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Started by William, September 20, 2020, 04:10:36 am

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September 20, 2020, 04:10:36 am Last Edit: December 19, 2020, 08:18:36 am by William
Comprehensive Starter Guide:

Sub Guides for Non-Newbies:
Farming LV120 Gear
How to Farm Gold Gear   
Will's Guide to LV6 Gems
Will's Artisan Guide
Twilight Defender Relic Guide
Will's Guide to Transmutation
Titles and How to Get Them

PART I: Getting to Nightfall Citadel
1. Pray and get the Starter Pack to expand storage, bag space, and for free lv4 gems. Your storage comes with a wardrobe and a mount bag.
Putting your newbie mount (the ram) will enable auto-mounting on pathing.


2. Level to 110 by drinking 2 Primrose Dreamland. Shylia's Market will be helpful so remember to check it out. Gem Lights provide 7D buffs. Potions are there as well. Keep the [Crystal Lights] you get from opening Gem Lights to breakthrough soul power.

3. Receive free items from Monarch of Eyrd. Heavenly Oracle is a treasure that can be upgraded later. The Flying Mounts can be used after completing the Guide Quests. They will show up if you click the blinking scroll above the Mini Map.

4. Now that you're LV 110, ignore the main questline at the starter area, and find the Teleportation Crystal. Travel to Twilight Bridge in Nightfall Citadel, the main player hub. :)

Visit NPC Zolmorah at Twilight Square to buy free items from his shop. Mercury Statues will give diamonds. Sell 500x to the Fleet of Myth NPC (midget next to him). The shop will not give you diamonds if you sell statues exceeding your max diamonds capacity (2k). Also, purchase 100x Star Crystals and the Royal Blessings item to boost your stats! Buffs last 1 H and are very helpful in farming.

You notice your combat license only lasts 7D. You can buy a permanent purple one for 1,000 Tokens at Zol when you want to.

5. Pet
Henry - The cheapest starter pet is Husky at NPC Henry. You should have some tokens from redeeming codes on the website (scroll down in the guide). Herny also sells titles for stats and dyes. His orbs spawn different items like fashion and mounts. Incubate your pet and wait for it to finish. Or, go visit NPC Hicks in Mercury Marketplace -> Soulcare -> Instant Incubation Scroll. You will get better pets later.

PART II: Gearing Up

1. Visit NPC Arwen Starlight and purchase lv.78 Mighty Nature Necklace and 2 rings. The rest of her shop is only available to you when you can farm wargod points from RCIE (below) or farm order boxes.

2. Visit NPC Roxy in Hall of Glory and purchase the Hero Rank 6 (HR6) gear set. Remember, if you want damage, buy crit damage set. This set will be good until you can do FHOF Hard Mode and get HR8/HR9. Be careful when selecting the gear set.

If you get Extreme Gold from FHOF HM, do not trash it! Exchange with Roxy.

Another free beginner set for PVP is S6, which you can buy by taking the Purple Teleporter to the map and locating the Arena NPCs. Details on that below.

3. NPC Klass Rour will help you fortify your gear to 12/12, and all that jazz. **Note: Spam Star Crystal until done, ignore the purple crystal. NPC Sabrinawill help you embed your free gems. They are across from Astraea. To start, purchase [Universal Identifying Scrolls] from Zol to identify your gears. Then, you can Re-ID them. The most important aspect of Forsaken World powering up is getting good IDs.

For beginners, 1 line of crit damage is enough or 1 line of Healing Effect for healers :) Re-IDing is costly so farm enough tokens!

4. NPC Era Witness has a quest for champ scrolls, take it. You'll need these scrolls to upgrade Hero Rank gears. Take quests [Buy Anima Charm: Rage and Shelter] to get 100 orbs each. Then, buy purple items [Anima Rage] and [Anima Shelter]. Equip your new Animas.

