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hello everyone, now we'll discuss self cultivation (sc)/afk farming/legal bot which is a mainstay feature of this swordsman game.

sc is very useful for leveling up and farming even though u're not in front of a pc/laptop. And the unique thing is, we can do this sc for 24 hours non-stop! (As long as you bring drive pills ofc)

let's get started, first you've to know how to start sc

1. this icon is how to start sc, click on it, usually it's in the upper right

2. endurance pills a.k.a drive pills is the most important item that you've to prepare to start sc, you can get this item by buying from the webshop, and npc silver coin. I suggest buying it from silver coin npc only, because besides being cheaper (15 silver coins), there's also no need to bother online to the website either

3. this is the initial display when you open the sc (general) tab.

(radius): you can set it between 15-50 meters distance from ur character doing sc, so that ur character will not run too far from the starting place, I suggest to set it as much as 15 meters. Why? monsters are very fast to respawn, and u and ur companion have enough time to collect the items that fell (because if they aren't picked up within a certain period of time, they will disappear)
(target setting): put a check mark in this column, sometimes there'e monsters in one group, he runs in circles right? It is very difficult for melee characters and slow attack speed animation to attack it when we are in sc, so in just 1 minute, our character will automatically change the target that is closer to it.
(drive): this point indicates how much and how long you can do sc without stopping, and you will stop automatically when this point runs out. 200 points will be filled up when the game reset time (8.00 am server time) and you can also use the endurance pill as I said before.

4. the skill tab is divided into 2, normal and optional, for normal the rest is selected, while optional u've to put the skill in the skill bar first (K) then you can put it in the skill bar sc, and set it for a certain period of time

(automatic release) : when you attack non-stop, ur focus meter will be filled automatically, when it's full, the focus skill of each character will be released
(restore setting) : only works for characters that can heal, such as emei, wu-tang, shaolin, infinity, falconer, five-venoms (Other characters can also heal if they've the heal skill from the lost art). P.HP is our healing companion, while HP is our own HP bar.
(disciple skill) : when a companion has a focus skill, it will be released when the focus meter is full

5. First, don't forget to put a check mark on the healing character, put one by one the type of potion or food you want to use in the column next to it, and set the minimum amount of your HP to be able to use potions or food.

(companion healing): adjust as needed
(rest setting): uncheck stamina to meditate, and uncheck stop at ... world energy. and you can do sc without stopping even though your world energy runs out!
(durability): only works if your companion has the "fix" skill

6. put a check mark if u need to enhance ur gear. You need to set automatically loot nearby item drops on the General tab, as well as on your companion.
Guides / 3# Things that need to be considered
April 18, 2021, 05:58:07 pm
1. Don't be too hasty to use KFP
exchange in npc medicine, collect up to 32 level 4 kfp and combine to 1 level 9 kfp, and boom! 11m kfp. Enough to get level 105 mastery!

2. Silver coins
Silver coins are one of the things that you can get easily by picking them up on npc everyday (Luo Yang 419, 10). There're several items that you can buy cheaply instead of buying them via a webshop, for example endurance pills, wind prayer scrolls, blank scripts, etc.

3. Celestial NPC
when you've reached level 50, hurry to the celestial npc at luo yang (424, -14). He's close to the npc where you can get silver coins every day. My advice, don't take a moon weapon, because it will be a waste of time and material to upgrade it to the sun.
Do pvp trade with your friends 2x a day then you will get sun weapons easily in just 5 days!

4. Gems
Putting gems into gear should be done when you're already use high level gears. Even if you still want to use it, only use level 1 gems. You need socketing stones, Embed charms and of course removing gem crystals that you can get from mirage. The maximum gem level is 6, but because it requires a lot of time and materials, you can use level 5 first, because it only uses 25 level 3 gems to make 1 level 5 gem.

