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Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog

Started by CompeR, June 29, 2018, 10:57:01 am

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**Bug fixes:**
- Fixed recent Fort and TW alliance level requirement change not working properly.
- New drop event now available.
- Extended Halloween event disabled.


**Bug fixes:**
- Fixed Blessing of Spring<Bane> skill description issue.
- Fixed Might of the Wind II unable to be cast issue.
- Corrected TW bidding issue with higher grade territories.
- Astrum Jade now stacks to 30.000.
- Soul Inverter Pack (100) x3 added to PvP Box I.
- Chance for Courage Wine at Fort holder daily quest increased 5->20%.
- Best Vote reward pack updated.
- Rat Zodiac Pack (Bound) added to webshop.
- Telepathy Gem restored to webshop with price adjusted and LVL requirement applied.
* It can no longer be used for alliance prosperity donation quest.


@JD-Official Server is up again.
**Bug fixes:**
- [Ashura] Possesion will properly auto remove once one of participants leave party.
- [Lupin] Corrected Red Sun·Lovesickness·Bright Moon/Sun skill description.
- [Vim] Corrected Mohun Juma Chroma target limit.
- [Another Attempt] Fort PvP structures received max damage limit applied. They can receive up to 10.000 dmg per single hit.
- [Website] Banker price limit increased 30.000->40.000G.


v447-448 **Soul Odyssey Expansion (5.1.3)**

**Skill Changes**
Forum thread:

**New items**
- Added the New Year of the Ox New Year's Eve "Ox Chi", which can be obtained by consuming Credit points.
players who hold the "Rat Chi" can use the "Zodiac Energy" to upgrade it to the "Ox Chi" at Sunstream/Seat of Chaos.
Note: Yuan Crystal is required to preserve imbue.
- The New Year of the Ox talisman "Ox Charm" is added, which can be obtained by consuming Credit points.
players who hold the "Rat Charm" can use the "Zodiac Energy" to upgrade it to the "Ox Charm" at Sunstream/Seat of Chaos.
Note: Yuan Crystal is required to preserve imbue.
- Added new Rainfall Trinket upgrade: Rainfall Trinket·Combat★★.
players who own "Rainfall Trinket·Combat★" and "Heavy Rain Jade·Combat" can exchange them for "Rainfall Trinket·Combat★★" at Enchanter Taja in Sunstream.
- Added new Rainfall Trinket upgrade: Rainfall Trinket·Guard★★.
players who own "Rainfall Trinket·Guard★" and "Heavy Rain Jade·Guard" can exchange them for "Rainfall Trinket·Guard★★" at Enchanter Taja in Sunstream.
- New tier of Accessories
* Players can upgrade the existing Divine Accessories at Archaia Linqi by collecting "Olden Charm", "Olden Jade", and "Olden Seal".
* Upgrading the Charm ring requires 20 "Olden Charm", upgrading the Jade ring requires 20 "Olden Jade", and upgrading the necklace requires 40 "Olden Seal".
* "Olden Charm", "Olden Jade", and "Olden Seal" can be obtained from the clearance rewards of "Soul Odyssey" and "Five Sins" and by spending credits points in Charge rewards.
- Adjusted Divine Accessories upgrade material rewards from instances.
- Adjusted the attributes and set effects of the existing Divine Accessories.
- Added a new transferable equipment category to the "Imbue Transfer" function: Jewelry.
* Players can use "Divine Origin Crystal" to perform "Imbue Transfer" operation on jewelry at Sunstream Mystic Master·Yang Kun.
* Players can use 100 "Mythical Soil" to exchange for "Divine Origin Crystal" at Sunstream Mystic Master·Yang Kun.

**Mystic Boots**
- Daily acquisition methods
* Mystic Boots (Practise) can be exchanged for "Mythical Soil" at Sunstream Mystic Master·Yang Kun.
Note: "Mythical Soil" can be found in the instances "Song of Emerald Lady", "Five Sins", "Soul Odyssey" and "Shady Milky Way".
- Illustrious Mystic Boots can be obtained by opening the "Illustrious Boots Pack". "Illustrious Boots Pack" obtain method:
* Clouded Sunstream boss "Thunder Phoenix" drop;
* Elysium BOSS "Primordial Monkey Wu", "Berserker" bosses, "Morgon", "Destus" drop;
* Boss "Overlord of Chaos" drop;
* There is a chance of dropping in instance "Five Sins (Hero)";
* "Illustrious Leather" obtained by the above can be exchanged for "Illustrious Boots Pack".
- Praised Mystic Boots can be obtained by opening the "Praised Boots Pack". "Praised Boots Pack" obtain method:
* Clouded Sunstream boss "Thunder Phoenix" drop;
* Elysium bosses "Morgon" and "Destus" drop;
* "Praised Leather" obtained by the above can be exchanged for "Praised Boots Pack".
* Dropped by the Elysium "Berserker" bosses and the BOSS "Overlord of Chaos".
* Note: Older choice packs with materials or gear itself in most cases doesn't contain Mystic Boots or Leather material.
- Spirit extraction - Boots now available.
- Mystic-related exchanges: Added the exchange of Practice Boots Pack(Bound)", "Illustrious Boots Pack(Bound)", "Praised Boots Pack (Bound)".
- Identification of Mystic equipment is adjusted to: Only players are allowed to identify the Mystic equipment of this class. Players can only identify and Refine own class Mystic equipment, regardless of gender.
- Mystic Boots will automatically get a Mystic attribute when the Refine level reaches level 11, 13, and 15 respectively.

**Spirit Stones**
- Added new Spirit Stones:
* Celestial Lunar Stone: Health +9%
* Celestial Skyfall Stone: CritBonus +18%
* Celestial River Stone: Spirit +9%
* Celestial White Rainbow Stone: CritiStrike Rate +9%
* Celestial Shooting Star Stone: Spirit +22%
* Celestial Clear Frost Stone: Health +22%
* Basic Purple Lightning Stone: Anti-Damage Reduction +2%
* Inherited Purple Lightning Stone: Anti-Damage Reduction +3%
* Evolved Purple Lightning Stone: Anti-Damage Reduction +4%
* Celestial Purple Lightning Stone: Anti-Damage Reduction +5%
- Modified the item descriptions of "Enchanting Wooden Box" and "Consolidated Spirit Iron Crate": "Purple Lightning Stones" will not be obtainable in "Enchanting Wooden Box/Consolidated Spirit Iron Crate".

