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Sylia / How about Scroller?
June 04, 2019, 07:25:56 pm
Heyo guys, I know this is a little bit silly and rushed up question, since the server has been running the Dance of Gevrin update just for a few weeks, but is there any possibility of getting the Yoshino class for your server? I always enjoyed Skysong and Celan, but this class introduced mechanics and abilities which were literally my "dream class" for this game, and unfortunately, official server closed before I got a chance to try it out :/

I know you are working hard to get your content up-to-date (+ the "new-old" Classic JD server), so I would be more than satisfied if I know whether this class will be included in Reborn server any soon :)

Thanx and have a great day!
Voida / Judgement skill bug
December 20, 2018, 04:28:48 pm
Guys, I do not know if any of you voida fellas have experienced this before, but the Judgement seems to be not working for me as intended. I use it, it refills my Light energy up so I can (let's say) spam Heavenly Survival, but when the Light energy in the bar gets drained, sometimes it may end up in a Dark number. Casting Judgement again would cause the bar being refilled with Dark energy, making me unable to use my Light skills efficiently. To prevent this I have to use some Light skill in order to avoid my bar being refilled with wrong type of energy. I DO NOT use any kind of Dark skills, that is why it is kinda irritating to me.

Has anyone else faced this? Any input would be appreciated, thanx ;)
Suggestions / Re: Elemental Beads
July 22, 2018, 09:47:05 am
I think it is Shady Dealer in Sunstream? hope so, they require crafting level 8
Suggestions / Re: Elemental Beads
July 20, 2018, 06:20:31 pm
so we can craft 2 beads every 2 hours? cause in official it was 2 beads every 6 hours. If this is true, then Im completely fine with it
Celan / Celan - simple guide
July 17, 2018, 12:53:23 pm


Celan is 4th class in the Athan race who came to Jade Dynasty with Rayan in the Legacy patch.  It is also Athan's healer faction just like Skysong for Human race. Both the classes offer healing and buffing abilities, but skysong is more defensively focused and relies highly on his Sleep RES (because of Immesurable Truth in Tier 5), on the other hand, Celan is armed with numerous arrays which provide his allies with various useful buffs or curses the enemies in a large area. Celan also introduced a very useful defensive ability which makes most of his foes go mad - Reflection of damage (Mirror in the Moon in Tier 4). It is because Celan has no Raja or Invincibility skill, but you have to be really careful when dealing damage to him, because your own attack towards Celan may become the last move you do in the battlefield.

Skill and Tome tree:

1. As you can see, I did not specifically go for affinity focus separately, cause you need to reset your build for different affinities at least 1 time. This is considered the end-game skill build you want to achieve. At level 141 you should have all those skills learnt.
2. When it comes to Tome points, Celan is one of the hardest classes to tome properly cause it requires at least lvl 45 chroma to have all the important tomes learnt. However, you can choose the priority of the tomes.



This affinity is for those who enjoy Celan in his opposite. Celan is generally known for his famous skill from Tier 4 - Soundblade Emperor, which kills enemies with the difference between the caster's and the target's Spirit. Here, Dagos offers another skill, based on your Health. It is called Soundblade Storm 2 and the bleed it causes is devastating if you do not remove it quickly. Dagos affinity also supports more offensively focused players with higher Critstrike Rate, Resistances and boosts Soundblade Emperor damage and Flowing Cloud (running skill) duration.


You enjoy watching your target loosing its Spirit while preparing to hit the button with Soundblade Emperor to "K.O" your enemy? This does not have to happen all the time, because classes like Balo have immunities (Ancient Soul) which ignores drain. BUT!!! Felkin is the solution here, because it offers an instant Spirit drain ability which is amazing against such classes or enemies with high Spirit pool. Felkin also increases your Max Spirit through factional chroma skill Tone of Ancestor according to your Silence RES multiplied by x-times. Heavenly Echoses chroma version also decreases your target's Max Spirit so it is another warming fact for your Spirit-drain celan.


This affinity is for those who enjoy Celan in its most annoying way. Mirror in the Moon, one of the best defensive abilities in the game is boosted here, offering more frequent temporary reflections against damage recieved, also the chance of activating reflection upon using particular buffs is raised. More surprisingly, you also get a skill to reset Mirror in the Moon and Flowing Cloud cooldowns. Fuwa is defensively focused "AoE-r" (Area of enemies). Affinity offers 50% Attack power buff which, in combination with spammable Petals Drop (Tier 5), hits like a rocket launcher. This affinity is for those who want to stay alive as long as possible while dealing damage to others, expecting them to hit back and kill themselves. Chroma skill Heavenly Echoes curses your target, making it loose 2 buffs and decreasing their Skill Acc by large numbers and the effect lasts until the skill comes out of the cooldown. HOW AMAZING!

My pick?