Anima is leveled and evolved up to LV90 with 8 evolutions. Put the rage orb in the Rage anima and it will prompt you to Evolve. All items can be brought at Era Witness. You'll unlock all strikes anyways so go ham.

Once the Animas are both LV90 and you cannot evolve any further, find NPC Anima Master in Mercury Marketplace (press M). Note that auto-clickers are allowed.

5. Speak with Hughe Sutherland to take the quest Broken Barriers and upgrade your Mastery/Resistance by pressing C. He is in the Hall of Glory. Click the Mastery & Resistance tab. Each class has a different set of masteries. Upgrading makes you do more damage.

Now, do the same for 7 Resistances. This boosts your defense. You get a title <Ultra> +5 % Crit Dmg and +5% Crit Defense. Equip and see.

6. Level up your skills by pressing K and maxing everything. Then, visit the class Tutor and buy everything in the shop.

You're not done just yet! Press N to bring up talent trees. This determines what mastery you are primarily and what you specialize in. An example is the Wind Bard tree to buff and do some AOE (area of effect) damage. You can reset talent later with a Talent Compass.

PART III: Farming
1. Now that you're a bit geared, where to get Reborn Tokens? Free Isles is a good starting spot but beware Realms 1-7 are PVP. You might get killed. Realms 8-10 are PVE only. To kill the mobs quickly, use Shift + X to set up your auto-combat (bot) and Shift + Z to start.

Loots like Reborn Tokens will drop on the ground if you're not in a party. Ask for one in world chat!

2. Upgrading Heavenly Crystallized Oracle: Light of Revealation will require 3 Light of Eternity and 11 + 16 Windless Winds from NPC Zolmorah. It'll cost you some tokens. Visit Klass Rour and select Upgrade tab.

Then, you'll need 6 Earthless Earth. This item may be gained from completing NPC Firecrooks's [Arena Crazy! 1000], then [Arena Crazy! 1800]. Assists count towards kills and the arena is open a few times each day. The 5 Fireless Fires are also from Firecrooks' Frostgale Fjord (12s) quest [PVP Stir Crazy Part 3].

When you are doing arena, also take NPC Peter's quests for unique resistance titles :) They are cumulative so if there is space, take all Arena Combat Parts 1-11.

3.Soul Power (Vice/Virtue)

Visit Henry and get the King's Quest. Sometimes you might have it already. Check your quests log (Q). This quest will take you to kill 1 Werewolf and 99 Mobs, then run around to some NPCs. It should be doable if you followed my guide to gearing. In the end, you get a skill called Soul of Virtue or Soul of Vice. Use it to unlock Soulpower (press V).

A completed soul power tree should have everything at 20/20. Manuscripts are found at Caesar in Hall of Glory. Soul tokens from Zolmorah. Runes should be put in the 5/5 slots. Runes are brought at the Rune NPC near Zolmorah. Max a tree of your choice to 100 Points.

Nyos' Vice and Dyos' Virtue for each class
Bard - Wind Nyos        Light Dyos          Water Nyos
Vampire - Dark Dyos/Dyos        Inferno Nyos          Blood Nyos- some use Dyos, I don't know.
Mage - Lightning Dyos        Fire Dyos PVE Nyos PVP          Frost Dyos
Priest - Divine Dyos
Warrior - Elemental Dyos        Blood Nyos        Aegis Dyos
Blood Reaper - Bloodwind Nyos      Shadowbind Nyos      Blood Brawl Dyos
Assasin -  Venom Nyos PVE          Edge Dyos PVP   
Marksman - Soul Dyos PVP        Burst Nyos PVE
Protector - Diamond    Granite      Marble  Dyos
Tormentor - Hellfire Dyos PVE          Torture Nyos PVP DoT

(Thanks Kryz, Arima, TheKing, Royal, and Crawler for input  ❤)

3. After your soul tree is maxed, talk to NPC Rodgers at the water fountain to start Breaking the Limits. Unlocking both trees grant bonus stats.