5. Smelting Celestial Weapon
Celestial weapon / sun weapon level 50, can be upgraded 4 times, namely glass (level 70), divine 1 (level 86), divine 2 (level 95), and divine 3 (level 100)
To reach the next stage, you've to maximize smelting, and its VERY DIFFICULT and requires a lot of advanced smelting stone. My advice is to do demon pit 3 times a day, and collect up to 10-15k smelting stones, then smelt in one time
step to upgrade celestial weapon :
- evolve using stardust until u get lv6, dont do enhance, fortify, until u get lv6, stardust can be obtained from npc da'na by exchanging reborn crystal
- smelt is the real deal, lv 1-3 using normal smelting stones (buying from webshop), its easy. Smelt lv 3 can enhanced until max 15 (normal weapon max lv 10 enhanced)
- lv 4-7 is using advanced smelting stones, can be obtained by buying from webshop or doin demon pit everyday, it has higher chance to fail and downgrade
- after u get lv 6 sun weapon and lv 7 smelt, u can evolving ur sun weapon into glass (minimum req level is 70) and the step is same to get divine I-divine III
- u can fortify/reforge to get better stats bonus after u evolving ur weapon until lv 6

6. Legendary Ring & Charm
When you reach level 60, you can craft your first legendary ring & charm. first increase your jewelry crafting level to level 6, then buy the legendary accesory recipe.
You can get the ingredients by buying it at npc da'na (fu giu 237, -87), its insect killer root (main mats), vajra sand (for rings), and darksteel powder (for charm).
It takes 400 insect killers, 120 vajras/darksteels, and 20 golds to make 40 pcs rings/charm. Ofc it will be very expensive for new players like us, therefore, do as often as possible mirage/vermin/bamboo to farm golds and hunting to find rc's

7. Upgrade Legendary Ring / Charm
in one crafting (40 pcs / 1000 crafting points), usually you;ll get 1-3 rings/charm or even none because it's difficult. After you make it, the next step is to upgrade it to level 65, and it requires stardust
after you've 2 pcs of ring/charm with level 65, you can try fortify, which is combining the two into legendary, but, don't be too happy because sometimes fortify will be very difficult, if you aren't lucky enough
Guides / 2# what you've to do every day
April 18, 2021, 05:48:25 pm
1. Complete the activity / event
Activity/event can be seen in the top left option next to instances, there are various kinds of rewards that you can get if you reach a certain point
20 pts = 25 gold notes, 2 pcs 8x exp orbs, 100 silver coins
35 pts = 20 collector stones
50 pts = 75 advanced smelting stones, 75 gold notes, 10x crafter pills
70 pts = blue projectile chest

2. Instances
To complete the activity/event point, you need at least 1x instance with a difficulty level "swordsman", my advice is to do "attack by night" instance, because it's easy

3. Vermin
Vermin is a place where you can get extra kung fu points (KFP), KFP is primary items for maximizing mastery. My advice is 2x, or do it solo in an even number, then exchange the kfp pills you get into medicine npc to become kfp pills with a higher level (2x vermin will give you kfp pills lv 4)

4. Mirage
Mirage is a place where you can find gems/enhancement stones and coins that can be transacted quickly, do it solo at least 2x a day

5. Arena
Arena can give you a minimum of lv 4 kfp pills easily, you need a friend to do it, make sure he takes off all his equipment to finish quickly  ;D
take a quest in the arena, there are 2 npc, the far left is 3x arena no matter you lose or win, and the right one is sometimes a bit difficult because you have to win against a specific class

6. Demon Pits
It takes a minimum of 3 people to do it, but the rewards you'll get are really good, even 3x the demon pit can give you 900 advanced smelting stones which if calculated can be the equivalent of exchanging 10k gc!

7.  pvp coins trade/pvp farming
a maximum of 2x a day. You need friends to take turns killing each other in the dungeon (accessed via fu giu). at one time you can get 50 pvp coins from killing other players 13 times.
notes (correct me if i wrong)
- if u do pvp at >3.00/15.00 server time, points distributed at 9.00/21.00
- if u do pvp at >9.00/21.00 server time, points distributed at 3.00/15.00
- u can do only 1 round pvp at the time (13 kills), dont work for ur alt, unless it has different internet ip address, so u need to do pvp with ur friend
- dont do pvp less than 30 mins time points distributed, sometimes the pvp you do will be useless because it is not counted by the system

8. Join guilds
join a guild in the game, you can get many benefits by joining a guild. Such as getting bonus exp, buying crafting recipes that aren't sold outside the guild, and upgrading bonus stats from the guild interface!