**System·Mystic Set**
- After the update, players who have ascended to level 161 can click the "Mystic Set" button on the "Equipment" interface to enter the "Mystic Set" system to view.
- The system will provide players with a certain attribute boost according to the score of players' Mystic power.
* Score of Mystic power = equipment quality score of each part + enhance score of each part
* Equipment quality score: 1 point for Practise, 2 points for Illustrious, 3 points for Praised
* Enhance level score: +11 Refine: 1 point, +12 Refine: 2 points , +13 Refine: 3 points, +14 Refine: 4 points, +15 Refine: 5 points.
* Note: Only Mystic series equipment (Practise/Illustrious/Praised) can be included in the equipment quality score.

- The esper's Auto Catalyze (EXP increase) function has been added to the "Esper Mystic Shera" in Sunstream City.
- Using esper skill no longer grants Esper EXP. From this moment Catalyze function is main way to obtain esper EXP.
- Starting from the Skysong Chapter, the final mission of the main storyline will add different numbers of "Tiamat Blood" rewards; the instance "Beast Lord" T5/T6 difficulty, "Song of Emerald Lady" , "Five Sins" and "Soul Odyssey" clearance task rewards added 9 "Tiamat Blood" rewards, and "Trial: Shura Gauntlet" clearance task rewards added 2 "Tiamat Blood" reward.
- Adjusted the relevant content of "Esper Upgrade Description" in "Help Description".
- Added a new Catalyze item: "Holy Roc Essence". This item can only be used when wearing a esper of level 105 or below. After using it, you can get 167 810 esper experience points (level 1 esper can directly increase the level to 30).
- At the "Jade Exchange Girl" and "Ronnek " in Sunstream City, the exchange method of the new item "Holy Roc Essence" is added: Player can consume 20 Sky Blue Jade and 120 Red Cloud Jade to exchange for 1 Holy Roc Essence.
- Auto-Catalyze is disabled for "Holy Roc Essence" and "Perfect Dragon Essence", in order to avoid misoperation.

- New items that can be used to increase the Cultivation EXP through the "Gain Cultivation" operation: Balanced Chi Stone, Heavenly Chi Stone, and Eternal Chi Stone.
* Each Balanced Chi Stone can increase Cultivation EXP of the Soulstone by 50 points;
* Each Heavenly Chi Stone can increase Cultivation EXP of the Soulstone by 200 points;
* Each Eternal Chi Stone can increase Cultivation EXP of Soulstone by 1000 points.
-  Among the items that can be obtained with the probability of opening the "Profound Box", the "Soul Inverter (2)" is deleted, and its probability is divided into the new obtainable items: Balanced Chi Stone, Heavenly Chi Stone , Eternal Chi Stone.
* Note: Profound Box can be obtained in Soultower, Celestial Tower, Elemental Temple Hero Mode, etc.
- Fixed the problem that changing the Soulstone in the equipment bar during the Soulstone's "reset/auto reset" operation may lead to changes in the attributes of the "Customized Soulstone".
- "Customized Soulstone" cannot be used as the "Secondary Soulstone" when the Soulstone "Fusion" is operated.
- After the "Fusion" operation is performed on the Soulstone, the "Primary Soulstone" will inherit the "Cultivation EXP Value" of the "Secondary Soulstone".

**Immortal Record**
- Newly added "Red Seal" can be broken to get access to extra rewards. After spending 48 Jadens to unlock "Golden Seal", you have the right to spend 98 Jadens to unlock "Red Seal".
- Immortal Pavilion: Players who unlock "Red Seal" can get 2 additional refresh times per day on the original basis.

- "Passive buff set" has been added to the fashion wardrobe, collect the following fashions, and after successfully filling up the wardrobe slot, you can get permanent passive attribute buffs!
* (Note: You don't need to wear this costume to take effect.)
- Influenced fashion:
* "Peony Dress", "Cyclamen Dress", "Wedding Dress (Groom's Dress/Bride's Dress)".

**Mystic Soul System**
- Players who have ascended to level 164 and above have complete the task "Thousand Tribulations", to activate "Mystic Soul" in the "Character-Mystic Tome" interface.
- "Mystic Soul" will provide certain attribute assistance for players.
- Player refines the quantity, type and value of attributes by consuming items "Silver Gravel Sand", "Plain Shadow Stone", and "Radiant Jade". The refining probability of each item is different.
- Players can also upgrade their level by consuming items "Mystic Soul Ancient Relic" and "Spiritual Covenant". If the level is successfully improved, it will be upgraded by 1 level, and the highest level is 10.
- When the level of "Mystic Soul" reaches level 4/6/8/10, an additional attribute increase(resonance) can be activated for the currently equipped "Mystic Tome" (Jadebook/Taobook/Skilltome/Oldscroll).
* The ratio of the increase can be refined through the consumable items "Silver Gravel Sand", "Plain Shadow Stone", and "Radiant Jade". The refining probability of each item is different.
* Amplification of attributes In addition to increasing all the attributes of Mystic Tome corresponding to the current equipment, Player can also select one of the attributes of Mystic Tome corresponding to the current equipment to increase additionally.
- The newly added related items "Mystic Soul Ancient Relic", "Silver Gravel Sand", and "Plain Shadow Stone" can be obtained through the instance "Soul Odyssey".