4. Elemental Relic Questline

I get questions from noobs who didn't do the quest properly all the time. Start quest at Hugh Sutherland [LV90 Head to Winterheight] to see Morin. *It is very important that you take ALL quests at Morin and make sure there'll be 2 quests at all times. Follow that until you go to Ever Abyss.

**Combine Glimmering Elemental Relic at Andros after you kill the Skeletal Dragons. Otherwise, you will not get the right quest. 

Then, you get the LV 91 quest from Hugh after talking to the Distressed Captain. If Hughe doesn't have a quest for you, go back to Andros.

Continue taking the [LV 90 Hugh's Advice] and [LV 91 Diplomacy Appeal]. Awakening is achieved at LV91 quest The 2 children's Legends at Rose Queen. A lot of people lose their Relic quest here too. Finish the cooking quest Child of Spicy/Pork at the 2 children! 

Then, Rose Queen will send you to kill Skeleton mobs, Cerberus dog mobs, Sinfuls, then a few others. You should get the Relic Skill soon after this. The questline ends at LV91 Elemental Relic. Yay! Your first noob relic. Look below to see Relic Guide for more advanced ones. :)

5. Want fashion but no soul leaves? Visit the Fashion NPCs here.

6. To get soul leaves, finish Rose Queen's Daily: Clean Up Ever Abyss. It will take you to kill a bunch of mobs in Ever Abyss. This quest is fairly easy with decent gear (25k attack / 700+ cdmg?) and is party-shared. Rewards: 1200+

  Another option for Soul Leaves is FF, a PVP battleground.

1. Account -> Redeem 4 Codes -> FXD289GAJ    HADS3F490    FWREBORN2020    Y6534VDXA
  Go to Account -> Account Stash -> Claim All on your main character, then check the in-game mailbox.
  It will take 10-20 minutes for the game to register your newly created character.

2. Vote and spend your green tokens on the Lotteries or Web Shop. People always ask where to get good Reforge items from. Here it is.

1. RCIA: to get soul leaves and champ points, require 6
2. RCIE: the most common series of dungeons, to get you Relic Pouches, wargod points (check Klass), and other goodies. Normally, most parties don't mind newbies so I encourage you to join!
3. FHOF: a large 12-18 man raid to craft Ultimate Weapon, get Hero Rank 8/9, and so on.

1. Level up your wing Chroma by buying Super Charge Crystal x28 at Zolmorah, then put it in your wings interface. Once it looks like this, select the bubble that fits your build. For example, I chose Heal Effect, crit Heal, and HP.

At your level, you won't be able to open the lv.4 wings until you get LV6 gems.

To craft gems? :) Read Will's Guide on Gem Crafting here:

** When upgrading Artisan/Gem Crafting/Alchemy, check the Miner NPC and Botany NPC! Do not go mine ores! They sell all beginner ores!


September 20, 2020, 07:01:26 am #1 Last Edit: October 31, 2020, 10:35:55 am by William
Will's Q&A Session:
Q: What is deistone and fusion gems for?
A: Maxing all the deistones add 196 mastery points per element. Maxing 1 element cost 126,000 Tokens. Fusion gem is to increase resistance, HP, and 7% cdef in total. Maxing all 7 cost  693,000 Tokens. (Calculations done by Calliope  ❤)

A lot of newbies buy deistones that their class does not use. If you are a warrior, do not buy fire deistones. Buy wind and physical ones. Do buy all 7 fusion gems elements.

Q: I hate the Ram mount. Where can I get something prettier?
A: Well, ok o_o" The Mount NPC next to Zolmorah will sell you mounts for 75,000 Tokens each. The cashshop (J) will sell fox mounts for 750 Soul Leaves. Some other mounts can be purchased at Otis near the water fountain. You can visit racial NPCs in Union Plaza to trade in Edge Badge for LV1-3 quick-mount skills and racial mount.

