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Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
March 24, 2023, 01:53:39 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Jadeon] Corrected Astral Traveler II skill description.
- [Seira] Corrected Longevity tome description.
- [Imperia] Fixed Brute Wind Blade triggering effects when it shoudn't.
- [Ceros] Dragon Missle damage should be now reflectable.

Bug fixes:
- Shuomo BG client crash issue resolved.
- Removed unnessesary Rift Gates from Westfall Void II.
- [Experimental] Adjusted influence of Affinity Res/Anti in damage pattern to match ZX behavior better.

- Universal Law Gift Pack rewards adjusted.

- PvE Event launched.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
March 17, 2023, 01:48:10 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Experimental] Fixed Invincibility buff not to overwrite if ongoing duration is longer than new one.

Bug fixes:
- [Experimental] Added map 'unstuck' mechanism.
* If character gets stuck in the ground, attempting to move few times, should auto release character.

- Ingame BFS:
* Team Heroes Pack VI pack changed to Team Heroes Pack IV and price reduced to 700.
- Genesis Sanctuary:
* Miracle Jade changed to Team Heroes Pack V and price reduced to 1000.
- Royal Pen:
* Wargod Big Dipper Seal price reduced to 1200.
* Cascade Charm replaced to Team Heroes Pack V for 1200.
- Shuomo BG PvP activity reward added.
- Website BfS rework:
* Season point calculation changed:
(These points are not the same as BfS season score on website)
First blood: +2 points
Kills: +3 points
Death: -1 point
Assist: 0.5 point
5 kill spree: x2 points multiplier
10 kill spree: x3 points multiplier
Team with most kills: +20 points to each player

* Basing on above individual score, Season Points will be awarded:
Player with least points: 2 BfS Season Score
Player with most points: 8 BfS Season score (max)
Players inbetween: From 2 to 6 BfS score depending on their points.

* Minimum point threshold as sum of both team points is required to allow Season Points gain: 75.
* If a player constantly has a bottom 2 score (0~2 BfS points over the course of 3 matches): temporary web BfS ban will be applied: 4h.
* If players often 'tie' their matches (=<3 kill difference between both teams over 3 or more matches in a row), he gain 0 BfS season score.
* In a rare case of points tie, whoever gets higher/lower score is random.
* Later today current BFS Season will end and new Season with updated rewards will be initiated.
Annoucements / Patch Notes - Classic [NEW]
March 12, 2023, 02:04:47 pm
- Perfect Remedy Orb and Perfect Spirit Potion now stacks to 9999.
- Avatar of Obsession removed from Skysong map.
- Greedy Gnarrlio spawn corrected in Sunstream.
- [Attempt] Lowered requirements for honor ranking titles to be enabled.
- Mirawood Chest and Dragon Mirror lotteries added to marketplace.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
March 10, 2023, 01:52:58 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Hydran] Fixed Chish tome not working for Meteor Shower III.

Bug fixes:
- Ui/translation fixes for client.

- Mercy Orders can now be performed 5 times per day.
- Motif Essence added to PvP Box I.

- PvP Event Token exchange:
* Mithrill Sigil added.
* New Soulcards added.
* Fire Orb of Vastness added.
* Motif Essence added.
* Advanced Soulcard Pack added.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
March 03, 2023, 02:33:22 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Ceros] Fixed Swallowing the Sea II effect was linked to Secret Deagon Dash II actually.
- [Hydran] Attempt to fix Celestial Majesty being refleced sometimes.
- [Hydran] Corrected Fightimg Spirit cap from  previous patch.
- [Hydran] Attempt to correct Aquatic Seal<Bane> cooldown reset issue.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Magnificent Spirit III and Bladebreaker II ignoring Wave Seeker immunity range.
- [Vim] Fixed Gather Spirit III trigger for TW and Coronation maps also.
- [Rayan] Fog State is now special buff that can't be removed and work under BoJ.

Bug fixes:
- Adjusted main link configuration to prevent potential crashes.

- Usage of Velonus Fury and similar skill items was reduced.
- Star Pack changed to Miracle Jade at Genesis Sanctuar exchange.

- Tomorrow Jade Dynasty Reborn Classic server launches so Network rewards were updated and reset to be claimable again for everyone.

- To celebrate Patch v400, 15k Green Jades were added to all accounts online within last 24h.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
February 24, 2023, 01:42:40 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Hydran] Adjusted upper stack limit of Fighting Spirit buff.
- [Hydran] Removed Earth Token effects that shouldn't be there.
- [Hydran] Another attempt to fix Luna Gale II stun.
- [Ceros] Corrected Into the Nine Heavens skill description. It can only be used in Lance posture.
- [Rayan] Shadow Dance Ultima <Bane> attack buff now stacks with Velonus Fury.