**Four Spirit Array System**
- Players who have ascended to level 166 and above have complete the task "Four Spirit Array", to activate "Four Spirit Array" in the "Character" interface.
- After the player injects the item "Sacred Essence" into the "Four Spirits", the "New Four Spirit Array" will provide certain attribute for the player.
- Essence upgrade
* The initial Essence of the four spirits are "Bird of Prey / Mindrot Menace / Dragon of Illumination / Torin Kul Essence". Players have a chance to obtain a higher-level "Clear/Solid/Pure/Sacred Essences" through "Essence Upgrade".
* When upgrading, there is a chance to get an additional currency "Omen Divinity".
- Essence injection
* Players can inject "Sacred Essences" into the corresponding four spirits through "Array Upgrade", which increase the corresponding array value and activate related attributes.
* The upper limit of array value is related to the player level. Once player level reaches 166, 167, 168, 169, and 170, the upper limit of the aura value is 24%, 49%, 74%, 99% and 100% respectively.
* When the aura value reaches 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%, additional attributes will be activated, or additional attributes will be added to the existing activated additional attributes.
* After the aura value of any of the four spirits reaches 100%, the "Activate Omen" function will be available. Players can exchange any "Sacred Divinity" into a certain proportion of "Omen Divinity".
- Divine Omen
* By consuming a certain amount of "Omen Divinity", Player can activate the state of "Divine Omen" that lasts for a certain period of time.
* After the status is activated, the basic and extra attribute gains of "Four Spirits" will be increased by 20%.
* Player can also extend the duration of the state by consuming a certain amount of "Omen Divinity" to perform the "recharge" operation, and can recharge continuously.

**Map: Four Spirits Palace**
- Players who have ascended to level 166 or above can enter the Four Spirits Palace at Pious Visionary at the Pagoda Myriad in Skysong.
- The palace consists of four levels and players can access each level through the Skysong Envoys stationed there.
* The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels are safezones and can be found on all realms.
* The 4th level is not a safezone and is only available on realms 12 and 13, but players from can easily switch realms to them.
- Each cave on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels are populated by mobs: Tribal Bird of Prey, Tribal Mindrot Menance, Tribal Dragon of Illumination, and Tribal Torin Kul.
- The caves on the 4th level contain more powerful mob: Elite Bird of Prey, Elite Mindrot Menance, Elite Dragon of Illumination, and Elite Torin Kul
- The mobs drop Heavenshroud Jade, Affinity Beads, and Star Weave Vigors and also have a chance to drop monster essence, such as Bird of Prey Essence, Mindrot Menance Essence, Dragon of Illumination Essence, Torin Kul Essence. Note: To be customized later.

**Exploration·Whirlwind Valley**
- Players above level 90 can activate the illustration book "Collection - Whirlwind Valley" after completing the guidance task "[Guide] Misunderstanding".
- Click the "Craft" button in the lower right corner of the game interface, and then click "Collect", and you can find the illustrated book "Whirlwind Valley".
- Follow the guidelines to collect plants and animals. Players who complete the collection will get exquisite gifts.
- In the process of collecting plants and animals, the players who are destined can gradually understand the story of Whirlwind Valley and uncover a dusty past.

- In "Achievement-Growth", two new sets of achievements related to Soulcards and Soulstone have been added.
* Note: Among them, the corresponding operations of counting will start counting from 0 after this update.
* After completing some achievements, you can receive related rewards.
- New Achievements-Items-Accessories were also added.
- Added "Achievement Marketplace", after achieving certain achievements, you can unlock the qualification to purchase related items at special prices.

**New Fishing System**
[A strange man came from Sunstream City, who claimed to be a fishing envoy and practiced fishing, which was quite different from others. He has brought a brand new fishing technique and wants to spread it to all parts of the world. players can go to Sunstream City to find this strange man and discuss fishing techniques with him.]
- Players who have ascended to level 150 or above can find the fishing envoy Gavin in Sunstream City, learn new fishing techniques from him, and understand related gameplay.
- If Player has any questions about fishing-related gameplay, you can check it in the "Fishing Method for Novices" book thats given from Gavin.


- Soul Odyssey instance
* Entry limit: Once a day
* Players: 1-6
* Level: Asc 164-170
Instance mechanism:
1. BOSS will adopt a new hatred value system to fight.
2. The instance progress will be reset at 00:00 every day.
3. The instance is divided into three levels of difficulty: T13, T14, and T15. You can participate in the challenge of the next difficulty after clearing the previous level.

- Instance Tiger Summit
* Entry limit: Once a week, both difficulties share cooldown (cannot be reseted)
* player limit: 3-6
* Instance level: Tiger Summit: Asc 160-170, Tiger Summit (Hard): Asc 165-170
* Instance reward: a large amount of EXP
* Instance mechanism:
① Monsters and bosses in the instance have lower attack attributes and higher defense attributes.
② In addition to killing mobs and bosses to gain experience, players who have not reached level 170 can gain a lot of extra experience by talking to General Flying Tiger to absorb the spiritual wind after killing the final boss;
The extra experience obtained by absorbing the spirit wind in the Feihu battle will gradually decrease. It is recommended that players of this level go to clear the Tiger Summit (Hard).
③ Entry limit of instances entered will be reset at 00:00 every Monday.

- Soul Tower: Can now also start from 91 floor.
- After Skysong and Celan enter the "Soul Tower", they can get the skill "Militance", which increases the damage of all their skills.
- Celestial Tower: Can now also start from: 51, 71 floors. (All registered members must pass through this level before they can enter from this level)
- Celestial Tower: "Flip Card Selection" has been optimized. All members in the instance can click "Start" to turn over cards, and the player who clicks "Start" first will perform the follow-up "Flip Card Selection" operate.

- Instance·Shura Gauntlet (Hero Mode):
* Nerfed most monster and bosses attributes to make them easier to deal with.
* Some monsters are adjusted so that they are no longer immune to the "Marked", "Scorch" and "Decrease Defense" effects.
* Minor changes to weekly reward task.

- Instance·War of Beast Lord
* Nerfed most monster and bosses attributes to make them easier to deal with.
* Certain boss phases are easier to deal with.

