawpwnzl, i am the Marshall of Fatality Alliance. I created this Alliance as my 1st big alliance on shura was fatality back in the day.
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KillerWasp | WaspMan

Hello all. Killer here, one of the Discord Admins! I hope you're all doing well today.

I've been a JD and PW Dev for what feels like a lifetime. I know 20% of the game when it comes to actual gameplay and what to do. But I am learning! Haha. I'm here to help CompeR when and if he needs help, as well as enjoy playing Jade Dynasty like I used to pre-Athan on Official.

Take care all and see you in game!  8) 8)
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My name Is "Tallaz" im freshman here. playing Official Indonesia for like +-5 year ago.
here I use Felkin Celan nice to meet you all in game. I often online at 15:00 Server time. coz its different time with my country. well bye. ;) ;)


Hi, guys. My name is Alex. I've seen this game online and I thought that it is only available in Asia, however I was pretty impressed when I saw that it is available for other regions as well.

I'm currently downloading the game.

Can any of you tell me if there is discord ? I have plenty of questions to ask.

Best Regards,


hey everyone. im cZeff from billows server from official days if anyone remembers me. hope to have a good time with yall in this server ^^


Hiya! I was Kelissande on Billows (official server, Arden) until they reset my character and played as a few other characters on two private servers, although, sadly, I don't remember their names. :x


I'm Theophany was on billows for years, and a few private servers here and there. :)


Heya all! I go by a few names, but my favourite lately seems to be Picklie. I've played every known Forsaken World game going, also a few Perfect World games too. I can't wait to start here.

P.S. I hope it's okay to reply here still...



Hey, Hey !! ;D  im called Wolfy in-game, always friendly & sweet & helpfull, that i am !!  29 years old dude, loves SwoReborn, music, manga, anime & Movies! My 2 favorite Foods are Lasanga & noodles in sweet & sour sauce  with veggie's, beef & pork and bamboo shoots !!


I'm Angel. I haven't play any of the games yet.