Bug fixes:
- Attempt to fix Devotion ranking titles.
* This change may be effective later.
- Attempt to optimize Reborn server main link.

- Shuomo player amount restriction reduced to 30->21 players.
- Adjusted Iron BG Victory Pack rewards and chances.

- PvE Event launched.

- Added more hour reward tiers.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
February 17, 2023, 01:46:51 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Vim] Fixed Gather Spirit III Hero trigger against Invincible buff targets in Elysium.
- [Hydran] Fixed Luna Gale II not working at all.
- [Celan] Corrected Moon in the Mirror III skill description issue.

- Kunlun and Main server will have separate elysium servers from now.
* Due cross server link end, Genesis changed to 14vs14 and Royal Pen to 9vs9.
* Also due above, website elysium double drop price reduced.
- Blue Star cost now the same at both drop event packs.
- Mercy Order opener now limited 1->5 times per day.

- Hour based rewards were resetted and updated. Player can gather hours and claim them all over again.
* More tiers will be added in future updates.
- Website VIP8 reqirement now matches game VIP8.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
February 10, 2023, 02:04:07 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Modo] Corrected Dead Soul buff logic.
* Buff now lasts 30 sec while Res bonus buff lasts 8 seconds and amount if Stun RES bonus is equal to 10x Dead Soul stack.
- [Imperia] Corrected Immortal Fire Planet skill name in certain ui places.
- [Vim] Fixed Gather Spirit III Hero trigger against Invincible buff targets.
- [Gevrin] Fixed some white damage skills ignoring Wave Seeker shield.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Wind Speed, Vain Prosper tome debuff icon.

Bug fixes:
- Gentleman Carving now stacks to 30.000.

- Updated some more JD Land challenge rewards.
- Added Missing Platina Sigil and Crystal Sigil to Item Conversion Exchange.
- Thunder Phoenix boss defensive stats boosted once more.
- Attempt to balance elysium server connection to prevent potential disconnects.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
February 03, 2023, 02:43:41 pm
Skill fixes:
- Attempt to fix possible issues with lethal hit prevention related effects(Absolved,Fox Form Crossing, Amithaba Vow).
- Attempt to fix issues with Combo Cooldown skills.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Pearl Drop duration and defense tome icon.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed some Immortal Record mission triggers.
- Fixed Golden Snake Fashion Pack unable to be open for some classes.

- Added a way to store Moon Talismans into Packs (Shady Dealer, exchange II).
* Note: Stored talismans become bound.
- Updated some JD Land rewards.

- New drop event available.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
January 27, 2023, 02:42:30 pm
Skill fixes:
- Corrected Esper fusion effect - Wash Away+2 chance formula.
- [Seira] Corrected Dawn Break skill translation.
- Snake Oil effect is now removeable.
- Peanut Lantern Festival and Bean Paste Lantern Festival skills fixed.

Bug fixes:
- Minor translation fixes.
- Moved Ginseng Tree resource to allow Skysong Divination quest to be completed.

- Oldguard Trove website lottery replaed to Gauntlet Trove.
- Ultimate Fealty Pack rewards boosted.

- Pve Event launched.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
January 20, 2023, 03:24:50 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Rayan] Corrected Celestial Slay <Chroma> skills description regarding cast time.

Bug fixes:
- Minor translation fixes.
- Fixed issue that Isolated Riptide Cutlass was invisible in Billows map.

- Holiest Imbue Recipes cooldown reduced to 60 seconds.
- Dotted Rats are now also available on R14.

Chinese New Year event
- Couple new event NPCs are now available in Sunstream.
- Lantern Event lasts till next Thursday.
* Sadly translations of those quest may have low quality.
- Rat Event lasts till February 3, 2023.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
January 13, 2023, 02:08:25 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Balo] Fixed Warrior's Ancient Soul not working against certain Stagnat Spirit, Melted Armor, Interupt (Nether Blossom) debuffs.
- Minor Buff Glossary translation fixes.
- [Forta] Corrected Palsy and Crippled effect to match glossary descriptions.
- [Vim] Corrected Deity Possessed (Infatuation II) to calculate shield limit after damage reduction logic.
- [Sylia] Corrected Induced Painting <All> skill description and behaviour.
- Corrected Special Effect: Shining Stars +1 descrption.
- [Skysong] Corrected Blessing of Prosperity damage reduction buff types.

Bug fixes:
- Attempt to fix Skylord Adra Old Sunstream teleport issue.
- Fixed two potential realm crash issues.