- Added unique-class/unique-race attribute gain and reward gain functions in the instance.
* When the number of occupations/races in the map meets the corresponding requirements, the players on the map will get the corresponding attribute gain.
* When the last boss is killed at the same time, the team will drop and the team The drop will produce additional corresponding rewards (racial rewards and occupational rewards are not mutually exclusive and can be obtained at the same time).
* [^ To be customized later]

**World Bosses**
1. Thunder Phoenix
- Significantly increased the following attributes of Thunder Phoenix: Health, attack power, defense power, critical strike chance, CritBonus, CritNull, CritShield, damage reduction, skill accuracy, skill damage;
- Reduced Health recovery speed of Thunder Phoenix out of battle;
- Modified the aggro distance of Thunder Phoenix and the skill release strategy.
- Increased the skill damage released by Thunder Phoenix.
- Optimized the display of the embers summoned and dropped gift bags after the death of Thunder Phoenix.
- Drop:
* Thunder Phoenix drop rewoked, check database for details.
* Number of treasure chests summoned after Thunder Phoenix's death has increased to 99, and the time required to open the treasure chests has been adjusted to 3 seconds.
2. Destus/Morgon/Primordial Monkey Wu
- Significantly increased the following attributes: Health, attack power, defense power, critical strike rate, CritBonus, CritNull, CritShield, damage reduction, skill accuracy, skill damage;
- Reduced Health recovery speed when out of battle;
- Modify the release strategy of skills;
- Increased the skill damage released by Destus/Morgon/Primordial Monkey Wu.
- Fix the problem that Primordial Monkey Wu cannot be affected by the effect of "Curse of Doom";
- Reduced the normal attack distance of Destus/Morgon/Primordial Monkey Wu;
- Destus/Morgon/Primordial Monkey Wu drop revised, check database for details.
- Added treasure chests that are summoned after the death of the BOSSes. The number of treasure chests is 50.
3. Maharaja/Citadel Savage
- Fixed the problem that Maharaja cannot be affected by the effects of "Curse of Doom" and "Curse of Thunder";
- Reduce the normal attack distance of Maharaja/Citadel Savage;
- Significantly increased the following attributes: Health, attack power, defense power, critical strike rate, CritBonus, CritNull, CritShield, damage reduction, skill accuracy, skill damage, Health recovery speed out of battle ;
- Modified the corresponding BOSS skill release strategy.
- Increase the skill damage released by the Maharaja/Citadel Savage.
- Maharaja/Citadel Savage drop revised, check database for details.
- Added treasure chests that are summoned after the BOSS dies. The number of treasure chests is 50.


