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Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
May 20, 2022, 01:21:58 pm
- Iron BG fixes:
* Fixed unable to use skill if died as flag holder.
* Fixed flag pickup, skill usage exploit.
* Fixed players could keep 'picking up' their own flag when its on initial position.
* Returning own flag will no longer fill bag with 'flag item'.
* Restored ability for Flag Holder to use extra skills.
* Fixed bug that caused flags to be duplicated.
- Special Vigor Stock (Make-Up) added to Webshop.
- Ultimate Fealty Box: Blood of Reborn replaced to Pri. Fatecharm Fragments x1-2.
- Gem Pack now costs 200 Sunny Jade at Jade Exchange Maiden.
- Alliance Market items boosted.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
May 13, 2022, 12:56:22 pm
- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain immunity to debuffs of certain skill types.
- [Lupin] Fixed River Dweller III Falling Lustre effect influence.
- Reverted Reflect effect immunity against reflected status change.
- Corrected Dawn Harvest Bundle prices on few items.
- Dawn Charm now stacks to 30.000.
- Another lock to prevent skill usage as Iron BG flag holder.
- Attempt to fix Instance Ranking Top 1-3 annoucement for certain cisrumstances.
- Red Cloud Jade added as very rare drop for Cheetah Elite and Demigod Bear Elite.
- Elite Soldier Pack rewards boosted (x5).
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
May 06, 2022, 01:39:15 pm
- Celestial Monkey Portent will now clear Soultrap effect also.
- [Modo] Fixed duration and damage of Chroma Sky Seeker.
- [Modo] Corrected translation of Sea of Blood tome.
- [Ceros] Frost Reservoir will now remove once shield is exhausted.
- [Gevrin] Withered Lotus damage won't ignore Invincibility anymore.
- Visual Damage will no longer show Miss if it was nullified by shields or other effects.
- Iron BG will now grant Iron Soul for each mob kill (ranking).
- Iron BG flag holder will now have cleared Swiftness (Forta) buff as well.
- Iron BG flag holder will dismount if mounted.
- Iron BG flag holder extra lock for skill usage added to prevent delay exploit.
- Restored proper NPC set to Seat of Infernal Toil map.
- Immortal Record system rewards boosted to match previous months.
- New drop event launched.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
April 29, 2022, 12:32:38 pm
- [Skysong] Corrected Rooted Sequence effect durations.
- [Skysong] Lion's Roar II should now affect Party Members properly.
- [Ceros] Adjusted list of effects Wandering Dragon affects.
- [Ceros] Salvage Rivarly visual buff effect icons correction.
- [Sylia] Corrected Non-Empty tome to work only on once per Abstain usage. (Another attempt).
- Contrary Opinions skill description corrected.
- [Modo] Secluded Spring II and Ennetitude Melody now stacks.
- [Modo] Spiritual Charm corrections regarding chance to remove skysong HP shield.
- [Modo] Corrected Sky Seeker Chroma toxin damage to match description better(2x more dmg per tick).
- Can no longer use teleport related items in LMS map.
- Can no longer use any skill as flag holder in Iron BG.
- Corrected visual dmg to avoid show 'Miss' when damge was reduced to 0.
- Fixed potential isse that caused Team instances boss kill rank o desync between same group.
- Selecting fashions in wardrobe should now trigger certain achievements that need to wear items.
- Fixed time limited Young Lin Xuxing Transform Gem having bugged stats. (Only for new stones).
- Fixed issue with Lunar Jasper quest not giving updated amount sometimes.
- Added regular Felkin/Dagos/Fuwa Protectors to SOC to allow achievement to be completed.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
April 22, 2022, 12:28:07 pm
- [Celan] Tone of Winter reflect buff icon corrected.
- [Voida] Cloud Boundary reflect buff icon corrected.
- Vanti The Etherblade (Vanti plot transformation ) corrected to be AOE.
- [Soulstone] Soulset·Mirage skill descripion corrected.
- [Sylia] Added buff icon for targets under Superior Sound. This effect can now be removed from target.
- [Sylia] Corrected Non-Empty tome to work only on once per Abstain usage.
- Fixed visual amount of damage dealt issue introduced few patches back.
- Attempt to fix Fort PvP structures hp limits.
- Tomb of the Ten Warriors npc added to Doom Bog map.
- Krystal event mobs LV increased to 165 to allow Uncut Jade drop for high level players.
- Decade Exchange (at Jude) upgraded.
- Raccoon Gem from Easter pack can now use skills.
- Added new tab (III) to sigin Converstion exchange ad Shade Dealer for Soul Inverters.
- God of Fortune quest series Lunar Jasper reward doubled.
- Picking up Flag at Irong BG should now remove all speed boost buffs.
- PvE Event launched.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
April 08, 2022, 12:50:17 pm
- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain abnormal battery consumption issue.
