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Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog

Started by CompeR, June 29, 2018, 10:57:01 am

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- New Faction - Ceros
* New Map - Frozen Abyss (Ceros Faction Base)

- Soulstone
* New "Cultivation" function added to soulstones. Players can lock a stat(s) from being changed as you're resetting into new soulstone.
* This new function will not change the number of stats soulstone have and will be unusable if your Synergy is too low.
* Note: Resetting after locking stats will no longer generate Gen Accuracy, Gen Evasion, Defense, Defense %, Vigor, Chroma Power, and Damage Reduction (fixed amount, not %).
- To use this function, it will require a new item "Cultivation Golden Powder".
- The cultivation related items can be gained through Soul Tower, Celestial Tower, Battle for Supremacy and the Universal Voucher.

- Soul Cards
* Soulcards' max tier rank was raised to 70
* Players can unlock an "Ultimate" rank after getting a Supreme or Excellent (gold and purple) card's Advanced rank to 12
* Cards will get a new light effect after reaching the Ultimate rank.
* Raising this rank will raise the original Soul Card Transfer advanced rank stats and will unlock new stats; raises Adv Level+12 Stats values & gives new stats
* Some cards will activate an "Advanced Destiny" stat after unlocking the Ultimate stat and being paired with a corresponding Ult. soulcard; condition activates stat
* When certain character soulcards are paired up with a specific esper soulcard, it'll unlock a personal stat, i.e Anan + Firmus, when both soulcards reach Ultimate ranks.
* The new soulcards cannot be gained through Reading. Some can be gained through Soul Ash "fusion" or the "New Soulcards" item.
* Related Quests:
> Spiritseal (Gold) rewards changed
        > Veteran of War for Asc 161 rewards will include the new soulcard items
        > Players are able to learn about the Ultimate ranks at Cardshark Xing Yun in Sunstream
> New quests for the Ultimate ranks for soulcards: "Black Bamboo Essence" 135+, "Rebellion·Mortal Realm" Asc 160, "Rebellion·Heaven Realm" Asc 165.
        > These quests are available at Cardshark Xing Yun, though the Rebellion series of skills are only available from 12:00 ~ 24:00 

- Achievement System
* New Achievement rewards available to players that reach the achievement requirements.
* There is a new Achievement Store that players are able to exchange for various rewards through the achievements they gained.
* Players who already have high-end chi, essence, and accessories and missed the achievements for the lower tier for the respective gear can attain them through completing the "Snatch the immortal dreams" quest at Cardshark Xing Yun.
* New achievements added to trinket, chi, and essence sections. These achievements will cover the lower-level achievements

- Instance - Clearance Leaderboard
* Players are able to compete for fastest clearing time for certain instances. One can click on "Ranking" key in the Instance window to check the rankings.
* The leaderboard is for the following instances: Beast Lord T6, Song of the Emerald Lady, Five Sins, Clouded Milky Way, Dream in the South, and Shady Milky Way   

- Clans
* Passing Chief position to another character will no longer reduce the ranks to the clan's skills
* Newly added "clan notice" that the Chief can edit/post that will give out a notification to the clan's members

- Skill changes
Ghost of the Wronged ~
> Reduces target's DEF by 400 points plus 80% of caster's Max AP. CD reduced to 60 sec

Violent Breeze ~
> Attack range raised to 14.6 yards. Affects 25 targets and CD reduced to 3 sec

Forest of Laughter ~
> SP cost lowered to 615 and CD reduced to 2 sec, also adjusted the time it takes for the first hit to strike

Ghostly Domain (Acheron) ~
> Can be cast in any form

Death's Embrace ~
> The attack of all AoE above tier 3 is raised by 50% and all AoE above tier 3 will hit with 8% higher c.rate

Secluded Spring 2 ~
> The c.rate buff can be stacked with other c.rate raising buffs

Skyseeker (Chroma) ~
> Raised the chance for the Punishment effect to land (30% arcane & zen, 45% bane)

Exterminate ~
> 1st hit deals extra damage equal to 15% of Max HP and hits with 15% higher c.rate.
> 2nd hit deals extra damage equal to 15% of Max SP and hits with 150% higher c.bonus.
> 3rd hit deals extra damage equal to sum of the first 2 hits (15% Max HP & SP) and strikes with a 15% higher c.rate and 150% higher c.bonus
> 1st hit will Stun target for 2 sec. Stun strength equals the caster's Stun RES. CD 30 sec