**Fixes and general changes**
- Ashura related fixes:
* Fixed the problem that Kytos could not invite Ashura to ride in "Kirin Form".
* Fixed the problem that Ashura could not wear the esper "Gambler Cube".
* Optimized the travel state of Ashura, in this state, players can use the unity of heaven and man to automatically pick up items.
* Optimized the name display arrangement of Ashura and the possessed player when possessed.
* Fixed the problem that Ashura could not change some new face and hairstyle when using the makeover function.
* Fixed the problem that Ashura's Skyblade sitting posture was incorrect.
* Fixed the problem that Ashura professional weapons and Imperia professional weapons could not be correctly selected in the "Endless Fiction Weapon Box".
* Fixed the problem that after reincarnated as the Ashura profession after Imperia and Ashura Ascension, they could still receive the Ashura profession's life experience quest.
* Fixed the problem that the Ashura Charm<Expound> could not be obtained normally.
* Fixed the problem that some Ashura players could not enter the map "The Past".
* Fixed the problem that Ashura could not be interrupted when collecting interruptable items in the "Shed" state.
* Fixed the problem that the calculation of the power of the hidden gods of Ashura shoes, hats and other hidden equipment was wrong.
* Fix the problem that the avatar of Ashura's class is displayed incorrectly in the leaderboard of the team leaderboard, and optimize the display of the avatar of Imperia's class.
* Fix the problem of wrong appearance display when female Ashura, Imperia, and Ashura professions wear "2012 Christmas headgear", and optimize the display effect of some professions wearing Christmas costumes over the years.
* Fix the problem that Ashura's professional weapons are missing in the "○Weapon Box LV148".
- Fixed the problem that the increase in defense value of Lupin and Skysong and Mystic Armor was incorrect.
- Fixed the problem that the tail could not be displayed normally when the human race wore the "Lil Baba Fashion Set".
- Optimized the icons of the clan mansion items "Silkie Pork Soup", "Giant Drumstick", "Pork Eggrolls" and "Fragrant Scallops" for easy identification by players.
- Fixed the problem that the icons of the clan mansion items "Secret Orange Roll" and "Moose Flower Mushroom" were wrong and could not be used normally.
- Players who have accepted the task can complete the Plot task in the current task list by themselves, and will not receive follow-up tasks after completion.
- Fixed the problem that the plot mission of some occupations repeatedly opened the NPC of Divine Realm.
- Fixed the problem that the "shining location" in southern Border disappeared in the mission "[D] Moon·Exploration" of the Lupin class.
- Fixed the problem that the "Etherkin" and "Deikin" racial category buttons displayed abnormally when they were clicked for the first time in the "Skills-Affinity" interface.
- Optimized the mission process and description of the mission "Fourth Tribulation".
- "Examination Item" item required in the main task of the Sunstrider has other the way to obtain it again.
- Fixed the problem of blank tasks appearing in the task list of some players.
- Fixed the problem that the task of "[Guide] Chaotic Flow" could not be completed normally under special circumstances.
- Adjusted the position of the monster "Spiritual Clone·Turbulence" summoned by Billows in the task "[Daily] Heaven and Earth".
- Optimized the item icon of the Paper Airplane (Aura).
- Fixed the problem that the Rayan tasks "[D] Comp. with Imperia" and "[D] Sc. City Demon" could not be completed normally under special circumstances.
- Adjusted the amount of bag space required to open the Genesis First Win Pack.
- Fixed an issue where the task tracking screen would freeze after clicking specific keys.
- Optimized the action performance of some professions when they are in stealth state.
- Fixed the problem that in a few cases, the task "Mysterious Array" could not be accepted normally.
- Sunstream Mystic Master·Yang Kun added the item "Mystic Talisman" exchange service, the exchange needs to consume 16 "Sunny Jade" and 8 "Red Cloud Jade".
- Optimized the description of how to obtain "Peony Fragments".
- New background music has been added for Westfall, Void·Westfall, Southern Province, and Void·Southern Province.
- Fixed the problem that the items in the "Illustrious Fragment Pack" produced by the Berserker BOSSes in the Elysium were not bound.
- Fixed the problem that the "All Production" function in the "Production" interface did not take effect.
- Fixed the problem of uneven skin color on the legs of Seira and Hydran professional female players when wearing "Twilight Samjna Fashion".
- Adjusted the amount of materials and rewards required for the task of "Craftsmanship" at Mystic Master·Yang Kun.
- The new monster race "Dragon Clan" was added, and some monster races were modified to "Dragon Clan", including: the incense summoned beast "Bahun the Crimson", the instance monster "Azure Dragon" of the Elemental Temple, and the celestial boss "Berserker Dragon of Illumination".
- Chat interface optimization
* Added a chat content preservation interface to the clan and alliance chat windows, and can save it locally.
* Optimized the display of friend chat history interface.
- The background music of the login selection interface has been updated to the 13th anniversary theme song "Origin of Zhu Xian" (sung by: Hu Xia). Interested players can go and listen to it.
- Optimized the gossip of Storyteller in Guan Mountain.
- Optimized the hiding method of the "Shortcut Bar of esper". After the update, pressing the ESC key will not hide the interface.
- Optimized the closing method of the "Enter instance" confirmation interface. After the update, the interface will not be closed when pressing the ESC key.
- Optimized the display of guild member names in guild chat records.
- Fixed the problem that the pathfinding location in the mission "Newly Ascended" was wrong.
- ​​At the Thousand Fuwa Pagoda of Skysong Temple (coordinates: -338, -288), a rift gate "Pagoda Myriad" has been added. After activation, players can reach the Pagoda Myriad through this rift.
- Fix the abnormal problem that other players cannot see the shadow of Rayan in some cases.
- Fix the problem that the ESC key can still be used to hide the hidden method of the "esper shortcut bar".
- Fixed the display error when Kytos wears a back ornament.
- Optimized the display of the Mystic Tome interface, and deleted the display of "equipment location" information.
- Fix the problem that the interactive interface cannot pop up when clicking the name of a guild member in the chat window in some cases.
- Optimize the jewelry upgrade function of Archaia-Linqi: When the player puts in the jewelry to be upgraded, the jewelry upgrade props will be automatically put in and the existing quantity and the quantity required for the upgrade will be displayed.
- Fixed the problem that the game client may crash when opening the [Life] interface after learning the "§Sparrow Blade" recipe.
- Added more items that can be put into the "Token Bag".
- Optimize the interface of "Star Bag" and "Star Chart". Added an operation to close the page by clicking on the shortcut button.
- Fixed the problem that Archaia-Linqi could not upgrade her costume.
- Fixed the problem that the mission "[D] Dragon and Tiger" could not be completed normally in Balo Devotion Order .
- Optimized the function of "one-key upgrade" of the Soulcards. After the update, you can select cards that already have a crossing level (the level of crossing is less than 12) to operate, and you can automatically perform crossing with similar cards in the spirit package that have not undergone transitioning.
- Added new items to be exchanged in "Constellation Items Exchange" at Mirage Envoy Sellpher of Sunstream.
- The task of entering Clouded Shura has been adjusted to be accepted only after ascension to level 150.
- The function time limit of "Entering Cloudy Sunstream" at General Sunstream Lan is adjusted to: 12:00-23:30 every day.
- In the "Skills (R)" interface, the number of grids that can store skills in the "Faction Skills-Active Skills" area has doubled, and you can view them by pulling down the scroll bar on the right.
- Fixed the problem that the path finding of some Devotion missions was wrong.
- Optimize some appearance effects of the fashion "Summer Fashion (Female)".
- Shortcut key setting - A new shortcut key "Select yourself" is added in the shortcut bar of the custom function, and can quickly select the current target as yourself by using the shortcut key.
- Fix the problem that there is no special effect when right-clicking to select a skill in the skill interface - active skill column.
- Sunstream Ronnek has added "Exchanging Common Items for Magical Treasures" to provide exchange services for various items related to espers.
- Adjust some system prompts of Immortal Record.
- Fix the problem that some items contained in the "SL: Ancient Feat Large Pack" are wrong.
- Fix the problem that some faces of "Rayan" are reset to the original face shape and cannot be disguised.
- Fixed an issue where the Celestial weapons were displayed incorrectly.
- At Jade Exchange Maiden in Sunstream, the number of "Sunny Jade" required to exchange "Arcane Coin" has been adjusted from 2 to 1.
- The ring upgrade series of missions have been changed to be unable to trash manually.
- Added the task of repeatedly receiving the "Frost Blade" from Bai Yanyang in the mission "Clan History" of the Devotion Order.
- Optimize the Christmas costumes from 2007 to 2017 to be wearable by all occupations.
- Optimize the interface display of the Bloodbound function.
- Significantly increase the experience value of monsters in the Strategist Battlefield (level 135-160).
- Fix the problem that the 2014 and 2015 Christmas costumes of Deikin race occupations have no special effects.
- Added the formula display of Mystic Upgrade final success rate in the interface, and optimized the display of equipment luck value and equipment luck value coefficient.
- Fixed the problem that some fashions were blurred on the login interface.
- Added Mystic Tome related help instructions.
- After the update, it is allowed to hide the damage information on the top of the target's head. You can activate this function by checking "Hide damage notification" in "System Settings-Display Settings".
- Fixed the problem that the NPC might be accidentally injured in the task of "Escort the Elder" in Baye's biography "Sword Sinking into Sand".
- Fix the bug that the chat instance causes the channel label to be lost in some cases.
- Optimized the item descriptions of some imbue talismans, and identified the equipment parts that can be imbued (the actual infused parts and effects have not been changed, and the effective effect is subject to the item description).
- Fixed the problem that the clan and alliance positions were abnormal in some cases.
- Adjust the (additional skills) in the "Rainfall Trinket" series to be permanently obtained after being equipped once (it will not disappear with disarming the equipment). After being equipped once, the original skills can be found in "Skills-Others-Additional Skills" . (The actual skill effect and level have not been changed, and the effective effect is subject to the item description)
- Fix the problem that in the instance gain introduction interface, the common instance and team instance gain introductions overlap.
- Mystery Shop jaden reset cost now depends on reset count: 1-3 times - 3 Jadens, 4-7 times - 4 Jadens and 8-10 times is 5 Jadens.
- Fixed the problem that the kill prompt was wrong in a few cases after the Blazing Sun effect took effect.
- Fixed the problem that an exception occurred when using the "Identify Star" function.
- Fixed the problem that some monsters would not attack under special circumstances.
- Fixed the problem of abnormalities in summoning exclusive monsters and exclusive mines.
- After the update, the Clouded Shura/Clouded Kunlun map cannot be used for vend operations
- Optimized the resurrection method of Clouded Kunlun and Clouded Shura maps. After the update, players can choose to consume a "Dust Trace Pill" or spend 3 Jadens to revive in spot on the Clouded Kunlun and Clouded Shura maps.
- "Telepathy Gem (Limited to 3 days)" reward has been canceled in the "Upgrade Rewards - Daily Rewards - Below Level 90" interface.
- Delete the "Shooting Star Box" in "Upgrade Rewards - Daily Rewards - Below Level 90".
- Fixed the problem that in a few cases, after the players entered the battlefield in a team, the faction was assigned incorrectly.
- Fixed the problem that the construction experience of alliance base buildings was not recorded in a few cases.
- Fixed the problem that after some items were put into the warehouse, the warehouse could not take out the items normally.
- Fixed the problem of being unable to create a clan in a few cases.
- Added "alliance Protection" to the "Attack Protection Settings" of Elysium. After checking, you will not be able to attack players from the same guild (related PVP and PVE instance gameplay will not be affected).
- Added a new monster type "Party Share":
* After forming a team and killing the monsters of the "Party Share", each member of the team can get the full experience of the monster.
Note: Every time one more person forms a team, members of the team can get an additional 3% experience gain; when a monster dies, only members within 60 meters around it can get monster experience.
* All monsters and The "Snowman" in the Westfall Void and the Southern Province Void have been adjusted to the monsters of the "Party Share".
* The monsters of the "Party Share" type have a special mark engraved on the lower right corner of the portrait for identification.
- Territory War: The setting rules of territorial generals are adjusted so that the guild leader can choose any member of the alliance to be the garrison general of a certain territory.
* Note: Members who are set as garrison generals must join the alliance for 7 days and be currently online. The interval between setting the same character as a garrison general again is 3 days.
- After the update, when the character is in the alliance base, it will not be possible to open/register for the instance room.
- After the update, the "Four Seasons Pack" obtained from Four Seasons Island will be replaced with "True Flame Orb" (the probability and quantity of the acquisition remain unchanged), and the "True Flame Orb" Can be exchanged for corresponding reward items at Mirage Envoy Sellpher .
* The corresponding reward items are the same as the optional items in the four seasons gift pack, and the number of items exchanged is the same as the number of optional items obtained in the gift pack.
- When imbue equipment, if the "imbue talisman" attribute used is "bound" or "untradeable", the equipment will be bound after imbue.
- When the character's Health value/Spirit value reach 100% state, when using instantaneous Health/Spirit medicine, the default consumption of each time is adjusted from 200 points to 1 point.
- Fix the problem that some equipment can still be traded after being equipped.
- "Indomitable Power IV" gain attribute adjustment: the fixed value of increasing attack power and defense power is adjusted from 150 points to 800 points respectively.
- "Indomitable Power V" gain attribute adjustment: the fixed value of increasing attack power and defense power is adjusted from 800 points to 3000 points respectively.
- "Indomitable Power V (1 day)" exchanged for the original Huatang is adjusted to get "Indomitable Power V" for a limited time of 3 days after opening
- Fix the problem that players cannot sell items with 0 gold, 0 silver and 0 copper after the packaged gold coins reach the upper limit of 200,000.
- Optimize the model size of the incense-summoned beast "Bahun the Crimson".
- One-click collection function for VIP rewards added.
- Jd-Mart Jade Auction: Because some players bid high Jadens for the auction items, and did not pay the bid Jadens, resulting in the loss of auction items. The auction rules are now adjusted as follows:
* Cancel the setting that you can only participate in the auction after paying a deposit.
* When bidding for the first time, the amount of Jadens corresponding to the bid price will be deducted first;
when bidding for the second time and every time thereafter, the amount of Jadens corresponding to the price difference from the last bid will be deducted first.
Note: If your own Jadens are not enough to deduct the required amount, you cannot bid.
* The auction ends at 21:00, and the bidder with the highest price is the winner.
* The Jadens consumed by players who didn't win will be returned to the player's account.
* Players who have participated in bidding can click the newly added "Auction History" button to check their bidding records.
- Player can go to Skysong (260,273). You will have the opportunity to find "Yearbook: Double Ninth Festival"[81321], which can be obtained from the first reading Production materials.
- Player can go to Kunlun (-260,400) to collect "Yearbook: Winter Solstice [77421]", and you can get mysterious rewards for reading it for the first time.
- [Website] New challenges added.
- Fort PvP structuers balance adjusted.