Of all the affinities, I enjoyed Fuwa the most. Everything it has to offer just suited my playstyle perfectly. Having reflection up as long as possible to support my allies in the battle or despawning Rayan's shadow or Arden's beast was just incredible :D


Let's simplify it
Dagos - Battleground gear (Soundblade Storm 2) or Chu Han Gear (Soundblade Emperor)
Felkin - Chu Han gear
Fuwa - Chu Han gear


This purely depends on your priorities. It also depends on your Affinity. As a dagos I would use Skill Accuracy rings and necklace with Critical Rate. As a felkin I would go for Critical Rate necklace and Ultimate Truth rings. As a fuwa I would choose Critnull necklace and Ultimate Truth rings.

Esper - Sinister Orb or Soul Scepter mainly for Spirit Drain ability

Charms - Strings of Moon , Memorable Dity, Solemn Composition

Trinket - depends on the RES you want to boost, I would choose Freewande trinket (more immunity to Slow)

Chi - Chi of Nirvana is the path

Soulstones - as a Dagos you want Health on your stone, Felkin and Fuwa usually route for Spirit
Additional stats would be Skill Accuracy, Critnull, Damage Reduction, Anti-damage reduction, Silence RES

- buffs
- heals
- solo pvp potential
- curses
- damage reflection
- resurrection
- spammable Tier 5 AoE

- slow
- lacks Health and Defense
- no raja, invincibility
- highly Spirit-reliant
- stagnates at early PvE

I hope you enjoyed this simple guide and will find it useful if you decide to give Celan a chance ;)

Suggestions / Elemental Beads
July 16, 2018, 01:01:55 pm
Not sure if any dev is reading this, but it would be nice to boost the elemental beads a little. My suggestion would be to do this through the quest from Sunstream and Skysong Dreamland Vendors, who reward you with 1 random bead. Could this be changed to at least 3x of each being it 100% (not just a random chance) ? Everyone knows charms can be really annoying thing to get even with hundreds of beads, this would make it a lot easier to get at least 10 beads a day :)
Guys a little off topic question here, but could anyone of you post skill books guide or something like that? Skills and their effects (Hero, Earth, Sky, Ocean) if you got access to it? I am more than sure Zmniejszac has those, cause Ive seen all your amazing topics in official na/eu JD forums brought there from Zhu Xian soon after new content was released, would be highly appreciated :)
Sylia / Re: Discussion about faction name
July 10, 2018, 09:10:35 pm
why? the name sounds good. That's like a saying "it uses scrolls, so lets call it dovahkin"
holy heaven... is this real? Did not expect it so soon. Looks like some kind of "dark elves" race, but would zhu xian add some whole kind of "dark" race in general? Very interesting anyway, thanx for such info :)
Suggestions / Re: Skill simulator
July 07, 2018, 11:18:06 am
I am not sure about his name cause it is a very long time but I think it was something like Zmjiesjac or something similar, he always brought new info from chinese expansions before they came to na/eu forums, all the translations were pretty close to the reality. There was everything - from new content, classes, skills and tome changes, skill books. Anything.
Psychea / Re: Psychea - simple guide
July 05, 2018, 11:10:36 pm
Ye there is some kind of a bug on jd database that wont allow you to go down the path to the Puppet master in the Force tome table, forgot to mention it in my review :x of course it is possibly the most important tome for psychea, prioritize it when playing with tomes. To be honest, the build above is based on my fuwa psychea so you can run it without problems, if you use dagos or felkin then of course you need to max required skills and then reset them, in the case of Fuwa, all the affinity skills (except the Trigger: Bomb which is not so useful anyway) are ready to be leveled up ;)
Psychea / Psychea - simple guide
July 05, 2018, 08:06:33 pm

Do you want to play a cute little fancy character with an army of puppet assistants and huge mounts shooting deathly blows? Well, I think that is a simplified description of the class you came here to read about :)

General info
Psychea is the second etherkin class in Regenesis update (along with Kytos) and its appearance may fool anyone very quickly. You want to pick this class if you enjoy untraditional ways of damage deals. Unlike the other classes, who usually buff up and release their anger at their targets with huge amounts of dps, Psychea cumulates all the damage in a negative status called Seeds. Their duration is 20 seconds and each time you add new Seed on your target, this duration refreshes until it reaches its amount cap (which is 20). Once your target is served for you and stacked close to 20 Seeds, use one of the 5 "mecha" skills followed by skill which explodes those seeds. You will be surprised how devastating is this little kid.

Tiers and tomes
Psychea is one of those classes who can have their end-game skill build at 150 pre-ascension already. However, Tome skills require ascension and level 150 at least to have all the important tomes (I guess all the classes share this problem before ascension :x).

I am putting here the link to JD database so you will have the information about remaining skill points or possible adjustments to make it fitting your needs ;) 
Edit: There is a problem in JD database in the Force tome where you cant go down to Puppet Master tome, definately really important tome, prioritize leveling it when you reach required level.