Malignant Erosion ~
> Extended the duration of the Insect Poison effect's Max HP reduction, 5 sec

Snake Bind ~
> Extended the duration of the Snake Poison effect's Earthbind condition, 5 sec

Sanguine Fog ~
> Also raises Max HP equal to 45% of caster's Max AP


> Embodiment of Truth (Chroma) ~
The CD reduction effect duration to Seven Disasters is raised to 40 sec when at rank 20

SP Consumption Reduced ~
> Dragon's Retribution (1127 SP), Pure Essence (974 SP), and Thunderblade (1180 SP)


Karmic Cycle ~
>CD reduced to 160 sec

Spirit Matter ~
> Raised how much Attack Power will increase from tome

Divine Dance ~
> Raised chance for each hit to reduce DEF

Sea of Sorrow ~
> Range raised to 20 yards and damage was increased. Deals extra damage equal to 20% of Attack Power plus 135.
> CD reduced to 7.5 sec

SP Consumption Reduced ~
> Lotus Pluck (469 SP) and Sayings of Bodhi (483 SP)


Nameless Technique ~
> When hitting mobs, each hit will also deal damage equal to 260% of caster's current DEF

Nameless Technique (Chroma) ~
> When hitting mobs, each hit will also deal damage equal to 15% of caster's current SP

Glacier Edge ~
> SP Cost lowered to 66 SP. Damage raised: deals extra damage equal to 9% of Attack Power

Sacred Word ~
> Each rank in Infatuation will increase DEF by 400 points

Mohun Juma ~
> Extend the skill's group attack range


Determination ~
> The skill will no longer cause the caster to lose Health and Spirit

Forgotten Dream ~
> Striking non-player targets will raise the skill's chance to remove buffs by 20%

Incense Mage:

Fire Lord ~
>Extended duration to 40 sec

Flame Mountain ~
>At rank 9, skill will hit with an additional 20% of Attack Power

Spirit Consumption Reduced ~
> Nanwu Fire (1280 SP) and Fire Hell (330 SP)


Powerful Aid 3 (All) ~
> Raised the amount of HP attached to damage when hitting mobs with skill


Posture ~
> New skill "Lightning Fast" added. After opening, all charge skills will automaticallly fully charge by itself.
> This posture can coexist with the other posture skills. Can cast a charge skill again to stop its charging

Summons ~
> Lowered SP cost to the T1 ~ T4 summons. Now costs 2x char rank


Ghost Cut 2 ~
> When hitting mobs, each combo point will attach 10% of Attack Power to damage

Bloody Chop (Star Skill) ~
> When hitting non-player targets, each combo point will attach 30% of Attack Power to the 1st hit's damage

Nerve Pinch ~
> When hitting non-player targets, there's a 27% chance this skill will not enter into CD

Blood Blade ~
> No longer consumes Health


Blow Tercet of Bamboo ~
> Hits 3 times. When hitting non-player targets, this skill will attach an additional 60% of Attack Power to damage

Blow Twilight Orchestra ~
> Hits 3 times. When hitting non-player targets, this skill will attach an additional 100% of Attack Power to damage

Blow Mountain's Regret ~
> Hits 3 times. When hitting non-player targets, this skill will attach an additional 150% of Attack Power to damage

Blow Journey Beginning ~
> Hits 3 times. When hitting non-player targets, this skill will attach an additional 210% of Attack Power to damage

Song Snow of Purity ~
> If the caster is placed in a control effect, the Aura will not end


Wave Dash ~
> CD reduced to 1 sec

Devastate ~
> When hitting mobs, this skill will attach an additional 30% of Attack Power to damage


Lotus Blink ~
> Teleport 20 yards and recovers 30% of caster's HP

Lotus Flight ~
> For 15 sec after using skill, each attack from the caster will recover HP equal to 10% of damage dealt


Taunt ~
> Can taunt bosses in the Beast Lord, Song of Emerald Lady, Five Sins, Dream in the South, and Milky Way instances.
> After successfully taunting bosses, they will gain a taunt immunity for a set duration