**Skill fixes:**
- [Ashura] Fixed Mystical Ramble Rune Shield effect bug.
- [Ashura] Red Sun·Life and Death·Bright Moon and Red Sun·Life and Death·Sun, Supreme Power effects.
- [Lupin] Corrected 'Haste' cooldown.
- [Lupin] Corrected Ancient Prayer III sky buff type.
- [Jadeon] Fixed Righteous Forbearance influence over The Seven Disasters.
- [Modo] Fixed Dance of Chaos chroma skill description issues.
- [Skysonng] Removed Passage of Salvation buff visual representation.
- [Arden] Fixed mistranslation at Mountain Dweller. It increases Anti Dmg Red. instead Dmg Red now.
- [Vim] Corrected Perpetual Loneliness skill description.
- [Imperia] Regular Killing Intent usage will now clear existing Killing Intent Zen defense buff.
**Bug fixes:**
- Fixed Celestial Tower card drawing. Now first player to click 'Start', will be able to draw cards.
- Fixed Celestial Tower 71 floor start.
- Fixed Accessory upgrade function when materials are in Token Bag.
- Reverted TW crafting rewards.
- Non-functional Blacksmith npc removed from Soul Odyssey.
- Olden Accessory Choice Pack added to Charge Rewards.
- Supremacy Envoy exchanges restored.