9. reborn crystal farming
After completing all of the above, you can start farming. Reborn Crystal is an important item in the game that can only be obtained from killing monsters, my advice is to look for an easy monster. starting from the map Herbalist Valley, almost all mobs have given rc (reborn crystal) as their loot. the faster you kill, the more drop it will drop, no matter the experience the monster will give
Hello, im Chamtalion (in-game name), same as u, im newbie too, i started to play this game at early jan 2021, and it takes time to know the ins and outs of the game. Now is the time for you to find out too without having to be confused  ;D

because I know what it's like to do things without any friends

first u need to do is voting. U can get freemium stuffs by voting and get green crystals (gc) as currency. This is how to vote on server

1. u need to log in first at

2. at the time only 2 of 3 links works, the right and mid link, right link gives u 600 gc's per 24 hrs (doubled on weekend) and mid link 300 gc's per 12 hrs (doubled on weekend)
only works with 1 internet ip address!

3. buy things on webshop, by clickin on webshop and select character

4. after select character, choose reborn - packs. Theres items "New Zone Exclusive Pack". Its provides u decent gears (weapon included) until 60 starts from 10-20-30-40-50-60

5. u can get online rewards too, rewards sent to account stash. by online u can get extra 30 gc's (doubled on weekend) too

6. this is pvp reward. start from lv 50 u can farm for pvp points 2x per day, the important things here is sun shards. its shards u can exchange for end game weapon on npc celestial trader at luoyang

7. collecting silver coins at luo yang once per day (reset at 0.00 am server time) to buy freemium things too, open map, type coordinate and click on auto routing

8. this npc u can exchange sun shards for sun weapon box based on ur class/school. need to collect 240 sun shards to exchange for 1 box.

9. its fountain can heal uf rapidly than doctor if ure on low health or chi. and its free!

10. collect 1 phoenix pills for free everyday here. it can revive u on instance

11. main things on game, start from herbalist valley, u can farm reborn crystal (rc) by killing mobs, theres chance mobs droppin this items (low chance). U can exchange this rc for fashion, mount, rare materials, etc on npc da'na at fu giu (near statue on mid)

12. gold = u can trade it to others. notes = otherwise. Gold is used for crafting gears, and buying things on trader (website) like lost art skill. while notes is for crafting potion, food, enhancing cost, etc
how to get gold = bamboo loots, selling yellowed pages from bamboo instance (20 golds), moth vermin (only 1st stage), mirages, selling projectile bags from loveless instance (15 golds)
how to get notes = sellin sundries items, 20 points event reward (claim on event tab at upper left), and 50 points event reward

13. starts from lv 45 u can get drill master, one of toughest and decent companion to help u. he has a lot of Hp and chi heal, so u can save chi/mana potions more. by buying fixing errand skill on npc silver coins, u can add 1 more skill on him, so u dont need to go back to town for fixing ur gear (save notes too)

14. u can set on specific items u want to loot for ur companion, example : i set on my companion to loot only reborn (reborn crystal), and tanned (tanned leather, lv 90 sundries items). so my bag won't be full. because if our bag is full, nothing will enter unless we throw away one of the items

15. this thing u can get 1 by online everyday. from lv 70-80, u cant get any gears, so u need to exchange this items on npc event (at our school map). need to exchange 10 per gear, so 70 in total (head, armor, pants, gloves, shoes, necklace, and earring)
u can get extra from 1) online reward, 2) exchange pvp points, 50 points for 15 gear shard

ok step one is done, we continue to "what u have to do everyday" and "things that need to  be considered" on other post, see ya  :)
sorry if my english is bad