Spell Eraser ~
> Tome will also reduce the CD to Spearhead by 4 sec

Sky's Doom ~
> No longer deals white damage. Hitting non-player targets will attach 9% of Max HP to damage

Versed Penetration ~
> Tome now will only reduce the CD to Sky's Doom by 4 sec


Earth Token ~
> Changed to AoE. Hits up to 8 targets within 10 yards of caster

Aquatic Seal ~
> Range raised from 5 yards around caster to 7 yards

Luna Gale
> Fixed inconsistency with description and actual distance traveled


Cloud Swiper ~
> Each hit will deal white damage equal to 4.8 times the sum of the caster's total RES


Heavens Unite ~
> Avert effect will also be immune to Floating, Cripple, and Palsy

Heeding Calligraphy ~
> Increases speed by 3.2 yards / sec. For each Spiritual Breath had there will be a 6% chance this skill will not enter cooldown

Obscure Illusion (Arcane & Bane) ~
> Required Spiritual Breath reduced. Arcane is now 2 and Bane 1

Unyielding Flower ~
> SP cost lowered to 30%

Pure Heart ~
> SP cost lowered to 40%

- General:
* The Yearbook·Dragon Boat Festival is available in the Billows map at coordinates -75, -160
* The Yearbook: Chinese Valentine Day crafting recipe is now available near the Eldest Matchmaker in Sunstream.
* ★Chi of Nirvana★★★ can now be upgraded into the Deity Chi through the Deity Spirit Essence item
* Players are now only able to use mystic tome functions when they are Asc 135+
* Optimized the display effects to buff icons and increased the number of buffs characters have
* Removed the cap to Dagos, Fuwa, and Felkin RES and raised the cap to Anti-Dagos, Anti-Fuwa, and Anti-Felkin to 140%
* Jade Exchange Maiden, Jade Exchange Girl, Lil' Yan, and Pet Master Ellan have new exchange items
* Players can see all wearable fashions the Ceros faction can wear in the Wardrobe
* Adjusted the rewards for Elysium Astral Tales event for Asc 161+ players, 7 tags will give two Fire Orb of Vastenes.
* The safezone area around the skylord npc is no longer a safezone, players can pk in this area now.
* The quest to Spiritseal (Gold) can now only be done 7 times a week.
* Fixed issue where sprite skills were being displayed wrong after reaching rank 10
* Raised the max cap to Sprite's Divine Power to 83
* Special Health Stock and Special Spirit Stock were replaced with tradable versions at Jade Exchange Maiden in Sunstream
* Optimized information display on equipment: Now when viewing items, some info will be hidden, but can be viewed by pressing "Alt"
* Fixed issue where the Rayan's esper "Taen" had the wrong Silence strength after esper ascension
* Fixed issue where the Incense Mage's esper "Frost Stinger" could not trigger the freeze effect after esper ascension
* Fixed Lupin Bell esper fusion issue.
* Max character name length increased from 8 to 10 characters.


- Fixed instance UI Gear View option.
- Attempt to fix issue where Ceros was getting Ascension skill as pre-asc.
- Corrected slight skill description issues.
- Fixed Ceros unable to equip imbued gear.
- [Ceros] Fixed Sealed Waves damage logic.
- [Ceros] Fixed Snowy Mountains damage logic.
- Fixed Ascended Heartrending Flower skill EXP buff issue.
- Fixed Revision Charm issues.
- Fixed Crystal Rift completion pack for Ceros characters.
- Fixed Yuan Crystal at drop event exchange pack.
- Corrected instance rank annoucements for players that already have better ranks.
- Added Bestial Chi and White Day Charm to Jude - Reborn Exchange.
- UI corrections regarding disconnects.
- Ultimate Talismans nerf applied.
- Shady Milky Way previous version drop rates restored.
- Missing NPC (Shaw Danon) required for 'Small World' quest added to Billows.