Q: What is the best PVP gear here?
A: Right now, there are 2 popular options. Firstly, LV110 Order gear. The fragments may be farmed in TGM (talk to Kylie), exchanged for crystals at Klass Rour, and for gear at Prospero.

The second option is the Arena gear (S6 - S9). The season 6 set is completely free. Enter Hall of Glory in Nightfall and teleport through this crystal. You'll enter a new map Sapphire Heart.

Locate NPC Christy and go ham. You may get S9 gear by grinding Arena quests.

Q: How do I get a better Combat License?
A: You can do that by doing daily quests in Frostgale Fjord (FF). Join T -> Battlefield and wait for queue to pop. Total points: ~55,000. Exchange at Avari in Hall of Glory.

Q: Where should I buy pets and what is best?
A: There are multiple options:
              Tokens - Pet Master, Twilight Square
              Hell Road points - Hades, Magic Airship
              Wargod - Prometheus, above Klass Rour
              Cashshop - press J (either soul leaves/real leaves)
Generally, you should buy LV90 pets. The Tiger Pets for soul leaves are all lv90. Some pets may obtained from the website lotteries for voting. They're purple (epic) by default and are the floating angels you see ingame sometimes.

Q: How do I upgrade my pets?
A: Go to NPC Hicks and Rachel. Pet Academy is to train your pets' skills - 4 slots assist 4 slots offensive. Spam different purple skills from Hick's shop until you force open all 4 slots.

Pet Soulcombine is to increase Talents, use item Elite Star of Hope/Fate to spam to LV15. You want to put skills that depend on talents (Invigorate, Brute Force, Iron Bone, etc.,) on pets with LV15 talents. Use skills like Mastery Buffs, Resistance buffs, crit chance/c dodge buffs on any pets.

They do not need to have maxed talents since the buffs are not stats-dependent.

Pet Rebirth is to force blue pets -> Purple Epic pets and to get higher growth %. For example, LV110 pets can get 85+ points in attack growth. Recently, a new item was added to make Legendary Pets. Buy it at Avari, the 12s NPC.

Pet Identification will allow you to use Control Training to increase x resistances, mastery, healing and % attack in PVP.

Q: How do I get cosmetic wings and handheld items without cash shopping?
A: Visit the Reborn Boutique -> Misc Fashion -> Wings. All the racial wings are for soul leaves. Another set of wings called Feather of Ice can be opened by spamming orbs at Henry.

Otis Horkenman NPC will also give you a chance to get Skysward by giving him 24 Token of Faith. Note that these wings only last for 30Days.

For Teddy, send your character at least 365 roses (buy at Zolmorah) and exchange at the Wedding Manager NPC.

For Rose, get on the top 1-10 flower ranking list (I -> Flower List), then follow instructions to see Helensha. Rose lasts for 30D and is a monthly ranking reward.

Q: I got Gloops Box from RCIE. What is it for??
A: Click on the > icon next to your Treasure to open Soulforce Expansion. It will contain 13 categories for you to upgrade. Read the stats and click on the ones you want to activate. Put in the Gloop and spam Eat. This is mostly for PVP.

Q: Can fashion be re-IDed?
A: Yes. Once IDed, you may transfer fashion stats from 1 piece to another piece using Theseus Thread but this option is only available at the Armorer in Mercury Marketplace, not Klass Rour.



This is an amazing guide, wow! :)  Any chance there are any technical guides to getting started, as well?  I keep getting a "Socket Error #10054" and can't update the game to play. I'm sorry to ask here, but not sure where else to ask.


Hello maidenx, you would want to join the FW Reborn discord at It looks like you might have a very specific launcher error. One of our GMs may be able to help.

I'm not very tech savvy but I can consider making a common issues Q&A, Virtual Machine guide, or something similar.


Hey, thanks so much for your reply! 

The solution that worked for me was right-clicking on the game.exe file, and then I had to uncheck where it said "Read Only" and apply it.  On a different game, I had to click "Unblock" instead.  But basically it's checking the properties of the actual game file. 

Thank you again! :)