**Skill fixes:**
- [Ashura] Fixed Mystical Ramble Rune Shield visual bar not updating properly.
* Attempted to fix Navigation effect bug that prevented player to use any skills.
- [Celan] Corrected Blessing Aura's base cooldown.
- [Hydran] Corrected Meteor Shower Chroma not reducing monster defense properly.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Ultimate Freeze 1 still reducing defense.
- Teleport to target related dash/charge skills direction check added to sync better for Imperia's Air Shield.
- Skills that formula depends on player targets around caster now actually check if player is an enemy/attackable target.
- Corrected defense buff stacking logic for Tone of Winter, Shroud of Flake and Bodhi Protector.
**Bug fixes:**
- Corrected Moon Talisman Pack drop model at Soul Odyssey last boss.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Corrected Crafting system UI.
- Fixed reported Westfall map bug.
- Removed Chinese client Elysium instances timeframe limit.
- Fixed that Ceros was unable to initiate new Fishing method.
- Moon Talisman Pack now stacks to 30.000.
- PvE Event launched.
- Christmas Event launched:
* Male Elk, Sant and Xmas Tree appeared in Sunstream.
* Players can perforn daily quest from Male Elk. Besides rewards it also gives one Christmas Sock.
* Daily quest is valid till 24 December.
* Collect at least 13 to exchange them for best reward at Xmast Tree on 24 December.
* There will be extra quests annouced next week.


**Skill fixes:**
- [Mage] Corrected Red Sun·Pyroessence caster's mob dmg buff to monster target damage taken debuff.
- [Imperia] Settled Disturbance will no longer damage players outside duel.
- [Hydran] Meteor Shower Chroma Combo version damage is now same as regular Chroma skill versions.
- [Celan] Corrrected Tone of Frost II skill description.
- [Lupin] Corrrected Ancient Prayer III Sky skill description.
- [Lupin] Full of Love Star skill: Smash effect will now properly stack with Golden Rooster's New Year Greeting effect.
- [Lupin] Fixed Chastity influence over Full of Love not working properly.
- [Lupin] Fixed Seductive Brush II cooldown being too short.
- [Lupin] Fixed Flying Petals II effect not working properly.
- Corrected some effects having wrong damage color in log.
- Skills which formulas depend on enemy targets around the caster if used under duel, will allways count just one enemy target from now.
* Damage from amount of enemy players in range is no longer white damage but is added to orange regular damage instead.
* Affected skills: Thunderblade,Thunderblade (Chroma), Blade Swinger (Chroma), and Soundblade Emperor 3 <Earth>
**Bug fixes:**
- Attempt to fix Beast Lord not disabling his invincibility when all Pillars are destroyed.
- Attempt to apply debuff immune properly on all Fort PvP structures.
- Added some linebreaks to item description UI.
- Changed TW schedule to prioritize Sundays instead Fridays.
- [Website] Banker price limit increased to 50.000.
- Newest mounts have their speed limit adjusted to 8.5.
- Spiritual Relic Pack (all) open time reduced.
- Spiritual Relic Pack(Bound) now stacks to 30.000.
- Four Spirits weekly Divinity upgrade function limit increased from 350 to 3500.
- New Seals added to Donation Seal Exchange.
- Christmas Event info:
* Big Santa position corrected.
* At December 24, there will be another Xmas event quests available. Check out event npcs at verious period of a day.
* One of such is Battle of Rudolph server event, which need to be activated with effort of whole server: Need to donate 200 Christmas Socks to Santa, each player can donate up to 5.
* Players that donated 5 Christma Sock will get 8 back via special quest later.
- Ashura faction master tournament will be launched sometime between xmas and new year.