- Fixed Crystal Rift completion pack for Ceros characters.
- Attempt to fix issues with Chroma Tiers not restoring after fail/trash.
- [Vim] Mohun Juma (Chroma) aoe range boosted.
- [Jadeon] Nameless Way II mistranslation corrected.
- [Kytos] Last Stand swift buff logic gain corrected.
- [Seira] Corrected Che'kun Ricochet <Zen> Fear chance issue.
- [Seira] Fixed problems with Burning Smoke and Nighless Aqua.
- [Ceros] Battle Ready buff gain logic corrected to exclude duplicates.
- [Ceros] Fixed Sky Cloud tome effects.
- [Ceros] Savage Rivarly cast speed formula corrected.
- [Ceros] Perceptive Rhythm reflect logic corrected.
- [Ceros] Claws of the Abyss damage formula corrected.
- [Ceros] Fixed Water Cluster sprut distance formula.
- [Ceros] Fixed Focused Charge damage bonus.
- [Ceros] Wandering Dragon will now reduce taunt status.
- Fixed Array Element(s) items. They spawn correct resource now.
- Fixed Voida Lineage quest (Funing).
- Spiritual Covenant Pack Fixed for Ceros.
- Activating fashion stats in Wardrobe will now make them count towards achivements (wear item x).
- Heartrending Flower exp buff fixed for partied players.
- Cyntec Bead reward quest cooldown decreased from 10 to 5 minutes.
- Beast Lord relocated to proper destination for Lady Linaska's Blood quest purpose.
- Mind Gift for LV160+ will now award with 5 Moon Talismans also.
- All Lucifuge Knight spawns in Imperial citadel are 4-mob now.
- Westfall and Southern Province mobs will now drop Ancient Coin.
- Increased chance to get HF Promo from Bilu quest.
- Affection Exchange - affection cost reduced.
- Perfect Dragon Essence Pack added to Dream Journal Exchange.
- Vastness Compensation Pack price reduced at Gold Exchange.
- Spiritseal(Variety) added to webshop.
- Rooster Zodiac fashion added to webshop.
- Ceros Website Account Stash lock time reduced to 01.11.2021.


- Attempt to fix inifinity BG daily entry times not reseting properly in certain circumstances.
- [Ceros] Savage Rivalry Bitter fight effect will now convert into Bravery after reaching Dragon Power.
- [Celan] Fixed celan arrays so only regular Song of Purity won't break if silenced.
- [Seira] Shroud of New Green no longer protects against Taunt.
- [Gevrin] Fixed issue with Deep Coldness II damage bonus calculation formula.
- Fixed Gear Upgrade option not consuming gear scripture in certain circumstances.
- Fixed Beafran portal at Song of Emerald Lady instance.
- Corrected 'Human' skill tree link in Deikin skill interface.
- Fixed Crystal Rift Completion Prize for Ceros once again.
- Attempt to fix Hydran, Seira, Gevrin, Sylia and Ceros honor ranking titles.
- Profound Box rewards boosted.
- Platina, Crystal and Diamond Sigils will now stack to 9999.
- Kylin Orb now stacks to 30.000.
- Chroma Bead Pack (x50) and Chroma Bead Pack(250) open time reduced.
- [Understream] Couple stage will now award with 2 Dream Journal Pages, Platina Sigil and 10 Fire orb of Vastness.
- [Understream] Can no longer get Dream Journal Pages via Violetgold Fragments.
- [Understream] Ice Orb of Vastness Pack(30000) now tradeable for 4 Dream Journal Pages.
- Fire Orbs of Vastness added to Exploration rewards.
- Veteran of War(161+) now awards with 3x Blood of Reborn and more Fire Orbs of Vastness.
- Sovereign Mission III and Sovereign Mission IV rewards boosted.
- Thunder Phoenix Praised Blade Pounch (Bound) drop chance raised x3. This boss will also have chance to drop tradeable Praised Blade Pounch.
- Special Ice Orb Pack replaced to Ice Orb of Vastness Pack(30000) at marketplace.


- [Ceros] Dragon Thread tome will now affect Stream of Dragons Chroma versions as well.
- [Gevrin] Fixed issue with Deep Coldness II damage bonus calculation formula (again).
- [Hydran] Corrected possibly error in leap distance formula of Luna Gala and Reflection of Light and Shadow.
* Till now, 2% ap per Cloud Shift stack was not counted at all.
- [Dagos] Attempt to fix Awakened Dream cycle silence effect.
- Corrected item description for New Soulcards and Soulcard Record.
- Added warning to webshop that Snake Zodiac fashion is not usable by Ceros.
- Perfect Dragon Essence Pack Dream Journal exchange rate reduced.
- Added way to downgrade Meditation Orb x3-5 to regular Meditation Orbs at God of Wealth exchange.
- Added way to edchange Green Stars for Royal Star LV1 at Lord Sage Garron exchange.
- PvE Event launched.