Remember, this is just the "general" build with all the required core mechanics of Psychea, useful for any type of content, you will even have spare skill points for your own experiments or affinity needs :)

Ascension unlocks the door to additional 4 skills which you recieve right after you ascend. Not only it includes amazing speed buff, slow curse or explosive skill doing additional damage according to the percentage of you HP and SP, it also rewards you with the most important skill psychea can have. It is called Inked Days and this will be your universal skill pve/pvp wise. Why? It has the shortest cooldown amongst all the ascension skills of all classes (10 seconds), it is an offensive skill hitting 9 times in the range of 20 yards around you, and the most amazingly for the pvp - each successful hit stacks one seed. NOW HOW AMAZING IS THAT!

If you already have explored your little character enough, there is another choice lying towards you. Ascended level 90 offers you one of the 3 affinities to choose. Choose the one that fits your playstyle the most while also considering Chroma skills unlocked through the Vitalization quest after you reach level 120.

Do you prefer offensive abilities of your psychea? Stacking seeds while sitting on your Mecha and exploding them straight away as you cause amazing DPS? This affinity is your pick. Dagos provides you with more critical chances and boosts the explosive abilities of psychea.

Do you prefer the controlling abilities of your puppets, providing them with more survivability and longer duration of their spawn? This is your choice then. Felkin also gives you additional RESistance to your Spirit Shield buff to boost your puppets' controlling abilities.

Do you prefer more defensive or even kiting abilities while setting traps hidden in the shadows and surprising your foes with unexpected impacts? Then you feel for this affinity. Fuwa also offers amazing boost to your Wild Fog and Spirit shield buffs, providing more HP and RES, an enhanced version of your stealth skill Sky Castle and amazing Silence/Slow trap which is a pain in the a55 if you get caught unprepared.

My pick?
With current abilities of psychea and their stacking speed using any affinity, Fuwa is superior to other affinities because it also provides you with numerous buffs the affinity and later the chroma offer. It is the versatile version of psychea which allows you to play your own style, not rely purely on your puppets nor your explosive skills. It improves your health pool and Stun RES which is a necessity for longer survival and the Seed detonations though.

Gears and accessories
There are two possibilities for your gear choice.
1, Battleground gear (HP) - more preffered
2, Diamond gear (RES) - less preffered

Depends on your playstyle which one you take, but many people seem to search for more HP to survive strong attacks. Also, Diamond gear is harder to obtain, that might be the reason people just go for more HP. You can boost your RES other ways too.

Rings - definately Ultimate truth for RES, I hope nothing else needs to be explained.

Necklace - try to get as close to "Woodo Seal·Blessing of Earth" as possible, cause it provides you with 5% Critnull and nice damage reduction. You do not necessarily need critical rate, since you hit as a truck in pvp through the seeds anyway

Esper - Aeolian Firmus would fit psychea the best, crushes enemy's defense and skill level 5 improves your Tier 5 detonation skill

Charms - Sorrowful Grief (Invulnerability skill cooldown reduction), Repentant Moon (stealth skill cooldown reduction; useless if you play fuwa), Untouchable (damage increase of your detonation skills). If you find any other more useful feel free to comment ;)

Trinket - Libertide trinket (Paralyze and Stun RES increase is more than nice for your controling abilities)

Chi - as close to Chi of Nirvana as possible, HP and SP, critnull, critshield... so many necessary stats

Soulstones - you have got to pick from these stats and combine them: Stun, Silence, Health, Skill accuracy, Critnull, Critshield, Damage reduction I would say make one defensive (2x Damage reduction %, 2x Critshield, 1x Critnull) and offensive (1x HP%, 2x HP, 2x Stun or Stun and Silence)

If you found any new info useful or anything that is missing from my topic, feel free to comment below. There is a saying: "More heads, more ideas." ;)

Suggestions / Re: Skill simulator
July 05, 2018, 02:31:02 pm
I miss the official JD forums, there were information about new updates, skill books effects and skill changes. Now it is all gone :x
I dont think there should be done a lot of rework when it comes to prices. I agree that not everyone has astrolabe by their hand, so I would welcome at least 30% off the portal charm price and ye, jaki stone is way too expensive if you need to reset your build multiple times. Other than these I wouldnt change anything else, cause devs want to make this server in a retail's image. Making it progresively easier will make it similar to other servers and not that attractive to people who want to enjoy official JD's vibe ;)
Suggestions / Skill simulator
July 04, 2018, 03:56:48 pm
I dont know if it is possible, but if anyone knows of some kind of a skill simulator it would be really amazing (other than pw database, cause it is not updated beyond hydran). I just had an idea after seeing updated forums here with Seira and Gevrin (Didnt even know the last etherkin is called Yoshino) :X Thanks in advance