- Attempt to fix Brocade Box not obtainable.
- Fixed Immortal Record Soulcard Purify mission.
- Fixed Transform Gem bug that caused lowered stats after de-equiping.
- To celebrate upcoming Easter time, Easter Box was added to Essence of Reborn quest.
*  Easter Box can be exchanged at Shady Dealer for special titles and some other items.
* Event will expire in 2 weeks.
- Revised chances for Hidden Bosses in all instances to match 15%.
- Jade Ticket·Decade and Jade Ticket·JD Decade stack size increased to 30000.
- Purple Stars added to Southern Province Mercy Orders.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
April 01, 2022, 01:23:44 pm
- [Modo] Miasmic Frenzy II and Insect Poison HP reduction effect corrected.
- [Balo] Fixed regular Iron Guts having slight chance for its Celestial Ruins version behaviour.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker won't protect against ongoing Damage Over Time if in protection range from debuff caster.
- Chaotic Curse buff description made more clear.
- Fixed white damage to actually (visually) show exact damage dealt after calculations from buffs/debuffs take place.
- Reported missing NPCs added.
- Iron BG: Flag carrier can no longer use Town Portal and teleport related items.
- Minor interface fixes.
- Corrected Mirror and Flower quests Celestial Biographies to have 120 sec expiry time as well.
- Immortal Record April rewards adjusted.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
March 25, 2022, 01:40:24 pm
- [Forta] Fixed error that caused Reality Termination<Arcane> and <Zen> to exceed HP Reduction debuff stack limit above 10.
- [Modo] Fixed Miasmic Frenzy II and Incect Poison exploit.
- [Modo] Fixed Ghost effect untarget issue.
- [Gevrin] Corrected Focused Freeze 3 <Earth> critbonus buff stacking.
- Fixed general bug regarding skill calculations on selected target while using AOE type skills.
- Another fix attempt for Clan Instance awards not reseting award state weekly.
* Change will be effective along with Monday's reset.
- Fixed issues with Team Instance batteries.
- Final fix for Master Points daily limit reset issue.
- Reported missing NPCS added.
- Coiling Celestial Dew now instantly levels up asc chara to asc 160.
* Item is obtainable from VIP2 Exlusive shop: Early Bird gets the Worm Pack.
- Celestial Biographies book series now expires after 120 sec to save bag slots.
- PvE Event launched.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
March 18, 2022, 01:49:30 pm
- [Ceros] Lunar Bow esper effect Residual Frost calculation formula corrected.
- [Ceros] Attempt to fix Perceptive Rhythm reflecting white dmage from certain skills.
- [Vim] Fixed Dragonfury star skill to give Gather Spirit III <Hero> extra usage at LV5 only.
* Fixed second effect to actually reduce Maniac duration instead increasing it.
- [Modo] Nimble Spirit: Ghost effect corrected.
- [Celan] Song: Snow of Purity 2 crit buff refreshing issue fixed.
- [Sylia] Adjusted Elemental Skill casting timers.
- Fixed Clan Instance awards not reseting award state weekly.
* Change will be effective along with Monday's reset.
- Beast Lord Past quest now trash-able as an attemp to fix SB Plot quest issue.
- Soul Inverter (Bound) now stacks to 30.000.
- WEB LMS Participation rewards boosted.
- Dog Zodiac Fashion Pack, Bilu Advent and Shaw Danon Advent fashions added to webshop.
- All monster spawns in (regular) Southern Province are now 4 mobs.
- Soutthern Province(regular and Void) Order rewards boosted.
- Jade Box: Chance for Twilight Jade increased 1%->2.5%.
- Star Pack: Chance for Blue Star increased 10%->15%.
- Event Token exchange modified:
* Drake Sigil replaced to Platina Sigil.
* Fatecharm Sign (Violet) cost reduced to 30 tokens.
* Caskets IV-V removed.
* Wilds Accessory Material Pack added for 75 Tokens.
* Astrum Jade Pack (350) added for 35 Tokens.
* Orange and Purple Star cost greatly reduced.
* New Soulcards cost reduced to 25 Tokens.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
March 11, 2022, 01:28:43 pm
- [Kytos] Sky's Doom no longer causes Chaotic Curse effect.
- [Ceros] Wandering Dragon no longer works agaist Change Yin to Yang effect.
- [Sylia] Obscure Illusion effect trigger fixed for speed buff.
- TW fixes:
* Stationed General now functional.
* Stability, Capital and Generals now saves properly and won't reset on each server restart.
* Crafting system fixed.
* Attempt to fix checkpoint resurrect during TW battle.
* Attempt to fix Mercenary Contracts.
- Interface and translation fixes.
- Reported missing npcs added.
- Fixed some Immortal Record triggers.
- Fixed some fashions in Marketplace(Goldion, Golden Snake).