- [Hydran] Corrected Patsy duration formula.
- [Ceros] Stream of Dragons<Zen> defense diffrence damage formula adjusted.
- [Ceros] Snowy Mountains aoe issues fix attempt.
- [Ceros] Perceptive Rhythm no longer removeable and is now immune to already reflected statuses.
- [Seira] Shroud of New Green: corrected accumulated damage formula.
- PvP Coin boxes fixed for Ceros.
- Dragon and Phoenix Gift Box added to merketplace.
- Attempt to fix Mystic Gear upgrade +16 chat annoucement.
- Fixed issue wherre Ultimate Soulcard system Set bonuses weren't calculated properly.
- Zuolo Plain open time synced for Inferna/Kunlun severs.
- Corrected issues with automated PVP events regarding timezone change.
- Blacksmith Shatra is now also available near Stashkeep Tamsin in Sunstream City.
- Hidden Chest in Song of Emerald Lady instance rewards added: 3x Blue Star, 15x Fire Orb of Vastness.
- Dragon Mark esper now available via Esperate Mystery exchange.
- Royal Violet Elixir added to webshop.
- New server rule added:
* 25. It is forbidden to use client side speed increase commands.
* We noticed such command can benefit certain classes even if they only seem to work client side.


- Fixed Gevrin ascension quest. Bing Ling will be now weak to Ultimate Freeze skill (regular).
- Attempt to fix Ceros and Celan reflect status problems related to already reflected attacks/debuffs.
- [Seira] Shroud of New Green shield fixed.
- [Seira] Dawn Break II description fixed.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir <Zen> defense buff type corrected.
- Attempt to fix general crash issue that occured in past week.
- Corrected soulcard base stat gain effect (hp/sp/ap) server side formula.
- Fast as Thunder mounts will now have lower item usage cooldown.
- Server Rule #20 changed to: It is forbidden to to exploit Zuolo Plains map in order to hide with Boss Transform Gem.


- [Seira] Shroud of New Green shield another attempt to correct accumulated damage formula.
- [Modo] Fixed Modon Form II description.
- [Skysong] Corrected Fawin Wisdom III <Ocean> description.
- Fixed general wording issue in skill description file (RES instead ress in some words).
- Fixed Scorpus Ravenger pet variant(54662) not able to use pet soul items.
- Another attempt to solve soulcard ultimate relation bonuses in certain situations.
- Corrected Gear Change descriptions to clarify they work on Astrum and Mystic gears as well.
- Corrected Zuolo Plains timeframe for Inferna server.
- Fixed broken NPC message of Esper Mystic Shera.
- Fixed general server side issue related to ranking system athat could influence over other systems.
- Increased Fighting Confidence, Coin of Wealth stack sizes.
- Melting treasure chest rewards boosted (Five Sins).
- Cloudstorm Casket 1st prize modified.


- [Modo/Ceros] Punishment effect will no longer be reduced by Wandering Dragon.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir<Zen> defence effect now stackable with Golden Rooster's New Year Greeting skill.
- Fixed general bug with soulcard system. Ultimate relations were applying even without primary card being ultimate till now.
- 'You're embarrassing me' gfx title translated.
- Might of Earth item label restored.
- Another attempt to sync Zuolo Plain bg for Inferna server.
- [Attempt] Fort PvP and Coronation structures/towers are now completly immune to any kind of buffs and debuffs.
- Missing NPC : Guard Shawn added to Doom Bog map.
- PvE Event launched.
- Rebellion Mortal Realm and Rebellion Heaven Realm quests are not available from 1:00 to 24:00.
- Spiritseal(variety) webshop price reduced.
- Mystic Master and Baye (Westfall teleport) added to Old Sunstream.
- Ultimate Fealty Pack:
* Now 100% chance for Blood of Reborn randomy x1 or x2.
* Added 25% chance for New Soulcards (lotto).
- To celebrate Black Friday, all webshop (common) items have 30% discount till next midnight.
* Promo code is also availavle with extra item pack: BFRIDAY2021 ->


