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Will's Guide to Farming Gold Gear

Started by William, October 12, 2020, 05:53:58 am

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October 12, 2020, 05:53:58 am Last Edit: October 31, 2020, 09:51:52 am by William
Will's Guide to Getting Gold Gear

PART I: The basics
So, you saw these impressive gold gears at Arwen Starlight but you don't know how to get them. Well, visit Zolmorah and purchase Royal Reward IV-VII (B). Opening these boxes will grant you items to exchange for your choice of gold gear. Also purchase Infinite Extermination Order x333.

1 Holy Stone Shard = lv.100 Gold Weapon
200 Soul Essence Shard = lv.105 Gold Hands
20 Soul Essence Fragments = lv.105 Gold Boots
200 Paleblue = lv110 Gold Ring/Necklace

This is the amount to start off. You can upgrade to LV 110 with more farming but the reforge % won't transfer.

PART II: Opening Royal Boxes
To open these boxes, visit NPC Melinda and purchase [Cursed Demon Extermination Order] x9999, [Phoenix Order] x99, and [Dragon Order] x99. These orders will help you gain large EXP.

Then, go to Ever Abyss and buy [Hermit's Dwelling White] x99 from this NPC. It's a daily quest to kill Demons.

Then, go buy 1,000 [Infinite Extermination Orders] from Zolmorah. It is the triangle item. You should set up your combat bot to look like this and don't forget to purchase Lionheart scrolls for 2x EXP. They are found in the leaf shop (J) and free 3/week at Shylia Market.

Once you're all set, find the Training Grounds NPC Kylie and enter Training Grounds (not TG Mirror!). The Demons are quite tanky and I recommend decent gear. Make sure you have all the items above and your bot is set up properly to finish boxes quickly.

Use alts because Hermit is only 1/day.

Daily Quest: A trick to getting easy EXP is talking to the Beggar in Ever Abyss and choosing 3) Well Done! 10 Soul Coins for you! Remember to activate Lionheart scroll.

But I don't like to AFK bot mobs! That is ok. Go do RCIE and you will be rewarded with Wargod points. Exchange at NPC Klass Rour for the items. Remember to keep your Relic Pouches as well. We will go over later.

PART IV: Ultimate Gold Weapon LV 110
So you have geared up to LV110 full set. Now is the time to craft the Ultimate Gold Weapon. You must have LV8 Artisan to begin so get crafting! :)

Recipe: Find NPC Prospero and purchase the Recipe - the same name as your LV110 weapon.
          * Cost 10 Holy Stone Shards (HSS) and 10 Order Crystals
Crafting: This will set you back 100 HSS and 500 Order Crystals (50,000 order frags), as well as
          * LV 100 wep
          * LV 105 wep
          * LV 110 wep (please be careful to not use your current wep with all the gems and upgrades)

Re-ID: This gold wep  must be re-ID with special scrolls obtained via Rank 9 Arena Reputation. Taking the 300 Kills quest at Firecrooks NPC will allow you to finish farming Rank 9 in 2-3 days.

You will find the Arena NPCs by taking the large purple teleporter in Hall of Glory.

-- Apotheosis --
Forsaken World has a God system. Click on your Prayer icon and access Apotheosis. Click on the Study God Skill icon to get all those passives. It is a bit buggy so you must exit and enter the interface to learn all the skills.

Make sure you have everything by clicking K. If you're interested in becoming a God, read the [What is Apotheosis] section.

••• Relic Guide •••
So you got a bunch of Gorgeous Miracle Pouches from RCIE but don't know what to do with them?

Visit NPC Melanie to get your 1st relic depending on how hard you grind. Please remember that this is the noob relic and is not the final option -
15,000 Pouches for Dusk the Gods (damage focused) • Twilight Phantom (defense focused) • Saviour (HP)
5,000 Pouches for Health-Nut • Luminosity • Fearless.

Read Will's Guide to Twilight Defender Relic, the best relic in the game right now: https://forum.reborngn.com/index.php?topic=713.0

Once you have your desired relic, get some LV4 Relic Sigils from Zolmorah's shop. Then, use skill Elemental Relic Operation to open Relic Interface. It should look like this. Drag the sigil to the slot it fits.

As you get more and more LV4 spirits, visit this rock in Ever Abyss next to the Rose Queen to Advance combine 6 random LV4 into 1 LV5 spirit. Remember that it does not matter what you put in. The result is fairly random.

You can upgrade your Elemental Relic by Fusing it with EXP Booster (buy at Zol). So farm more RCIE would ya? :) Evolve the relic when it hits LV9. Some relics can't evolve.