- Thunder Phoenix, Morgon and Destus BOSSes have their defensive stats boosted.
- Homeland LV3 rewards changed.
- Shura Heavy Guard (Fort Cloudstorm) quest rewards boosted.
- Friends (Class Popularity) quest rewards boosted.
- Orange and Purple Stars added tp Item Conversion exchange.
- Anan advent Fashion added to Webshop.
- Donation Seal exchange:
* Top 2 and top 3 Seals now exchangeable for Coin separately.
* Added some old donation items: Deathtrot Mount, Strange Shadow Skyblade, Chromaflare fashion set.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
January 06, 2023, 02:50:02 pm
Skill fixes:
- [Skysong] Spiritual Exchange caster's damage reduction buff fixed.
- [Arden] Billow Break II cooldown corrected.
- Day of Remembrance<Arcane> skill description corrected.
- [Gevrin] Chain Reaction, Fleeting Time, Interchange, Absolved, Readiness effects can no longer be dispelled.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Flowerstream II influence over Pearl Drop skill.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Withered Lotus damage log info.
- [Seira] Melted Armor, Entangled, Mental Chaos effects can no longer be dispelled.
- [Forta] Activate buff can be dispelleb but can also be used under Change Yin to Yang.
- [Vim] Fixed Demon Blood/Demon Blood II defense buff: Persistent.
- [Vim] Enhanced Attack from Sharpen Steel no longer conflists with Nameless Technique.
- [Vim] Corrected Demonic Betrayal skill description.
- [Balo] Warrior's Ancient Soul now properly immune to Melted Armor debuff.
- [Forta] Fixed Earth·Appearance/Earth·Essence attack bonus formulas.
- [Forta] Reverted Demonic Fury fix since not documented.
- [Rayan] Fixed Ghost Pace removing more buffs that it should.
- Soul Chain esper fusion effect description corrected.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed Hide Vip option for non LV6 VIPs.
- Attempt to fix Kytos HP/Rage bug when switching gear.
- Reported interface and translation fixes.
- Fixed Bag sort option for new items.
- Attempt to fix some fashion hairs that didnt work properly for Deikins.

- Praised Gear Packs that drops from bosses are now all bound.
- 2022-2023 New Year's Package timeframe extended to 14 January.
- Chroma Bead Pack (x50) can now be exchanged to full pack at God of Fortune exchange.
* Chroma Bead Pack (x50) stack limit increased to 9999.
- Yin Yang Book, Star Gauge, Perception Rune, Thunder Book A/B/C, Immortal Luck Talisman (B.H), Mithril Sigil (Bound): stack increased to 9999.
- Web Banker max gold price changed to 30.000.
- Kirin Sigil (Bound) now stacks to 30000.
- Dotted Rats will spawns adjusted once more to be up most of the day and night.
- Xiao Kai Card chance at reading boosted.
- New Mounts max speed increased to 8.5.
- Added notification to Treasure Court ui that items are bound.
- Special Vigor Stock (small) can now be bootled into Sandalwood Vial.
- Januray Immortal Record rewards boosted.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
December 16, 2022, 01:30:19 pm
Skill Fixes:
- [Sylia] Corrected Sky Dust Star skill description.
- [Sylia] Corrected Autumn Vista III (all) skill descriptons.
* Corrected Autumn Vista III <Hero> damage formula to match description. 
- [Ceros] Fixed Residual Frost not working against some positive effects.

Bug fixes:
- Missing Champs Wood Spirit mob added

- Added more timeframes Dotted Rats spawn.
* Rats spawn outside town from now.
- Sigil Conversion exchange renamed to Item Conversion.
- Socket Locks and Reforge Stones added to Item Conversion exchange.
- Dragon, Jade, Gold, silver and Brozne Sigil added to Item Conversion exchange.

- Xmas event updated.
* From 25 December, Santa Claus npc will have extra quest available if players own at least 5 x Christmas Balls.
* This quest will give special exchange item where following items will be redeemable using Christmas Balls: Xmas 2019 Fashion,
Santa Hat [62916], Santa Hat [81633], Christmas Horns [81753], Decorated Christmas Tree [93105].
- PvE Event launched.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
December 09, 2022, 02:26:16 pm
Skill Fixes:
- [Ceros] Fixed Secret Dragon Dash issue.
- [Kytos] Fixed Sacred Jail II trigger.

- Clouded Sunstream now map where transform gems are allowed.
- Chroma Bead Pack price reduced at Marketplace.
- Special Affinity Bead Pack price reduced at Marketplace.
- Ice Orb of Vastness Pack(30000) price reduced at Marketplace.
- Multi Starshine (II) reward nerfed slightly.
* Added more timeframes Dotted Rats spawn.
* Rats spawn outside town mostly from now.
- Vote rewards updated.
- Rebellion·Mortal Realm and Rebellion·Heaven Realm quest rewards boosed.
- Christmas Event launched.
* Event is split into few parts. It can be tracked with database link:
(Rewards are boosted)