- [Ceros] Perceptive Rhythm no longer applies under Blaze of Janos debuff.
- [Experimental] Respawn and astrolabe port script modified to avoid client lag if target position is within same map.
- [Fort PvP] Fixed one of swords still not immune to debuffs.
- [Fort PvP] Defender Regenesis Sword hp and defense boosted.
- Missing mobs/npcs/resources added for quests:
* baby demon Ava
* Find the wound medicine
* Billows Quest 06-03
* 2016 Quest-Jadeon 01
* Honoring Fusoir
- New drop event (Breath of Reborn) initiated.
* Drop events will now have 3 month cycle instead 2 months like they used to.
- Fire Orb of Vastness Pack, New Soulcards and Profound Box Pack added to Event Token exchange.
- Fire Orb of Vastness added to Crystal Rift Completion box.


- [Skysong] Fixed Glowing Aura II damage formula issue.
- [Balo] War Song II: Fixed crit chance buff stacking issue.
- Anan Esper fusion effect description corrected.
- Corrected Breath of Reborn Pack Fire Orb of Vastness requirement.
- Reported missing npcs added.
- Violet Frost Gem transform can now use skills.
- Chance for hidden bosses in FS/EL/Milky/DitS doubled (5->10%).
- Audience no longer able to summon pets/summons/sprites in battle/war maps.
- Fixed issue that prevented human classes to get Tier 5 if Tier 1 quest was done while being LV150.
- [War Map] Spectator speed buff accelerated.
- Less lag port introduced to general script instead just respawn/astrolabe.
- Christmas Event launched (R15).


- Attempt to fix Condemned Rebel aoe effect to act as skill instead normal attack.
- Previous change regarding teleportation reversed and changed to only apply lag-free port if target spawn/port position is within 60 meters range from current position.
- Corrected Christmas Event exchange reqiured wrong type of Celestial Twin Jade.
- 2016 Xmas Fash can now be upgraded at Jade Exchange Maiden via quest (regular NPC exchange won't work).
- Reported missing mobs/resources added.
- 'Contact GM' in-game button will now link to our discord server.
- Fixed Russian language client abnormal crash ammount and Star Soul interface.
- Coronation bg structures are now also immune to buffs/debuffs same as fort PvP ones.
- [BfS map] Changed spawn script to randomize positions further from center of the circle.
- Refinery requirement to sing-up for website BfS increased to +16.
- Xiao Kai and Duo Yi cards added as possible reward from Soulcard Record lotto.
- PvE Event launched.


- Fixed Ceros affinity skills not removing correctly after class change.
- New Year Event Launched (R15).
* Event lasts till next maintenance (Friday).


- [Ceros] Celestial Decay should now work properly against Wave Seeker.
- [Gevrin] Spring Healing (star skill) chance to ignore single target attacks corrected.
- [Lupin] Positive Reinforcement no longer stacks with Velonus' Fury.
- Soulcard Record issue fixed.
- Reported missing npcs/mobs added.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Old Sunstream Fair Portal now functional.
- Attempt to fix Cloudstorm Casket lotto issues.
- Attemp to solve Alliance Trail bosses weird knockback issues.
- New Soulcards and Cultivation Alum added to PvP Box and PvP Box I.
- Drop Event boxes are no longer sell-able to NPC.
- Added Tiamat Blood to Silver Dragon Jade exchange at Shade Dealer.
- Cultivation Powder added to DitS hidden weekly chest(76634).
- Added 'Sigil Conversion' exchange to Shady Dealer.
* This exchange can convert most similar sigils to one stack.
* ATTENTION: It can also convert tradeable sigils to their untradeable version. Be aware.


- Fixed general bug regarding summon affinity RES/Anti Res stat inheritance formula.
- [Ceros] Fixed Frost Reservoir buff replacement.
- [Gevrin] Another correction to Spring Healing star passive effect chance.
- Reported missing NPCs added.
- Fixed Silver Dragon Jade.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Alliance Base Boss abilities: Knockack changed to Levitation.
- Allian. Trial: Award Ceremony - restored chance for necklaces.
- Fixed Material Bag sort option issues.
- Attempt to increase Thunder Phoenix BOSS hp to 3 bars.