**Skill fixes:**
- Corrected skill descriptions: Arrival of Greatness, Meteor Shower <Halberd>,Meteor Shower III <Ocean>, Patsy.
- [Vim] Corrected Dash Chop range/attack direction logic.
- [Lupin] Corrected Flying Petals II checking Skill Evasion instead Skill Accuracy in formula.
- [Lupin] Full of love cooldown corected.
- [Ashura] Corrected Red Sun·Life and Death skill description and behavior(Max SPx1.2 limit also applies to Special Supreme Power).
* Also corrected that damage could fire without proper trigger.
- [Ashura] Fixed Offensive mantra auto-cast not working properly.
- [Ashura] Corrected Mystical Ramble II Talisman Shield effect behavior. It won't reduce white damage anymore.
* Also corrected damage reduction increase formula being 80% in most cases if caster max SP was higher.
* Any skill usage will properly increase shield value now.
- [Ashura] Attempt to fix Overflowing array visual effect existing on the ground longer than it should.
- [Ashura] Corrected Sly Step summons inheriting more caster stats than they should.
- [Ashura] Player trapped in Spiritual Cage should be now synced better.
- [Ashura] Corrected Puppet Thread's Nullity placement logic.
- [Arden] Corrected Devilbash Arrow star skill not ignoring Raja properly and corrected Intermittent Paralyze effect.
- [Arden] Corrected Dragon Stun star skill Dragon Stun skill accuracy boost formula.
- [Arden] Fixed not being able to switch gear during Mountain Dweller state.
- [Modo] Corrected Malicious Spirits timers reseting when they shoudn't.
- [Mage] Red Sun·Pyroessence damage increase buff type changed.
- [Rayan] Corrected Ghost Wing Tome mistranslation and behavior.
- [Rayan] Attempt to solve Bloody Chop star skill white damage not considering mob bonus damage properly.
- [Kytos] Corrected Blitz Strike tome not working at all.
- [Skysong] Effects that protects from regular Sleep debuff, no longer affects Deep Sleep.
- [Skysong] Passage of Salvation Buddha effects no longer reducing white damage.
- [Celan] Corrected refresh logic of immunity buffs of Song: Waterfall from Heaven.
- [Psychea] Fixed Substitution skill bug.
- [Hydran] Corrected Meteor Shower Arcane max sp reduction effect formula.
- [Hydran] Transposition Spell no longer redirects reflected damage.
- [Hydran] Screaming Star max mp reduction effect now stack properly with Meteor Shower Arcane.
- [Balo] Tiger Smash star skill no longer causes debuff to caster.
- [Balo] Corrected Powerful Aid Chroma hp based damage logic.
- Fixed general bug that could unintentionally prevent death initated by certain effects.
- Fixed Jadesun effect could lose debuff immunity when stacking with similar effects.
**Bug fixes:**
- Corrected new Seals at Donation Seal Exchange.
- Attempt to fix rare Mystic Soul related client crash when there pending/undecided stat resonance stat candidates to accept or deny when switching realms.
- Properly applied Four Spirit System essence upgrade weekly limit boost.
- Fixed Absolute Rumor and Absolute Truth items.
- Attempt to fix Whirlwind Valley collection items not spawning at proper periods.
- Fixed unable to buy items at Immortal Pavilion.
- Golden peace fruit was added to marketplace.
- Li Su npc (Dark Drake Cave mandatory quest) added at Dark Drake Cave entrance at Billows.
- Soul Odyssey Hidden boss quest award boosted.
- Revised Peony Fragments gain from instance award NPCs.
- Jade Chest bank note price lowered at Gold Exchange.
- Jade Rain Spring Flute can now be exchanged for selected title at Shady Dealer: Rare Item Exchange II.
- Can now exchange temporarly 2020 XMas fashion for permanent one at Santa Claus.
* There is time limit: 14 January.


**Skill fixes:**
- [Rayan] Attempt to solve Bloody Chop star skill damage formula issues.
- [Hydran] Corrected Meteor Shower <Zen> description.
- [Celan] Song: Waterfall from Heaven now properly handles Silence immune refreshing.
- [Ashura] Corrected Mantra·Cloud Omen III Sky mistranslation.
- [Ashura] Fixed Bone Melt skill/effect mistranslation.
- [Ashura] Corrected Incognizance bug introduced in previous patch.
- [Arden] Corrected Devilbash Arrow star Intermittent Paralyze duration.
- [Arden] Corrected possible issue regarding Cloud Dweller Chroma skills pve damage formula.
- [Modo] Fixed inconsistency regarding Heart Scourge effect.
- [Modo] Malicious Spirits will no longer be damaged by same party Group Blessings/Auras and fixed skill trigger timer issue.
- [Vim] Dash Chop damage issues another fix attempt.
- Sky Travel Light into the Clouds will now properly go on cooldown once its activated and player dies or get off skyblade.
**Bug fixes:**
- Fixed client crash bug when attempting to trade with invisible player.
- Fixed JD-Mart Jaden auction unable to place bid.
- Missing 'Riverwatcher' npc added to Whirlwind Valley map.
- Sapphire Case esper set bonus fixed.
- [Website] BFS sign requirement lowered to Refinery +15.
- [Experimental] Thunder Phoenix BOSS max damage received cap applied: 500.000
- [Fort PVP] Defender Towers and Gates hp boosted x5.
- Spiritual Relic Pack now stacks to 30.000
- Boosted chances to get Olden Accessory materials from Soul Odyssey Shaw Danon quest.


**Skill fixes:**
- [Arden] Corrected Cloud Dweller III <Hero> skill descrioption.
- [Celan] Song: Flyer Attraction, Song: Spring Nights, Song: Blast of Disturbance, Song: Blast of Disturbance II effective range corrected.
- [Celan] Lotus Dawn effect no longer replaces when recasting.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Capr Protection II not removing properly when switching to other class.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Spring Healing star skill not having 100% to add single target immune buff.
- [Psychea] Trigger: Bomb II now auto-detonates on aggro.
- [Psychea] Fixed bug that allowed to use mounts in Mecha state.
- [Vim] Fixed problem with Charm of Earth II passive effct.
- [Ashura] Talisman Shield will be removed on Affinity Change.
- [Ashura] Nullity effect should properly refresh stacks now.
- [Ashura] Fixed Astral Soul interrupting Invincible buff.
- [Ashura] Talisman Shield effects starts with value as one skill was used already.
- [Ashura] Ashura esper effect causing Supreme Power is now also capped to 1.5 max SP.
- Emerald Moon in Distant Sky now properly removes Palsy.
- Fixed so shields reduced by certain skills weren't removed when reached 0.
**Bug fixes:**
- Morgon BOSS location changed to Elysium-Thunder Altar.
- Attempt to fix Demonic Energy Seed spam at Shaw Danon BOSS in Soul Odyssey.
- [TW] Can now assign any online alliance memver as Stationed General.
- Wandering Drunk Hibiscus added to Whirlwind Valley map.
- Fixed Treasure Court ui crash when player had pending auction items ready to be claimed.
- [Website] BFS sign LV requirement was increased to LV170.
- Cold Flame Stone price reduced at Gold Exchange.
- Celestial Agent (Siege Invitation) stats boosted greatly.
* He will now drop 1->2x Siege Invitations.
- Four Spirit system essence upgrade speed doubled.
- Destus and Morgon can no longer be lured across the map.
- Overlord of Chaos BOSS will now also spawn each Saturday at 19:30 in Seat of Chaos.
- Boosted stats of Overlord of Chaos, Primordial Monkey Wu and Disorderly Monkey Enli BOSSes.