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
March 04, 2022, 12:32:26 pm
- [Sylia] Everlasting Expansion <Arcane> linear range corrected.
- Sky Travel (Preview) skill description corrected.
- Fixed Skysongs extra HP Bar and Frost Reservoir effects to show on characters that initiated those buffs outside visible range.
- Minor interface and translation fixes.
- Reported missing npcs added.
- Attempt to fix Blue Star Box (bound) monthly limit.
- Can no longer use mounts as Iron BG flag carrier.
- Attempt to fix Iron BG flag transform state.
- Corrected some mistakes in Immortal Record mission descriptions.
- Fixed issues with certain Plot Quests.
- Chroma Bead Pack(x9999) added to PvP Box and PvP Box I.
- Lupin Bell Tome and Accessory added to Gold Exchange(Stashkeep Tamsin).
- Astrum Jade·Heroic Special open time shortened.
- Star Lord Gift Box rewards boosted.
- 50% chance for Blue Star added to Blazing Voucher.
- New Seals and Illustrious Gear Pack added as source in Donation Seal Exchange.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
February 25, 2022, 02:40:08 pm
- [Forta] Corrected Vigor cost formula of Reality Termination(Chroma) of levels above 20.
- [Gevrin] Fixed Delicate Tune tome skill.
- [Ceros] Windstorm II damage formula reworked to mirror ZX values better.
- [Ceros] Perceptive Rhythm will no longer reflect white dmg.
- [Ceros] Celestial Decay effect behavior corrected to damage only when no removeble buffs left.
- [Ceros] Wandering Dragon no longer works on Patsy,Timid, Convulsion and Palsy effects.
- [Sylia] Wonderful Summit: Abstain duration corrected.
- [Sylia] Bequeath now clears elemental skill cooldown instantly.
- Clouded Sacred Seal now functional.
- Reported missing npcs/resources added.
- Minor translation fixes.
- Fixed some Kunlun And SB plot quest to auto trigger if lost.
- Drop event boxes are no longer able to be sold to npcs.
- PvE Event launched.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
February 18, 2022, 01:32:29 pm
- [Celan] Tone of Ancestor <Zen> and <Bane> another description fixes.
- [Celan] Tone of the Fountain with Chant of Wisdom tome effect formula corrected.
- [Celan] Tone of the Fountain with Silent Note tome effect fixed.
- [Kytos] Peerless Might <Bane> effect duration fixed.
- [Jadeon] Fixed possible issues with Rage of Tireseus.
- [Jadeon] Magnificent Spirit III <Hero> description corrected.
- [Ceros] Dragon Missle type skills should now work against Disregard buff.
- Attempt to fix issues regarding to Iron BG queuing and rejecting to join.
- Attempt to fix Souther Province plot quests not activating for some characters.
- Attempt to fix 'Heroes gather together' quest for certain characters.
- Missing resource for 2016 Quest-Jadeon 10-04 added.
- Missing NPC Bai Yanyang added.
- Moon Tracker Kun corrected properly this time to stay till midnight.
- Minor UI and gfx translations or corrections.
- Fixed issue with Star Soul system giving wrong Aff RES/Anti Res stats than stated.
- Supreme Spirit Orb quest fixed.
- Achievements that need Essence to be crafted will now also be counted when using Rapid Essence Crafting.
- Universal Voucher now useable in all valid instances.
- H2 Hidden Boss drop quality boosted.
- Drop event 'Happy New Year Gift Pack' limits boosted for most of items.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
February 11, 2022, 01:30:51 pm
- [Celan] Tone of Ancestor <Zen> and <Bane> final description fixes.
- Old Sunstream Fair portal fixed.
- Missing NPCs added.
- Bilu portal fixed in Sunstream.
- Chance for Dragon Smash Sword Soulcard added to Bilu's Missing You quest.
- No more Disgread buff at Spite(FS) on difficulties lower than H2.
- Minor translation fixes.
- H2 mobs damage reduction lowered.
- Athan factions faction and Gear changes also discounted by 25%.
- Universal Voucher will now be given one per day with 5x better reward at quest.
* For now Universal Voucher will be usable only in Holy Lotus instance. Rest of Trail instances will be unlocked next patch.
- Player level requirement for Genesis and Royal Pen lowered to 160+.
- Transform Gem·Ruilue can now use skills.
- Coldmoon Essence quest renamed to Essence of Reborn with rewards reworked a bit.
- Bonus FS boss on H1 can now drop Illustrious Essence and Light. H2 one additionaly have chance for Praised Essence and Light.
- Class award quests boosted for classes above LV160.
Announcements / Re: Jade Dynasty Reborn Changelog
February 08, 2022, 11:59:16 pm
- Previous Bloodcaller change reverted but fixed Weaken Res calculation for transform chance.
- [Sylia] Sky Dusts Havoc debuff fixed.
- Ultimate Fealty Box now openable.